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by Carrat, F and Seksik, P and Colombel, J.‐F and Peyrin‐Biroulet, L and Cosnes, Jacques and Gendre, Jean‐Pierre and Lémann, Marc and Hébuterne, Xavier and Cortot, Antoine and Bouhnik, Yoram and Dupas, Jean Louis and Flourié, Bernard and Lerebours, Eric and Beaugerie, Laurent and Allez, Matthieu and Messing, Bernard and Cadiot, Guillaume and Soulé, Jean‐Claude and Veyrac, Michel and Duclos, Bernard and Beau, Philippe and Bourreille, Arnaud and Carbonnel, Franck and Heresbach, Denis and Florent, Christian and Blain, Antoine and Faucheron, Jean‐Luc and Bonaz, Bruno and Roblin, Xavier and Potier, Pascal and Kurtz, Thierry and Nion‐Larmurier, Isabelle and Delchier, Jean‐Charles and Chaussade, Stanislas and Weiss, Anne Marie and Cézard, Jean Pierre and Siproudhis, Laurent and Nahon, Stéphane and Sondag, Daniel and Jian, Raymond and Souquet, Jean‐Christophe and Coffin, Benoit and Delasalle, Patrick and Cavicchi, Maryan and Souffran, Marc‐Henry and Vandromme, Luc and Guedon, Claire and Seksik, Philippe and Renard, Pascal and Gouilloud, Sylvie and Savoye, Guillaume and Mallet, Laurent and Brazier, Franck and Justum, Anne‐Marie and Gerbal, Jean‐Luc and Pierrugues, Robert and Chardonnal, Gérard and Picon, Laurence and Reix, Nicole and D'aubigny, Nicolas Drouët and Uettwiller, Hervé and Mallet, Anne Courillon and Palacci, Alain and Bensaude, Raoul‐Jacques and Bonniaud, Pierre and Empinet, Olivier and Nisard, Andrée and Tubiana, Bernard and Capelle, Philippe and Dabadie, Alain and Evard, Daniel and Julien, Pierre‐Emile and Picon‐Coste, Magali and Goldfain, Denis and Blondelot, Jean‐Pierre and Lemière, Sébastien and Mockly, Jean Francois and Pellat, Benoit and Gatineau‐Sailliant, Gilles and Nalet, Bernard and Nancey, Stéphane and Kusielewicz, Daniel and Loison, Patrick and Merite, François and Roux, Jean‐Pol and Blanquart, Alain and Heyries, Laurent and Reville, Marc and Zerbib, Frank and Claviere, Christophe and Pouderoux, Philippe and Moitry, Alain and Hugot, Jean‐Pierre and Sabate, Jean‐Marc and Lescut, Dominique and Smadja, Lionel and Brun, Marc and Macaigne, Gilles and Marchal, Jean Luc and Ollivier, Stéphane and ... and CESAME Study Grp and CESAME Study Group and the CESAME Study Group
Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics, ISSN 0269-2813, 02/2017, Volume 45, Issue 4, pp. 533 - 541
Journal Article
by Pearson, Rachael A and Cavazzana-Calvo, Marina and Schmidt, Manfred and Frecha, Cecilia and Baum, Christopher and Bennaceur-Griscelli, Annelise and Segovia, José C and Anguela, Xavier M and Sharma, Rajiv and Li, Hojun and Zhou, Shangzhen and Jin, Xiangyang and Candotti, Fabio and Baum, Christopher and Baum, Christopher and Ben-David, Eli and Peretz, Tamar and Dickson, George and Samulski, Jude and Fibbe, Willem and Calabria, Andrea and Biasco, Luca and Leo, Simone and Aiuti, Alessandro and Naldini, Luigi and Colloca, Stefano and Lemaitre, Jean Marc and Leo, Damiana and Gainedtinov, Raul and Dityatev, Alexander and Fischer, Alain and June, Carl and Macatee, Timothy and Grupp, Stephan and Biffi, Alessandra and Bougnères, Pierre and Fischer, Alain and Sena-Esteves, Miguel and Brenner, Gary and Bhatia, Jeetendra and Beadle, John and Seymour, Len and Yonemitsu, Yoshikazu and Schumacher, Ton and Lenhard, Boris and Pombo, Ana and Eto, Yoshikatsu and Higuchi, Takashi and Hirayama, Reimi and Rio, P and Segovia, JC and Cambon, K and Hantraye, P and CHEREL, Yan and MOULLIER, Philippe and Viegas, Pedro and Perrier, Anselme L and Colle, MA and Bartoli, Catherine and Fayek, Racha and Trollet, Capucine and Gidaro, Teresa and Veres, Gabor and Parpaleix, Alexandre and Charpak, Serge and Burgain, Aurore and Scherman, Daniel and Scaramuzza, S and Casiraghi, M and Roncarolo, MG and Brendel, Christian and Siler, U and Schmidt, M and Gennery, Andrew R and Kühlcke, Klaus and Kondratenko, Irina and Klein, Christoph and Mirones, I and Rodriguez, MA and Kim, Yoon Jun and Gorger, Christophe and Israeli, David and Dubreil, L and Briot-Nivard, D and Noviello, Maddalena and Gottrand, Gaelle and Burlot, Marie-Anne and Aubourg, Patrick and Hovnanian, Alain and VOIT, Thomas and Leumann, Christian J and GARCIA, Luis and Volpin, Monica and Scala, Serena and Biasco, Luca and Bonini, Chiara and Thomay, Kathrin and Groeve, Kurt De and Basner-Tschakarjan, Etiena and de Groot, Anne and ...
Human gene therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue 10, pp. A1 - A173
Journal Article
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