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gastrointestinal surgery (7) 7
mortality (7) 7
female (6) 6
male (6) 6
adult (5) 5
complications (5) 5
laparoscopy (5) 5
regression analysis (5) 5
abdominal surgery (4) 4
abridged index medicus (4) 4
aged (4) 4
anastomosis (4) 4
colorectal cancer (4) 4
medical research (4) 4
outcomes (4) 4
prospective studies (4) 4
rectal cancer (4) 4
rectum (4) 4
risk (4) 4
surgeons (4) 4
surgical outcomes (4) 4
anastomotic leak (3) 3
clinical trials (3) 3
colorectal surgery (3) 3
general surgery (3) 3
laparoscopic surgery (3) 3
logistic models (3) 3
middle aged (3) 3
obesity (3) 3
ostomy (3) 3
postoperative complications - epidemiology (3) 3
trial (3) 3
abdomen (2) 2
adolescent (2) 2
anastomotic leakage (2) 2
attitudes (2) 2
body mass index (2) 2
cancer (2) 2
cancer-surgery (2) 2
cardiac surgery (2) 2
chemistry, physical (2) 2
chemotherapy (2) 2
cohort studies (2) 2
colectomy (2) 2
colon cancer (2) 2
data processing (2) 2
diagnosis (2) 2
digestive system surgical procedures - mortality (2) 2
gastrointestinal diseases - surgery (2) 2
health (2) 2
hospitals (2) 2
impact (2) 2
intestine (2) 2
malignancy (2) 2
medical imaging (2) 2
medicine & public health (2) 2
morbidity (2) 2
multivariate analysis (2) 2
original (2) 2
postoperative complications (2) 2
postoperative complications - etiology (2) 2
quality-of-life (2) 2
randomized clinical-trial (2) 2
randomized-trial (2) 2
rectal-cancer (2) 2
regression models (2) 2
risk factors (2) 2
short-term outcomes (2) 2
statistical analysis (2) 2
surgical site infection (2) 2
survival (2) 2
thoracic surgery (2) 2
transportation safety (2) 2
tumors (2) 2
vascular surgery (2) 2
abdomen - surgery (1) 1
abdominal (1) 1
abdominal wall - surgery (1) 1
abdominal wound closure techniques (1) 1
abdominal-surgery (1) 1
abdominal-wall closure (1) 1
admission (1) 1
adsorption (1) 1
adults (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
analysis (1) 1
anastomotic leak; colon cancer; emergency surgery; gastrointestinal surgery; rectal cancer; surgery; surgical complications; surgical outcomes; gastroenterology (1) 1
anemia (1) 1
anesthesiology (1) 1
anti-inflammatory agents, non-steroidal - adverse effects (1) 1
antibiotics (1) 1
aortic-aneurysm (1) 1
association (1) 1
atomic-force microscopy (1) 1
barriers (1) 1
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by Thomas, H.S and Weiser, T.G and Drake, T.M and Knight, S.R and Fairfield, C and Ademuyiwa, A.O and Aguilera, M.L and Alexander, P and Al-Saqqa, S.W and Borda-Luque, G and Costas-Chavarri, A and Ntirenganya, F and Fitzgerald, J.E and Fergusson, S.J and Glasbey, J and Ingabire, J.C.A and Ismaïl, L and Salem, H.K and Kojo, A.T.T and Lapitan, M.C and Lilford, R and Mihaljevic, A.L and Morton, D and Mutabazi, A.Z and Nepogodiev, D and Adisa, A.O and Ots, R and Pata, F and Pinkney, T and Qureshi, A.U and la Medina, A.R and Rayne, S and Shaw, C.A and Shu, S and Spence, R and Smart, N and Tabiri, S and Bhangu, A and Harrison, E.M and Verjee, A and Runigamugabo, E and Altamini, A and Cornick, J and Jaffry, Z and Khatri, C and Kirby, A and Mohan, M and Recinos, G and Søreide, K and Gobin, N and Freitas, A.V and Hall, N and Kim, S.H and Negida, A and Khairy, H and Chapman, S.J and Arnaud, A.P and Manipal, C.E and Amandito, R and Shawki, M and Hanrahan, M and Zilinskas, J and Roslani, A.C and Goh, C.C and Irwin, G and Luque, L and Shiwani, H and Altamimi, A and Alsaggaf, M.U and Jeyakumar, J and Cengiz, Y and Raptis, D.A and Glasbey, J.C and Modolo, M.M and Iyer, D and King, S and Arthur, T and Nahar, S.N and Waterman, A and Walsh, L.I and Agarwal, A and Zani, A and Firdouse, M and Rouse, T and Liu, Q and Correa, J.C and Talving, P and Worku, M and Arnaud, A and Kalles, V and Kumar, B and Kumar, S and Quek, R and Ansaloni, L and Altibi, A and Venskutonis, D and Poskus, T and Whitaker, J and Msosa, V and Tew, Y.Y and ... and GlobalSurg Collaborative
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Journal Article