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Royal Ontario Museum - Stacks (3) 3
Gerstein Science - Stacks (2) 2
Music - Stacks (2) 2
UofT at Scarborough - Stacks (2) 2
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Trinity College (John W Graham) - Stacks (1) 1
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by Fitzgerald, T.W and Gerety, S.S and Jones, W.D and Van Kogelenberg, M and King, D.A and McRae, J and Morley, K.I and Parthiban, V and Al-Turki, S and Ambridge, K and Barrett, D.M and Bayzetinova, T and Clayton, S and Coomber, E.L and Gribble, S and Jones, P and Krishnappa, N and Mason, L.E and Middleton, A and Miller, R and Prigmore, E and Rajan, D and Sifrim, A and Tivey, A.R and Ahmed, M and Akawi, N and Andrews, R and Anjum, U and Archer, H and Armstrong, R and Balasubramanian, M and Banerjee, R and Baralle, D and Batstone, P and Baty, D and Bennett, C and Berg, J and Bernhard, B and Bevan, A.P and Blair, E and Blyth, M and Bohanna, D and Bourdon, L and Bourn, D and Brady, A and Bragin, E and Brewer, C and Brueton, L and Brunstrom, K and Bumpstead, S.J and Bunyan, D.J and Burn, J and Burton, J and Canham, N and Castle, B and Chandler, K and Clasper, S and Clayton-Smith, J and Cole, T and Collins, A and Collinson, M.N and Connell, F and Cooper, N and Cox, H and Cresswell, L and Cross, G and Crow, Y and D'Alessandro, M and Dabir, T and Davidson, R and Davies, S and Dean, J and Deshpande, C and Devlin, G and Dixit, A and Dominiczak, A and Donnelly, C and Donnelly, D and Douglas, A and Duncan, A and Eason, J and Edkins, S and Ellard, S and Ellis, P and Elmslie, F and Evans, K and Everest, S and Fendick, T and Fisher, R and Flinter, F and Foulds, N and Fryer, A and Fu, B and Gardiner, C and Gaunt, L and Ghali, N and Gibbons, R and Gomes Pereira, S.L and Goodship, J and Goudie, D and ... and Deciphering Dev Disorders Study and Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study and The Deciphering Developmental Disorders Study
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 03/2015, Volume 519, Issue 7542, pp. 223 - 228
Journal Article
by Felix, J.F and Joubert, Bonnie and Baccarelli, Anea and Sharp, Gemma C and Almqvist, Catarina and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella and Arshad, Hasan and Baïz, Nour and Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian and Bakulski, Kelly M and Binder, Elisabeth and Bouchard, Luigi and Breton, Carrie and Brunekreef, Bert and Brunst, K.J and Burchard, Esteban and Bustamante, Mariona and Chatzi, Leda and Munthe-Kaas, Monica Cheng and Corpeleijn, Willemijn and Czamara, Darina and Dabelea, D and Smith, G.D and Boever, Patrick and Duijts, Liesbeth and Dwyer, T and Eng, C and Eskenazi, B and Everson, T.M and Falahi, Fahimeh and Fallin, M.D and Farchi, S and Fernandez, Mariana and Gao, L and Gaunt, Tom and Ghantous, A and Gillman, Matthew W and Gonseth, S and Grote, Veit and Gruzieva, Olena and Håberg, Siri E and Herceg, Zdenko and Hivert, Marie-France and Holland, N and Holloway, J.W and Hoyo, C and Hu, D and Huang, R.-C and Huen, Karen and Järvelin, M.-R and Jima, D.D and Just, A.C and Karagas, Margaret and Karlsson, Robert and Karmaus, W and Kechris, K.J and Kere, Juha and Kogevinas, Manolis and Koletzko, Berthold and Koppelman, Gerard and Küpers, Marlijn and Ladd-Acosta, C and Lahti, J and Lambrechts, N and Langie, S.A.S and Lie, R.T and Liu, A.H and Magnus, M.C and Magnus, P and Maguire, R.L and Marsit, C.J and McArdle, Wendy and Melen, E and Melton, P and Murphy, S.K and Nawrot, T.S and Nisticò, L and Nohr, Christian and Nordlund, B and Nystad, Wenche and Oh, S.S and Oken, Emily and Page, C.M and Perron, P and Pershagen, Göran and Pizzi, Costanza and Plusquin, M and Räikkönen, Katri and Reese, Sarah E and Reischl, Gunilla and Richiardi, Lorenzo and Ring, Susan and Roy, R.P and Rzehak, Peter and Schoeters, Greet and Schwartz, D.A and Sebert, S and Snieder, Harold and Sørensen, Thorkild and Starling, A.P and ...
International journal of epidemiology, ISSN 0300-5771, 02/2018, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp. 22 - 23u
Journal Article
by Watanabe, Junichi and Hattori, Masahira and Berriman, Matthew and Lehane, Michael J and Hall, Neil and Solano, Philippe and Aksoy, Serap and Hide, Winston and Touré, Yeya and Attardo, Geoffrey M and Darby, Alistair C and Toyoda, Atsushi and Hertz-Fowler, Christiane and Larkin, Denis M and Cotton, James A and Sanders, Mandy J and Swain, Martin T and Quail, Michael A and Inoue, Noboru and Ravel, Sophie and Taylor, Todd D and Srivastava, Tulika P and Sharma, Vineet and Warren, Wesley and Wilson, Richard K and Suzuki, Yutaka and Lawson, Daniel and Hughes, Daniel S. T and Megy, Karyn and Masiga, Daniel K and Mireji, Paul O and Hansen, Immo A and Van Den Abbeele, Jan and Benoit, Joshua B and Bourtzis, Kostas and Obiero, George F. O and Robertson, Hugh M and Jones, Jeffery W and Zhou, Jing-Jiang and Field, Linda M and Friedrich, Markus and Nyanjom, Steven R. G and Telleria, Erich L and Caljon, Guy and Ribeiro, José M. C and Acosta-Serrano, Alvaro and Ooi, Cher-Pheng and Rose, Clair and Price, David P and Haines, Lee R and Christoffels, Alan and Sim, Cheolho and Pham, Daphne Q. D and Denlinger, David L and Geiser, Dawn L and Omedo, Irene A and Winzerling, Joy J and Peyton, Justin T and Marucha, Kevin K and Jonas, Mario and Meuti, Megan E and Rawlings, Neil D and Zhang, Qirui and Macharia, Rosaline W and Michalkova, Veronika and Dashti, Zahra Jalali Sefid and Baumann, Aaron A and Gäde, Gerd and Marco, Heather G and Caers, Jelle and Schoofs, Liliane and Riehle, Michael A and Hu, Wanqi and Tu, Zhijian and Tarone, Aaron M and Malacrida, Anna R and Kibet, Caleb K and Scolari, Francesca and Koekemoer, Jacobus J. O and Willis, Judith and Gomulski, Ludvik M and Falchetto, Marco and Scott, Maxwell J and Fu, Shuhua and Sze, Sing-Hoi and Luiz, Thiago and Weiss, Brian and Walshe, Deirdre P and Wang, Jingwen and Wamalwa, Mark and Mwangi, Sarah and Ramphul, Urvashi N and Snyder, Anna K and Brelsfoard, Corey L and Thomas, Gavin H and Tsiamis, George and Arensburger, Peter and Rio, Rita V. M and Macdonald, Sandy J and Panji, Sumir and ... and IGGI and International Glossina Genome Initiative
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 0036-8075, 4/2014, Volume 344, Issue 6182, pp. 380 - 386
Proteins | Symbionts | Milk protein | Salivary glands | RESEARCH ARTICLES | Drosophila | Genes | Genomes | Infections | Blood | Trypanosome | Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology | Tsetse Flies - parasitology | Molecular Sequence Data | Salivary Glands - physiology | Salivary Glands - parasitology | Wolbachia - physiology | Trypanosomiasis, African - transmission | Microbiota | Wolbachia - genetics | Tsetse Flies - physiology | Female | Genome, Insect | Tsetse Flies - microbiology | Genes, Insect | Symbiosis | Insect Proteins - physiology | Insect Vectors - microbiology | Molecular Sequence Annotation | Tsetse Flies - genetics | Insect Proteins - genetics | Reproduction - genetics | Feeding Behavior | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Animals | Insect Vectors - genetics | Insect Vectors - physiology | Insect Vectors - parasitology | Sensation - genetics | Trypanosoma - physiology | Zoological research | Genetic vectors | Genetic research | Genetic aspects | Research | Nucleotide sequencing | Tsetse-flies | Trypanosomiasis | DNA sequencing | Insects | Parasitic diseases | Genomics | Index Medicus | Wolbachia/genetics | Tsetse Flies/parasitology | Insect Proteins/genetics | Tsetse Flies/physiology | Insect Proteins/physiology | Sensation/genetics | Life Sciences | Tsetse Flies/microbiology | Insect Vectors/parasitology | Salivary Glands/parasitology | Wolbachia/physiology | Trypanosoma/physiology | Tsetse Flies/genetics | Reproduction/genetics | Trypanosomiasis, African/transmission | Microbiology and Parasitology | Insect Vectors/microbiology | Insect Vectors/physiology | Insect Vectors/genetics | Salivary Glands/physiology
Journal Article
by Joubert, Bonnie R and Felix, Janine F and Yousefi, Paul and Bakulski, Kelly M and Just, Allan C and Breton, Carrie and Reese, Sarah E and Markunas, Christina A and Richmond, Rebecca C and Xu, Cheng-Jian and Küpers, Leanne K and Oh, Sam S and Hoyo, Cathrine and Gruzieva, Olena and Söderhäll, Cilla and Salas, Lucas A and Baïz, Nour and Zhang, Hongmei and Lepeule, Johanna and Ruiz, Carlos and Ligthart, Symen and Wang, Tianyuan and Taylor, Jack A and Duijts, Liesbeth and Sharp, Gemma C and Jankipersadsing, Soesma A and Nilsen, Roy M and Vaez, Ahmad and Fallin, M. Daniele and Hu, Donglei and Litonjua, Augusto A and Fuemmeler, Bernard F and Huen, Karen and Kere, Juha and Kull, Inger and Munthe-Kaas, Monica Cheng and Gehring, Ulrike and Bustamante, Mariona and Saurel-Coubizolles, Marie José and Quraishi, Bilal M and Ren, Jie and Tost, Jörg and Gonzalez, Juan R and Peters, Marjolein J and Håberg, Siri E and Xu, Zongli and van Meurs, Joyce B and Gaunt, Tom R and Kerkhof, Marjan and Corpeleijn, Eva and Feinberg, Andrew P and Eng, Celeste and Baccarelli, Andrea A and Benjamin Neelon, Sara E and Bradman, Asa and Merid, Simon Kebede and Bergström, Anna and Herceg, Zdenko and Hernandez-Vargas, Hector and Brunekreef, Bert and Pinart, Mariona and Heude, Barbara and Ewart, Susan and Yao, Jin and Lemonnier, Nathanaël and Franco, Oscar H and Wu, Michael C and Hofman, Albert and McArdle, Wendy and Van der Vlies, Pieter and Falahi, Fahimeh and Gillman, Matthew W and Barcellos, Lisa F and Kumar, Ashish and Wickman, Magnus and Guerra, Stefano and Charles, Marie-Aline and Holloway, John and Auffray, Charles and Tiemeier, Henning W and Smith, George Davey and Postma, Dirkje and Hivert, Marie-France and Eskenazi, Brenda and Vrijheid, Martine and Arshad, Hasan and Antó, Josep M and Dehghan, Abbas and Karmaus, Wilfried and Annesi-Maesano, Isabella and Sunyer, Jordi and Ghantous, Akram and Pershagen, Göran and Holland, Nina and Murphy, Susan K and DeMeo, Dawn L and Burchard, Esteban G and Ladd-Acosta, Christine and Snieder, Harold and Nystad, Wenche and ...
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 04/2016, Volume 98, Issue 4, pp. 680 - 696
Journal Article