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by Kluyts, H.-L and le Manach, Y and Munlemvo, D.M and Coulibaly, Y and Rakotoarison, S and Samateh, A.L and Madiba, T.E and Abdoulaye, Traoré and Abd-rouf, A and Abduljalil, A and Abokris, A and Abozaid, W and Abugassa, S.O.A and Abushnaf, A and Abusnina, S.A and Adamu, Y.B and Adeleke, D.M and Adigun, T.A and Adjignon, Sèhivè Valéry and Adu-Aryee, N.A and Afolabi, B.B and Agaba, P.K.A and Ahmed, B and Akhideno, I and Akhter, M and Akkari, M and al Shams, E.S and Alakkari, E.A and Alalem, R.B and Alatise, O.I and Alatresh, A and Alayeb Alayeb, M.S.I and Albert, F and Alberts, A.N.J.D and Aldarrat, A.D and Alfari, A and Alfetore, A and Algddar, A and Alghafoud, I.A and Alhajj, M and Alhoty, F.F.H and Alioune, Beye Seïdina and Alkilani, A and Alleesaib, S.B.M and Allopi, K and Allorto, N.L and Almajbery, A and Almesmary, R and Almisslati, S.H.A and Almoraid, F and Alobeidi, H and Alomami, M.A and Alphonsus, Christella S and Alqawi, O.A and Alraheem, A.A and Alsellabi, B and Al-Serksi, M and Altagazi, A.A and Alwahedi, H.W and Alzahra, E.A and Al-Zubaidy, K and Amadou, Maiga and Amisi, B.T and Amuthenu, M.A and Andrianina, L and Angelin, R and Anjar, N and Antùnez, O and Antwi-Kusi, Akwasi and Aribi, A.A and Assoum, Guy and Athombo, J.S and Atomabe, Anatole and Attia, A and Aungraheeta, M and Aurélia, D.M.A and Badianga, E.K and Baghni, R.B and Baloyi, A.M and Bamuza, M.I and Berhe, A and Bertie, J.D and Bester, J.J.A and Bhagwandass, D.R and Bhuiyan, M.M.Z.U and Biccard, Bruce M and Bigirimana, F and Bingidimi, S.S and Bischof, K.E and Bishop, David G and Blake, C.A and Blignaut, E and Blignaut, F and BN Tanjong, B.N and Boufas, F and Brouckaert, Nicholas T and Bruwer, J.D and Buccimazza, I and Bula Bula, I.M and Bwambale, Y.B and ... and the African Surgical Outcomes Study (ASOS) investigators and African Surgical Outcomes Study AS and African Surgical Outcomes Study (ASOS) investigators
British journal of anaesthesia : BJA, ISSN 0007-0912, 12/2018, Volume 121, Issue 6, pp. 1357 - 1363
Journal Article
by Biccard, Bruce M and Gordon, Christina S and Gobin, Veekash and Samateh, Ahmadou L and Tumukunde, Janat T and Manach, Yannick Le and Elkhogia, Abdulaziz M and Mehyaoui, Ryad M and Ndonga, Andrew K N and Antwi-Kusi, Akwasi A K and Pearse, Rupert M and Abbas, N and Abduljalil, A and Abuhdema, F and Abujanah, SA and Ackermann, HM and Adamu, YB and Addanfour, A and Agaba, AFX and Aghadi, K and Ahmed, El-Z and Ahmed, M and Aji, SA and Akinyemi, OA and Akkari, M and Akodjenou, Joseph and AL Samateh, AL and al Shams, ES and Alakkari, EA and Albakosh, BA and Albert, F and Aldarrat, AD and Alfari, A and Alfetore, A and Algbali, M and Algddar, A and Alghafoud, IA and Alioune, Beye Seïdina and Alkassem, MA and Alkchr, MA and Alkesa, TS and Alkilani, A and Allaye, Thomas and Alli, A and Allopi, K and Allorto, NL and Almajbery, A and Almisslati, SHA and Alomami, MA and Alphonsus, Christella S and Alraheem, AA and Alsabri, SA and Alsellabi, B and Altagazi, AA and Aluvale, JS and Alwahedi, HW and Alzahra, EA and Al-Zubaidy, K and Amadou, M and Amadou, Maiga and Amanor-Boadu, Simbo D and Amer, Al-A and Amisi, BT and Anani, Felix and Andrianina, L and Antùnez, O and Antwi-Kusi, Akwasi and Anyanwu, LJC and Arrey, O and Ashebir, Daniel Zemenfes and Atiku, M and Attia, A and Aungraheeta, M and Aurélia, DMA and Azzaidey, HMZ and Baghni, RB and Baitchu, Y and Bamuza, MI and Bankole, OB and Barongo, ML and Bashiya, L and Bester, M and Bezuidenhout, JD and Bhagwandass, DR and Bhat, KAP and Bikuelo, CJ and Bischof, KE and Blake, CA and Blignaut, E and BN Tanjong, BN and Boufas, F and Brouckaert, Nicholas T and Buccimazza, I and Bula Bula, IM and Bulamba, Fred and Cacala, SRC and Cadersa, MA and Carlos, F and Casey, ME and Chabayanzara, ND and ... and African Surgical Outcomes Study (ASOS) investigators and African Surg Outcomes Study ASOS
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 04/2018, Volume 391, Issue 10130, pp. 1589 - 1598
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 12/2011, Volume 365, Issue 24, pp. 2268 - 2276
Journal Article