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SAE technical paper series, Volume 2004-01-0351.
Efficiency of a toroidal traction drive is measured at different torques, speeds, speed ratios, and temperatures, with an emphasis on the effect of the design... 
Continuously variable transmissions | Test procedures | Fuel economy | Mathematical models | Drivetrains
SAE technical paper series, Volume 970339.
A relatively simple, low-friction Variable-Valve-Actuation (VVA) device is presented. The device can be characterized as a four-bar mechanism consisting of a... 
Parts | Simulation and Modeling | Tests and Testing
SAE technical paper series, Volume 2009-01-0229.
We start our study with a survey of existing variable valve actuation (VVA) devices. We then describe our work, taken place over a time period from 2001 to... 
Electronic control systems
SAE technical paper series, Volume 930822.
A general model for the analysis of lost-motion type hydraulic devices used in variable valve actuation is presented. The devices covered by the model include... 
Lubricant viscosity | Mathematical analysis | Hydraulic systems | Valves | Camshafts
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