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Traffic, ISSN 1398-9219, 2011, Volume 12, Issue 11, pp. 1634 - 1647
Journal Article
International Journal of Cancer, ISSN 0020-7136, 05/1997, Volume 71, Issue 3, pp. 320 - 324
Expression of the αvβ3 integrin is upregulated on sprouting endothelia. Systemic application of antibody or peptidic inhibitors of αvβ3 function disrupts tumor... 
Journal Article
International Journal of Cancer, ISSN 0020-7136, 1997, Volume 71, Issue 3, pp. 320 - 324
Expression of the alpha nu beta 3 integrin is upregulated on sprouting endothelia. Systemic application of antibody or peptidic inhibitors of alpha nu beta 3... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Bultet, Lisandra Aguilar and Aguilar-Rodríguez, José and Ahrens, Christian H and Ahrné, Erik Lennart and Ai, Ni and Aimo, Lucila and Akalin, Altuna and Aleksiev, Tyanko and Alocci, Davide and Altenhoff, Adrian and Alves, Isabel and Ambrosini, Giovanna and Pedone, Pascale Anderle and Angelino, Paolo and Anisimova, Maria and Appel, Ron and Argoud-Puy, Ghislaine and Arnold, Konstantin and Arpat, Bulak and Artimo, Panu and Ascencao, Kelly and Auchincloss, Andrea and Axelsen, Kristian and Gerritsen, Vivienne Baillie and Bairoch, Amos and Bansal, Parit and Baratin, Delphine and Barbato, Alessandro and Barbié, Valérie and Barras, David and Barreiro, Maria and Barret, Sophie and Bastian, Frederic and Neto, Teresamanuela Batista and Baudis, Michael and Beaudoing, Emmanuel and Beckmann, Jacques S and Bekkar, Amel Kawter and Ben Hamida Cammoun, Leila and Benmohammed, Sara and Bernard, Madeleine and Bertelli, Claire and Bertoni, Martino and Bienert, Stefan and Bignucolo, Olivier and Bilbao, Aivett and Bilican, Adem and Blank, Diana and Blatter, Marie-Claude and Blum, Lorenz and Bocquet, Jocelyne and Boeckmann, Brigitte and Bolleman, Jerven Tjalling and Bordoli, Lorenza and Bosshard, Lars and Bouchet, Gerard and Bougueleret, Lydie and Boutet, Emmanuel and Bovigny, Christophe and Bratulic, Sinisa and Breuza, Lionel and Bridge, Alan James and Britan, Aurore and Brito, Francisco and Frazão, Josias Brito and Bruggmann, Rémy and Bucher, Philipp and Burdet, Frédéric and Burger, Lukas and Cabello, Elena Maria and Gomez, Ruben Martin Cabezon and Calderon, Sandra and Cannarozzi, Gina and Carl, Sarah and Casas, Cristina Casals and Catherinet, Sebastien and Périer, Rouayda Cavin and Charpilloz, Christophe and Chaskar, Prasad Datatray and Chen, Weihua and Pepe, Anush Chiappino and Chopard, Bastien and Chu, Hoi Yee and Civic, Natacha and Claassen, Manfred and Clottu, Sylvie and Colombo, Martino and Cosandier, Isabelle and Coudert, Elisabeth and Crespo, Isaac and Creus, Marc and Cuche, Béatrice and Cuendet, Michel A and Cusin, Isabelle and Daga, Neha and Daina, Antoine and Dauvillier, Jér Ôme and David, Fabrice and Davydov, Iakov and De Sa Ricca Manadelo Ferreira, Mariana and ... and SIB Swiss Inst Bioinformatics
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 2016, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp. D27 - D37
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (www.isb-sib.ch) provides world-class bioinformatics databases, software tools, services and training to the... 
Journal Article
by Gravis, G and Fizazi, K and Joly Lobbedez, F and Oudard, S and Priou, F and Latorzeff, I and Delva, R and Krakowski, I and Laguerre, B and Rolland, F and Theodore, C and Deplanque, G and Ferrero, J. M and Pouessel, D and Mourey, L and Beuzeboc, P and Zanetta, S and Esterni, B and Habibian, M and Soulie, M and Ryan, C. J and Morris, M and Molina, A and Piulats, J. R and De Souza, P and Li, J and Kheoh, T and de Bono, J. S and Larson, S and Griffin, T and Matheny, S and Naini, V and Scher, H. I and Small, E and Basch, E and Logothetis, C. J and Rathkopf, D. E and Smith, M. R and Mainwaring, P. N and Hao, Y and Li, S and Meyers, M and Cleeland, C and Saad, F and Sternberg, C. N and Miller, K and Mulders, P and Chi, K and Hirmand, M and Rathkopf, D and Corn, P. G and Mukherji, D and Harzstark, A. L and Sartor, O. A and Smith, D. C and Tunariu, N and Sweeney, C and Parker, C and Coleman, R. E and Nilsson, S and Vogelzang, N and Lloyd, A. J and Staudacher, K and van Gool, R and Sartor, A. O and Taplin, M and Armstrong, A. J and Selby, B and Yu, E. Y and Ellard, S and Hotte, S. J and Gingerich, J. R and Joshua, A. M and Gleave, M. E and Sonpavde, G and Pond, G. R and Galsky, M. D and Wood, B. A and Wang, S and Paolini, J and Lechuga, M and Michaelson, M. D and Liede, A and Gunther, O and Bennett, B and Wong, S and Pezaro, C and Omlin, A. G and Sandhu, S and Bianchini, D and Cassidy, A. M and Maier, G and Olmos, D and Attard, G and Dixit, S and Tito, J and Afzal, P and Wolff, J. M and Gedamke, M and Li, C and ...
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 9, pp. ix294 - ix318
Journal Article
by Bairoch, A and Bougueleret, L and Altairac, S and Amendolia, V and Auchincloss, A and Puy, GA and Axelsen, K and Baratin, D and Blatter, MC and Boeckmann, B and Bollondi, L and Boutet, E and Quintaje, SB and Breuza, L and Bridge, A and deCastro, E and Coral, D and Coudert, E and Cusin, I and Dobrokhotov, P and Dornevil, D and Duvaud, S and Estreicher, A and Famiglietti, L and Feuermann, M and Gehant, S and Farriol-Mathis, N and Ferro, S and Gasteiger, E and Gateau, A and Gerritsen, V and Gos, A and Gruaz-Gumowski, N and Hinz, U and Hulo, C and Hulo, N and Ioannidis, V and Ivanyi, I and James, J and Jain, E and Jimenez, S and Jungo, F and Junker, V and Keller, G and Lachaize, C and Lane-Guermonprez, L and Langendijk-Genevaux, P and Lara, V and Lemercier, P and Le Saux, V and Lieberherr, D and Lima, TD and Mangold, V and Martin, X and Michoud, K and Moinat, M and Moreira, C and Morgat, A and Nicolas, M and Ohji, S and Paesano, S and Pedruzzi, I and Perret, D and Phan, I and Pilbout, S and Pillet, V and Poux, S and Redaschi, N and Reynaud, S and Rivoire, C and Roechert, B and Sapsezian, C and Schneider, M and Sigrist, C and da Silva, M and Sonesson, K and Stutz, A and Sundaram, S and Tognolli, M and Verbregue, L and Veuthey, AL and Vitorello, C and Yip, L and Apweiler, R and Alam-Faruque, Y and Barrell, D and Bower, L and Browne, P and Chan, WM and Daugherty, L and Donate, ES and Eberhardt, R and Fedotov, A and Foulger, R and Fraser, G and Frigerio, G and Garavelli, J and Golin, R and Horne, A and Jacobsen, J and ... and UniProt Consortium and The UniProt Consortium
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 01/2007, Volume 35, Issue 1, pp. D193 - D197
The ability to store and interconnect all available information on proteins is crucial to modern biological research. Accordingly, the Universal Protein... 
ANNOTATION | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Proteins - genetics | Amino Acid Sequence | Proteins - physiology | User-Computer Interface | Databases, Protein | Systems Integration | Internet | Proteins - chemistry
Journal Article
by Sosman, J and Sznol, M and McDermott, D. F and Carvajal, R and Lawrence, D. P and Topalian, S. L and Wigginton, J. M and Kollia, G and Gupta, A and Hodi, F. S and Gutzmer, R and Rivoltini, L and Levchenko, E and Testori, A and Utikal, J and Ascierto, P. A and Salaun, B and Vanhoutte, N and Gillet, M and Brichard, V and Weiss, G. J and Oro, A and Chang, A. L. S and Solomon, J. A and LoRusso, P. M and Hamid, O and Chen, D. M and McKenna, E and Feng, S and Hainsworth, J. D and Sekulic, A and Migden, M. R and Lewis, K and Yoo, S and Dirix, L and Hou, J and Yue, H and Hauschild, A and Rendleman, J and Shang, S and Brocia, C and Ma, M and Shapiro, R and Berman, R and Pavlick, A and Shao, Y and Osman, I and Kirchhoff, T and Bol, K and Aarntzen, E and Gerritsen, W. R and Schreibelt, G and Jacobs, J and Lesterhuis, W. J and van Rossum, M and Punt, C. J. A and Figdor, C and De Vries, J and Thompson, J and Gordon, M and Wolchok, J and Rojas, P and Schwartz, J and Bedikian, A and Lebbe, C and Weber, J. S and Maio, M and Neyns, B and Harmankaya, K and Chin, K and McDowell, D. O and Cykowski, L and McHenry, M. B and Wolchok, J. D and Di Giacomo, A. M and Calabro, L and Danielli, R and Pesce, I and Fonsatti, E and Bertocci, E and Giannarelli, D and Biagioli, M and Altomonte, M and Colombino, M and Sini, M and De Giorgi, V and Lissia, A and Massi, D and Rubino, C and Cossu, A and Ayala, F and Palmieri, G and Costa, E. F. D and Lourenco, G. J and Oliveira, C and Rinck-Junior, J. A and Moraes, A. M and Nogueira, G. A. S and Lima, C. S. P and Mandala, M and ... and on behalf of Phase 3 Principal Investigators
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 9, pp. ix361 - ix375
Journal Article
by Apweiler, Rolf and Bairoch, Amos and Bougueleret, Lydie and Altairac, Severine and Amendolia, Valeria and Auchincloss, Andrea and Argoud-Puy, Ghislaine and Axelsen, Kristian and Baratin, Delphine and Blatter, Marie-Claude and Boeckmann, Brigitte and Bolleman, Jerven and Bollondi, Laurent and Boutet, Emmaunuel and Quintaje, Silvia Braconi and Breuza, Lionel and Bridge, Alan and deCastro, Edouard and Ciapina, Luciane and Coral, Danielle and Coudert, Elisabeth and Cusin, Isabelle and Delbard, Gwennaelle and Dornevil, Dolnide and Roggli, Paula Duek and Duvaud, Severine and Estreicher, Anne and Famiglietti, Livia and Feuermann, Marc and Gehant, Sebastain and Farriol-Mathis, Nathalie and Serenella Ferro, Serenella and Gasteiger, Elisabeth and Gateau, Alain and Gerritsen, Vivienne and Gos, Arnaud and Gruaz-Gumowski, Nadine and Hinz, Ursula and Hulo, Chantal and Hulo, Nicolas and James, Janet and Jimenez, Silvia and Jungo, Florence and Junker, Vivien and Kappler, Thomas and Keller, Guillaume and Lachaize, Corinne and Lane-Guermonprez, Lydie and Langendijk-Genevaux, Petra and Lara, Vicente and Lemercier, Philippe and Le Saux, Virginie and Lieberherr, Damien and de Oliveira Lima, Tania and Mangold, Veronique and Martin, Xavier and Masson, Patrick and Michoud, Karine and Moinat, Madelaine and Morgat, Anne and Mottaz, Anais and Paesano, Salvo and Pedruzzi, Ivo and Phan, Isabelle and Pilbout, Sandrine and Pillet, Violaine and Poux, Sylvain and Pozzato, Monica and Redaschi, Nicole and Reynaud, Sorogini and Rivoire, Catherine and Roechert, Bernd and Schneider, Michel and Sigrist, Christian and Sonesson, Karin and Staehli, Sylvie and Stutz, Andre and Sundaram, Shyamala and Tognolli, Micheal and Verbregue, Laure and Veuthey, Anne-Lise and Yip, Lina and Luiz Zuletta, Luiz and Apweiler, Rolf and Alam-Faruque, Yasmin and Antunes, Ricardo and Barrell, Daniel and Binns, David and Bower, Lawrence and Browne, Paul and Wei Mun, Chan and Dimmer, Emily and Eberhardt, Ruth and Fedotov, Alexander and Foulger, Rebecca and Garavelli, John and Golin, Renato and Horne, Alan and Huntley, Rachael and Jacobsen, Julius and ... and UniProt Consortium and The UniProt Consortium
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 1/2009, Volume 37, Issue suppl_1, pp. D169 - D174
The mission of UniProt is to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive, high-quality and freely accessible resource of protein sequence and... 
INFORMATION RESOURCE | ANNOTATION | ARCHIVE | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | Proteins - physiology | Sequence Analysis, Protein | Animals | Environmental Microbiology | Databases, Protein | Humans | Proteomics | Internet | Proteins - chemistry
Journal Article