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Blood, ISSN 0006-4971, 11/2011, Volume 118, Issue 21, pp. 692 - 692
Abstract Abstract 692 Congenital neutropenia syndromes comprise a heterogeneous group of disorders, whose genetic etiology remains often unknown. We describe a... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, ISSN 0098-3500, 03/2003, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp. 58 - 81
The object-oriented software package OOQP for solving convex quadratic programming problems (QP) is described. The primal-dual interior point algorithms... 
Journal Article
Immunology and Immunogenetics Insights, ISSN 1178-6345, 2011, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 59 - 82
The regions encoding the coordinately regulated Th2 cytokines IL5, IL4 and IL13 are located on chromosomes 5 of man and 11 of mouse. They have been intensively... 
IL4 | Rabbit | Th2 cytokines | Tuberculosis | Genomic assembly | IL13
Journal Article
Molecular Endocrinology, ISSN 0888-8809, 01/2012, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp. 194 - 202
p23 is a chaperone with multiple heat shock protein 90 dependent and independent cellular functions, including stabilizing unliganded steroid receptors and... 
Journal Article
SnadiOpt is a package that supports the use of the automatic differentiation package ADIFOR with the optimization package Snopt. Snopt is a general-purpose... 
Computer Science - Mathematical Software
Journal Article
by Dunham, Ian and Kundaje, Anshul and Aldred, Shelley F and Collins, Patrick J and Davis, Carrie A and Doyle, Francis and Epstein, Charles B and Frietze, Seth and Harrow, Jennifer and Kaul, Rajinder and Khatun, Jainab and Lajoie, Bryan R and Landt, Stephen G and Lee, Bum-Kyu and Pauli, Florencia and Rosenbloom, Kate R and Sabo, Peter and Safi, Alexias and Sanyal, Amartya and Shoresh, Noam and Simon, Jeremy M and Song, Lingyun and Trinklein, Nathan D and Altshuler, Robert C and Birney, Ewan and Brown, James B and Cheng, Chao and Djebali, Sarah and Dong, Xianjun and Ernst, Jason and Furey, Terrence S and Gerstein, Mark and Giardine, Belinda and Greven, Melissa and Hardison, Ross C and Harris, Robert S and Herrero, Javier and Hoffman, Michael M and Iyer, Sowmya and Kellis, Manolis and Kheradpour, Pouya and Lassmann, Timo and Li, Qunhua and Lin, Xinying and Marinov, Georgi K and Merkel, Angelika and Mortazavi, Ali and Parker, Stephen C. J and Reddy, Timothy E and Rozowsky, Joel and Schlesinger, Felix and Thurman, Robert E and Wang, Jie and Ward, Lucas D and Whitfield, Troy W and Wilder, Steven P and Wu, Weisheng and Xi, Hualin S and Yip, Kevin Y and Zhuang, Jiali and Bernstein, Bradley E and Green, Eric D and Gunter, Chris and Snyder, Michael and Pazin, Michael J and Lowdon, Rebecca F and Dillon, Laura A. L and Adams, Leslie B and Kelly, Caroline J and Zhang, Julia and Wexler, Judith R and Good, Peter J and Feingold, Elise A and Crawford, Gregory E and Dekker, Job and Elnitski, Laura and Farnham, Peggy J and Giddings, Morgan C and Gingeras, Thomas R and Guigó, Roderic and Hubbard, Timothy J and Kent, W. James and Lieb, Jason D and Margulies, Elliott H and Myers, Richard M and Stamatoyannopoulos, John A and Tenenbaum, Scott A and Weng, Zhiping and White, Kevin P and Wold, Barbara and Yu, Yanbao and Wrobel, John and Risk, Brian A and Gunawardena, Harsha P and Kuiper, Heather C and Maier, Christopher W and Xie, Ling and Chen, Xian and Mikkelsen, Tarjei S and Gillespie, Shawn and ... and ENCODE Project Consortium and The ENCODE Project Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 09/2012, Volume 489, Issue 7414, pp. 57 - 74
Journal Article
by Abrams, Charles S and Accurso, Frank J and Afdhal, Nezam H and Akin, Cem and Aksamit, Allen J and Al-Awqati, Qais and Allos, Ban Mishu and Altshuler, David and Aminoff, Michael J and Anderson, Jeffrey L and Anderson, Larry J and Anderson, Karl E and Antman, Karen H and Antony, Aśok C and Appel, Gerald B and Appelbaum, Frederick R and Arend, William P and Arguin, Paul and Armitage, James O and Armstrong, Cheryl A and Arnaout, M. Amin and Arnold, Robert and Atkins, David and Atkinson, William L and Ausiello, Dennis and Bacon, Bruce R and Bagby, Grover C and Bain, Barbara J and Bajorin, Dean F and Ballow, Mark and Baloh, Robert W and Barasch, Jonathan and Barbano, Richard L and Baron, Murray G and Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth and Barry, Michael J and Barshop, Bruce A and Bartlett, John G and Barton, Mary and Basner, Robert C and Baum, Stephen G and Bausch, Daniel G and Bayer, Arnold S and Bazari, Hasan and Beigel, John H and Beller, George A and Bennett, Robert M and Berger, Joseph R and Berk, Paul and Berliner, Nancy and Bernat, James L and Bierman, Philip J and Bistrian, Bruce R and Biundo, Joseph J and Blanke, Charles D and Blankson, Joel N and Blaser, Martin J and Blattner, William A and Bleck, Thomas P and Boden, William E and Boland, C. Richard and Bolognia, Jean and Bonomo, Robert and Borish, Larry and Bosque, Patrick J and Brand, Randall and Brook, Itzhak and Brunetti, Enrico and Buchner, David M and Buffet, Pierre A and Bunn, H. Franklin and Calabresi, Peter A and Calfee, David P and Calkins, Hugh and Cameron, Douglas and Camilleri, Michael and Cannon, Grant W and Cappellini, Maria Domenica and Carabello, Blase A and Carvalho, Edgar M and Castellanos, Agustin and Chalasani, Naga P and Chambers, Henry and Charlson, Mary and Cheshire, William P and Chinnery, Patrick F and Christiani, David C and Clemmons, David R and Cohen, Steven P and Cohen, Myron S and Cohen, Jeffrey and Cohn, Steven L and Colebunders, Robert and Connors, Joseph M and Cook, Deborah J and Corey, C. Ralph and Cowan, Kenneth H and Craig, William A and Croft, Simon L and Crow, Mary K and ...
ISBN 9781437716047
Book Chapter
by Myers, Richard M and Stamatoyannopoulos, John and Snyder, Michael and Dunham, Ian and Hardison, Ross C and Bernstein, Bradley E and Gingeras, Thomas R and Kent, W. James and Birney, Ewan and Wold, Barbara and Crawford, Gregory E and Epstein, Charles B and Shoresh, Noam and Ernst, Jason and Mikkelsen, Tarjei S and Kheradpour, Pouya and Zhang, Xiaolan and Wang, Li and Issner, Robbyn and Coyne, Michael J and Durham, Timothy and Ku, Manching and Truong, Thanh and Ward, Lucas D and Altshuler, Robert C and Lin, Michael F and Kellis, Manolis and Davis, Carrie A and Kapranov, Philipp and Dobin, Alexander and Zaleski, Christopher and Schlesinger, Felix and Batut, Philippe and Chakrabortty, Sudipto and Jha, Sonali and Lin, Wei and Drenkow, Jorg and Wang, Huaien and Bell, Kim and Bell, Ian and Gao, Hui and Dumais, Erica and Dumais, Jacqueline and Antonarakis, Stylianos E and Ucla, Catherine and Borel, Christelle and Guigo, Roderic and Djebali, Sarah and Lagarde, Julien and Kingswood, Colin and Ribeca, Paolo and Sammeth, Micha and Alioto, Tyler and Merkel, Angelika and Tilgner, Hagen and Carninci, Piero and Hayashizaki, Yoshihide and Lassmann, Timo and Takahashi, Hazuki and Abdelhamid, Rehab F and Hannon, Gregory and Fejes, Katalin-Toth and Preall, Jonathan and Gordon, Assaf and Sotirova, Vihra and Reymond, Alexandre and Howald, Cedric and Graison, Emilie Aït Yahya and Chrast, Jacqueline and Ruan, Yijun and Ruan, Xiaoan and Shahab, Atif and Poh, Wan Ting and Wei, Chia-Lin and Furey, Terrence S and Boyle, Alan P and Sheffield, Nathan C and Song, Lingyun and Shibata, Yoichiro and Vales, Teresa and Winter, Deborah and Zhang, Zhancheng and London, Darin and Wang, Tianyuan and Keefe, Damian and Iyer, Vishwanath R and Lee, Bum-Kyu and McDaniell, Ryan M and Liu, Zheng and Battenhouse, Anna and Bhinge, Akshay A and Lieb, Jason D and Grasfeder, Linda L and Showers, Kimberly A and Giresi, Paul G and Kim, Seul K. C and Shestak, Christopher and Pauli, Florencia and Reddy, Timothy E and Gertz, Jason and ... and ENCODE Project Consortium and The ENCODE Project Consortium
PLoS Biology, ISSN 1544-9173, 04/2011, Volume 9, Issue 4, p. e1001046