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liver neoplasms - surgery (13) 13
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antiviral agents - therapeutic use (12) 12
hepacivirus - genetics (12) 12
survival rate (12) 12
therapy (12) 12
child (11) 11
chronic hepatitis (11) 11
medicine (11) 11
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obesity (11) 11
research article (11) 11
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gastroenterology (10) 10
immunosuppression (10) 10
liver cirrhosis - complications (10) 10
liver cirrhosis - surgery (10) 10
liver diseases (10) 10
management (10) 10
oncology (10) 10
switzerland - epidemiology (10) 10
atmospheric protection/air quality control/air pollution (9) 9
body mass index (9) 9
carcinoma, hepatocellular - surgery (9) 9
fibrosis (9) 9
graft rejection (9) 9
hepatitis c (9) 9
liver cancer (9) 9
organ transplant recipients (9) 9
prevalence (9) 9
research (9) 9
severity of illness index (9) 9
turbulence (9) 9
virus-infection (9) 9
young adult (9) 9
cancer (8) 8
combined modality therapy (8) 8
further section (8) 8
genotype (8) 8
hepatology (8) 8
incidence (8) 8
inflammation (8) 8
interferon-alpha - therapeutic use (8) 8
liver cirrhosis - pathology (8) 8
multivariate analysis (8) 8
patients (8) 8
risk (8) 8
age (7) 7
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Journal Article
Case Reports in Gastroenterology, ISSN 1662-0631, 11/2008, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp. 424 - 427
Fulminant hepatic failure is characterized by the presence of hepatic encephalopathy in the setting of acute liver injury that occurs in a noncirrhotic organ.... 
Published: November 2008 | Hepatitis E | Brain edema | Fulminant hepatic failure | Hepatic encephalopathy | Liver transplantation
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