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Journal Article
by Jani, Meghna and Chinoy, Hector and Warren, Richard B and Griffiths, Christopher E. M and Plant, Darren and Fu, Bo and Morgan, Ann W and Wilson, Anthony G and Isaacs, John D and Hyrich, KimmeL and Barton, Anne and Prouse, P. J and Moitra, R. K and Shawe, D. J and Nisar, M and Fairburn, K and Nixon, J and Barnes, T and Hui, M and Coady, D and Wright, D and Morley, C and Raftery, G and Bracewell, C and Bridges, M and Armstrong, D and Chuck, A. J and Hailwood, S and Kumar, N and Ashok, D and Reece, R and O'Reilly, S. C and Ding, T and Badcock, L. J and Deighton, C. M and Raj, N and Regan, M. R and Summers, G. D and Williams, R. A and Lambert, J. R and Stevens, R and Wilkinson, C and Kelly, C. A and Hamilton, J and Heycock, C. R and Saravanan, V and Cope, A and Garrood, T and Ng, N and Kirkham, B and Green, M and Gough, A and Lawson, C and Das, D and Borbas, E and Wazir, T and Emery, P and Bingham, S and Bird, H. A and Conaghan, P.G and Pease, C. T and Wakefield, R. J and Buch, M and Bruce, I and Gorodkin, R and Ho, P and Parker, B and Smith, W and Jenkins, E and Mukhtyar, C and Gaffney, K and Macgregor, A. J and Marshall, T and Merry, P and DeSilva, C and Birrell, F. N and Crook, P. R and Szebenyi, B and Bates, D and James, D and Gillott, T and Alvi, A and Grey, C and Browning, J and McHale, J. F and Gaywood, I.C and Jones, A. C and Lanyon, P and Pande, I and Doherty, M and Gupta, A and Courtney, P. A and Srikanth, A and Abhishek, A and Das, L and Pattrick, M and Snowden, H. N and Bowden, A. P and Smith, E. E and Klimiuk, P and ... and Biology Rheumatoid Arthrit Genetic and Biologics in Rheumatoid Arthritis Genetics and Genomics Study Syndicate Collaborators
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 08/2015, Volume 67, Issue 8, pp. 2011 - 2019
Journal Article
Mammal Review, ISSN 0305-1838, 01/2018, Volume 48, Issue 1, pp. 48 - 61
In November 2016, the Scottish Government announced that they were minded to allow the two 'trial' reintroduced populations of Eurasian beaver Castor fiber to... 
wildlife management | ecosystem engineer | reintroduction | keystone species | conservation translocation | CANADENSIS | BEHAVIOR | NORWAY | SPP | ZOOLOGY | EUROPEAN BEAVER | HABITAT | ECOSYSTEMS | HISTORY | Beavers | Wildlife conservation | Animal behavior | Catchments | Feasibility studies | Ecosystem services | Management | Biodiversity | Aquatic mammals | Species | Reintroduction
Journal Article
by Backhouse, M. R and Vinall, K. A and Redmond, A and Helliwell, P and Keenan, A.-M and Dale, R. M and Thomas, A and Aronson, D and Turner-Cobb, J and Sengupta, R and France, B and Hill, I and Flurey, C. A and Morris, M and Pollock, J and Hughes, R and Richards, P and Hewlett, S and Ryan, S and Lille, K and Adams, J and Haq, I and McArthur, M and Goodacre, L and Birt, L and Wilson, O and Kirwan, J and Dures, E and Quest, E and Rajak, R and Thomas, T and Lawson, T and Petford, S and Hale, E and Kitas, G. D and Gooberman-Hill, R and Jinks, C and Dziedzic, K and Boucas, S. B and Hislop, K and Rhodes, C and Ali, F and Ong, B. N and White, D and Hensor, E and Ferguson, A. M and Douiri, A and Scott, D. L and Lempp, H and Halls, S and Law, R.-J and Jones, J and Markland, D and Maddison, P and Thom, J and Thom, J. M and Breslin, A and Kraus, A and Gordhan, C and Dennis, S and Connor, J and Chowdhary, B and Lottay, N and Juneja, P and Bacon, P. A and Isaacs, D and Jack, J and Keller, M and Tibble, J and Hammond, A and Gill, R and Tyson, S and Tennant, A and Nordenskiold, U and Pease, E. E and Pease, C. T and Trehane, A and Rahmeh, F and Cornell, P and Westlake, S. L and Rose, K and Alber, C. F and Watson, L and Stratton, R and Lazarus, M and McNeilly, N. E and Waterfield, J and Hurley, M and Greenwood, J and Clayton, A. M and Lynch, M and Clewes, A and Dawson, J and Abernethy, V and Griffiths, A. E and Chamberlain, V. A and McLoughlin, Y and Campbell, S and Hayes, J and Moffat, C and ... and BSRBR Control Centre Consortium and on behalf of the BSRBR
Rheumatology, ISSN 1462-0324, 05/2012, Volume 51, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii52 - iii92
Journal Article
Science of the Total Environment, ISSN 0048-9697, 12/2017, Volume 605-606, pp. 1021 - 1030
Potential for habitat restoration is increasingly used as an argument for reintroducing ecosystem engineers. Beaver have well known effects on hydromorphology... 
Agriculture | Grazing | Exclosure | Castor fiber | Species richness | Diversity | EURASIAN BEAVER | MANAGEMENT | FRESH-WATER BIODIVERSITY | ECOLOGICAL RESTORATION | DIFFUSE POLLUTION | LAKE | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | COMMUNITY | CASTOR-CANADENSIS | VEGETATION | Usage | Dams | Ecosystems | Ecological restoration | Design and construction | Agricultural land | Engineers | Beavers | Biological diversity | Wetlands
Journal Article
Mammal Review, ISSN 0305-1838, 10/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp. 270 - 283
In Scotland, UK, beavers became extinct about 400 years ago. Currently, two wild populations are present in Scotland on a trial basis, and the case for their... 
ecosystem engineer | meta‐analysis | Castor spp | keystone species | conservation translocation | meta-analysis | EURASIAN BEAVER | STREAM ECOSYSTEMS | FISH ASSEMBLAGES | AQUATIC VEGETATION | OREGON COAST RANGE | FOOD SELECTION | SOUTH-CAROLINA | SMALL MAMMALS | ZOOLOGY | HABITAT USE | SPECIES RICHNESS | Wildlife conservation | Ponds | Ecosystems | Analysis | Birds | Beavers | Biological diversity
Journal Article
Fish and Fisheries, ISSN 1467-2960, 06/2012, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp. 158 - 181
Journal Article
European Journal of Wildlife Research, ISSN 1612-4642, 8/2018, Volume 64, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 9
Journal Article
by Hinton, F and Pavey, G and Taylor, L and McLean, C and Rabiner, C.A and Simeon-Dubach, D and Michael, C and Groelz, D and Wyrich, R and Dettmann, N and Hesse, P and Rainen, L and Simeon-Dubach, D and Moreau, M and Wang, Q and Boonefaes, T and Montoye, T and Barry, A and Tischfield, J and Brooks, A and Pitt, K. E and Groover, K and Franke, J and Pike, D and Cosentino, M and Henderson, M. K and Bisceglia, M and Germain, C and Dhir, R and Groover, K and Franke, J and Sharp, T and Drew, K and Pike, D and Henderson, M and Pitt, K and McNally, J. W and Sayre, M. I and Dandara, C and Wonkam, A and Monovich, L. C and Ramirez, N and Demiroglu, S. Y and Lawlor, R and Chabannon, C and Furuta, K and Matsushita, K and Goto, Y and Miyagi, Y and Sawabe, M and Shirakashi, R and Takeuchi, T and Masui, T and Aoki, I and Nakagawara, A and Riegman, P and Hall, J and de Jong, B and Morente, M and López-Guerrero, J and Maimuna, M and Coillins, P and Grazia Daidone, M and Söderström, T and Cadot, S and ten Hoeve, J and Reed, W and Perskvist, N and Dillner, J and Siddiqui, R and Ploetz, C and Drepper, J and Freudigmann, M and Semler, S. C and Krawczak, M and Kiehntopf, M and Schröder, C and Dobkowicz, M and Gros, O and Holl, R and Michalik, C and Nieratschker, V and Nöthlings, U and Habermann, J. K and Zetzsche, H and Droege, G and Astrin, J and Berendsohn, W. G and Gemeinholzer, B and Van den Eynden, J and Degaillier, C and Van Eycken, L and Grégoire, V and De Souza, Y and Greenspan, J. S and Lee, Y and Johns, A. L and Zeps, N and Biankin, A. V and Carpenter, J. E and ...
Biopreservation and Biobanking, ISSN 1947-5535, 04/2012, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp. 181 - 231
The abstracts that follow demonstrate the broad range of timely issues addressed in the contributed oral and poster presentations at ISBER's 13th Annual... 
Journal Article
CLINICAL MEDICINE, ISSN 1470-2118, 09/2019, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp. 423 - 424
The NHS Benchmarking Network revealed that 40% of trusts have a dedicated geriatric team based in the emergency department and 52% had a specialist frailty... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | Frailty | Hospitals | Working hours | Geriatrics | Clinical Letter
Journal Article
Mammal Review, ISSN 0305-1838, 10/2016, Volume 46, Issue 4, pp. 270 - 283
Journal Article