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chemical sciences (18) 18
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photokatalyse (18) 18
physics (18) 18
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cyclization (17) 17
c‐h‐aktivierung (17) 17
esters (17) 17
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funktionelle gruppe (17) 17
ligand (17) 17
synthesis (17) 17
cobalt (16) 16
functionalisation (16) 16
funktionalisierung (16) 16
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heterocyclic-compounds (16) 16
heterocyclische verbindungen (16) 16
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n‐heterocyclische carbene (14) 14
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radicals (14) 14
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Chemistry – A European Journal, ISSN 0947-6539, 05/2017, Volume 23, Issue 25, pp. 5856 - 5856
.... More information can be found in the Communication by H.‐J. Galla, F. Glorius et al. on page 5920 ff. 
surface activity | lipids | NHC salts | antitumor reagents | cooperative effects | cytotoxicity | Lipids
Journal Article
Chemistry – A European Journal, ISSN 0947-6539, 09/2017, Volume 23, Issue 52, pp. 12676 - 12676
NHC‐ligated Pt nanoparticles were studied with regards to steric bulk of the ligands and their influence on NP size and catalytic properties. Bulky aryl groups... 
ligand design | platinum nanoparticles | n-heterocyclic carbenes | surface chemistry | hydroboration | Nanoparticles | Hydroboration | Catalysts | Platinum | Aromatic compounds | Ligands | Chains | Catalysis | Carbenes | Alkynes
Journal Article
by Reifarth, R and Altstadt, S and Göbel, K and Heftrich, T and Heil, M and Koloczek, A and Langer, C and Plag, R and Pohl, M and Sonnabend, K and Weigand, M and Adachi, T and Aksouh, F and Al-Khalili, J and Algarawi, M and Alghamdi, S and Alkhazov, G and Alkhomashi, N and Alvarez-Pol, H and Alvarez-Rodriguez, R and Andreev, V and Andrei, B and Atar, L and Aumann, T and Avdeichikov, V and Bacri, C and Bagchi, S and Barbieri, C and Beceiro, S and Beck, C and Beinrucker, C and Belier, G and Bemmerer, D and Bendel, M and Benlliure, J and Benzoni, G and Berjillos, R and Bertini, D and Bertulani, C and Bishop, S and Blasi, N and Bloch, T and Blumenfeld, Y and Bonaccorso, A and Boretzky, K and Botvina, A and Boudard, A and Boutachkov, P and Boztosun, I and Bracco, A and Brambilla, S and Monago, J. Briz and Caamano, M and Caesar, C and Camera, F and Casarejos, E and Catford, W and Cederkall, J and Cederwall, B and Chartier, M and Chatillon, A and Cherciu, M and Chulkov, L and Coleman-Smith, P and Cortina-Gil, D and Crespi, F and Crespo, R and Cresswell, J and Csatlós, M and Déchery, F and Davids, B and Davinson, T and Derya, V and Detistov, P and Fernandez, P. Diaz and Dijulio, D and Dmitry, S and Doré, D and Dueñas, J and Dupont, E and Egelhof, P and Egorova, I and Elekes, Z and Enders, J and Endres, J and Ershov, S and Ershova, O and Fernandez-Dominguez, B and Fetisov, A and Fiori, E and Fomichev, A and Fonseca, M and Fraile, L and Freer, M and Friese, J and Borge, M.G and Redondo, D. Galaviz and Gannon, S and Garg, U and Gasparic, I and ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN 1742-6588, 01/2016, Volume 665, Issue 1
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 665 (2016) 012044 The nucleosynthesis of elements beyond iron is dominated by neutron captures in the s and r processes.... 
Conference Proceeding
Angewandte Chemie (International ed.), ISSN 1433-7851, 2017, Volume 56, Issue 40, pp. 12336 - 12339
A deaminative strategy for the visible‐light‐mediated generation of alkyl radicals from redox‐activated primary amine precursors is described. Abundant and... 
Journal Article
by Fitzgerald, Felicity C and Lhomme, Edouard and Harris, Kathryn and Kenny, Julia and Doyle, Ronan and Kityo, Cissy and Shaw, Liam P and Abongomera, George and Musiime, Victor and Cook, Adrian and Brown, Julianne R and Brooks, Anthony and Owen-Powell, Ellen and Gibb, Diana M and Prendergast, Andrew J and Sarah Walker, A and Thiebaut, Rodolphe and Klein, Nigel and Chintu, Chifumbe and Mulenga, Veronica and Kabamba, Desiree and Kavindele, Dorothy and Chabala, Chishala and Mwenechanya, Musaku and Kapasa, Monica and Zulu, Caroline C and Kalumbi, Mox and Chambula, Elias and Lungu, Joyce and Liusha, Marjory N and Zangata, Dorothy and Masuka, Dorica and Chanshi, Shadreck and Chipoya, Terence and Zulu, Semy and Chola, Daniel and Chanda, Betty and Malama, Steven and Chama, Chama and Mulambo, Sylvia and Mwanza, Mpala and Asiimwe, R Alice and Tukei, J Vicent and Korutaro, Violet and Komunyena, Justine and Sebuliba, Isaac and Kisekka, Muzamil and Nansubuga, Carolyn and Mpanga, N Justine and Matovu, Moses and Okello, Charles and Kesande, Sharon and Namutebi, Gladys and Tumuheirirwe, E Glorius and Nagawa, Immaculate and Nakimera, Sarah and Onen, Geoffrey and Kabasita, Fatuma and Sunday, Fred and Isabirye, Dick and Kityo, Cissy and Musiime, Victor and Mirembe, Grace and Kaudha, Elizabeth and Drasiku, Amos and Bainomuhwezi, Bernard and Wavamunno, Priscilla and Odongo, Florence and Lukowe, Constance and Namala, Winnie and Sseremba, Daniel and Balaba, Alison and Kwaga, Alice and Kayiwa, Joshua and Odera, Matthew and Oronon, Paul and Bagurukira, Edith and Mwesigwa, Phyllis and Apugulu, Philip and Mugarura, Lincoln and David Williams, Eram and Odoch, Denis and Nankya, Immaculate and Ndashimyeeva, Emmanuel and Nabulime, Eva and Abach, James and Agings Odong, Willy and Arach, Beatrice and Claren Aciro, Irene and Omongin, Joseph and Amone, Geoffrey and Okello, Peter and Aleti, Philliam and Otim, Edward and Kidega, Patrick and Achol, Emmanuel and Mwape, Innocent and Zulu, Joshua and Chipili, Gabriel and Chibesa, Linda and ... and The CHAPAS-3 Trial Team and CHAPAS-3 Trial Team
The Journal of infectious diseases, ISSN 1537-6613, 2019, Volume 219, Issue 1, pp. 89 - 100
Journal Article
by Lestinsky, M and Andrianov, V and Aurand, B and Bagnoud, V and Bernhardt, D and Beyer, H and Bishop, S and Blaum, K and Bleile, A and Borovik, At and Bosch, F and Bostock, C.J and Brandau, C and Bräuning-Demian, A and Bray, I and Davinson, T and Ebinger, B and Echler, A and Egelhof, P and Ehresmann, A and Engström, M and Enss, C and Ferreira, N and Fischer, D and Fleischmann, A and Förster, E and Fritzsche, S and Geithner, R and Geyer, S and Glorius, J and Göbel, K and Gorda, O and Goullon, J and Grabitz, P and Grisenti, R and Gumberidze, A and Hagmann, S and Heil, M and Heinz, A and Herfurth, F and Heß, R and Hillenbrand, P.-M and Hubele, R and Indelicato, P and Källberg, A and Kester, O and Kiselev, O and Knie, A and Kozhuharov, C and Kraft-Bermuth, S and Kühl, T and Lane, G and Litvinov, Yu.A and Liesen, D and Ma, X.W and Märtin, R and Moshammer, R and Müller, A and Namba, S and Neumeyer, P and Nilsson, T and Nörtershäuser, W and Paulus, G and Petridis, N and Reed, M and Reifarth, R and Reiß, P and Rothhardt, J and Sanchez, R and Sanjari, M.S and Schippers, S and Schmidt, H.T and Schneider, D and Scholz, P and Schuch, R and Schulz, M and Shabaev, V and Simonsson, A and Sjöholm, J and Skeppstedt, Ö and Sonnabend, K and Spillmann, U and Stiebing, K and Steck, M and Stöhlker, T and Surzhykov, A and Torilov, S and Träbert, E and Trassinelli, M and Trotsenko, S and Tu, X.L and Uschmann, I and Walker, P.M and Weber, G and Winters, D.F.A and Woods, P.J and Zhao, H.Y and Zhang, Y.H and CRYRING ESR Res Community
The European physical journal. ST, Special topics, ISSN 1951-6401, 2016, Volume 225, Issue 5, pp. 797 - 882
Journal Article
Chemistry : a European journal, ISSN 0947-6539, 2018, Volume 24, Issue 65, pp. 17210 - 17214
Journal Article
Angewandte Chemie (International ed.), ISSN 1433-7851, 2018, Volume 57, Issue 9, pp. 2296 - 2306
C−H activation reactions with high catalyst turnover numbers are still very rare in the literature and 10 mol % is a common catalyst loading in this field. We... 
Journal Article