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acute pancreatitis (3) 3
classification (3) 3
humans (3) 3
life sciences & biomedicine (3) 3
organ failure (3) 3
pancreatic infectious complications (3) 3
pancreatic necrosis (3) 3
severity (3) 3
acute disease (2) 2
children (2) 2
pancreatitis - classification (2) 2
peripancreatic necrosis (2) 2
severity of illness index (2) 2
surgery (2) 2
abridged index medicus (1) 1
acoustic beams (1) 1
adolescent (1) 1
algorithms (1) 1
antennas (1) 1
applied classical electromagnetism (1) 1
approximation methods (1) 1
beam summation method (1) 1
beams (1) 1
biological and medical sciences (1) 1
child (1) 1
chronic sinusitis (1) 1
comorbidity (1) 1
complex source pulsed beams (1) 1
critical care medicine (1) 1
definition (1) 1
discretization (1) 1
electromagnetic wave propagation, radiowave propagation (1) 1
electromagnetism; electron and ion optics (1) 1
endoscopy (1) 1
engineering (1) 1
engineering, electrical & electronic (1) 1
exact sciences and technology (1) 1
female (1) 1
fundamental areas of phenomenology (1) 1
gastroenterology. liver. pancreas. abdomen (1) 1
general & internal medicine (1) 1
general aspects (1) 1
groups (1) 1
guidelines (1) 1
interdisciplinary communication (1) 1
international cooperation (1) 1
internationality (1) 1
iso-diffracting pulsed beams (1) 1
lead (1) 1
liver. biliary tract. portal circulation. exocrine pancreas (1) 1
male (1) 1
mathematical analysis (1) 1
mathematical models (1) 1
medical sciences (1) 1
nasal polyps (1) 1
nasal polyps - complications (1) 1
nasal polyps - epidemiology (1) 1
nasal polyps - surgery (1) 1
no (1) 1
obstetrics and gynecology (1) 1
optimization (1) 1
other diseases. semiology (1) 1
otorhinolaryngology (1) 1
physics (1) 1
pragmatics (1) 1
psychology (1) 1
psychology, social (1) 1
referral and consultation (1) 1
retrospective studies (1) 1
shape (1) 1
sinusitis - etiology (1) 1
sinusitis - genetics (1) 1
social sciences (1) 1
structural beams (1) 1
technology (1) 1
telecommunications (1) 1
therapeutic factors (1) 1
trajectory (1) 1
transient fields (1) 1
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by Maraví-Poma, E and Patchen Dellinger, E and Forsmark, C.E and Layer, P and Lévy, P and Shimosegawa, T and Siriwardena, A.K and Uomo, G and Whitcomb, D.C and Windsor, J.A and Petrov, M.S and Abu Hilal, M and Ammori, B.J and Bharwani, N and Carter, C.R and James, F.E and Johnson, C.D and Mofidi, R and Mole, D.J and Morris-Stiff, G and O’Reilly, D.A and Parks, R.W and Rahman, S.H and Shankar-Hari, M and Singer, M.V and Siriwardena, A.K and Skipworth, J.R and Abu-Zidan, F.M and Acosta, J.M and Ocampo, C and Oria, A and Pellegrini, D and Ainsworth, A.P and Lund, H and Nojgaard, C and Aizcorbe Garralda, M and Albeniz Arbizu, E and Bernal Monterde, V and De Casasola, G.G and de-Madaria, E and Farre Viladrich, A and Laplaza Santos, C and Lopez, A and Lopez Camps, V and Macaya Redin, L and Macias Rodriguez, M.A and Maraví-Poma, E and Perez-Mateo, M and Poves Prim, I and Regidor Sanz, E and Repiso, A and Rodrigo, L and Sánchez-Izquierdo Riera, J.A and Serrablo, A and Tellado, J.M and Velasco Guardado, A and Zubia Olazcoaga, F and Alagozlu, H and Aygencel, G and Basaranoglu, M and Col, C and Kantarcioglu, M and Karakan, T and Kaya, E and Muftuoglu, MA and Sezgin, O and Tireli, M and Al’aref, S.J and Alhajeri, A and Ashley, S.W and Ayoub, W.A and Baillie, J and Banks, P.A and Baron, T.H and Chari, S.T and Conwell, D.L and Dellinger, E.P and Fagenholz, P.J and Fernandez-del Castillo, C and Forsmark, C.E and Gardner, T.B and Gluk, M and Gumbs, A.A and Horvath, K.D and Howard, T.J and Munsell, M.A and Papachristou, G.I and Parekh, D and Pitchumoni, C.S and Savides, T.J and Tarnasky, P.R and Tenner, S and Vege, S.S and Warshaw, A.L and Whitcomb, D.C and Wu, B.U and Zyromski, N.J and Almeida, J.L and Ardengh, J.C and Correia, M.I and ...
Medicina intensiva, ISSN 0210-5691, 05/2014, Volume 38, Issue 4, pp. 211 - 217
Journal Article
by Dellinger, E. Patchen and Forsmark, Christopher E and Layer, Peter and Levy, Philippe and Maraví-Poma, Enrique and Petrov, Maxim S and Shimosegawa, Tooru and Siriwardena, Ajith K and Uomo, Generoso and Whitcomb, David C and Windsor, John A and Abu Hilal, M and Abu-Zidan, F.M and Acosta, J.M and Ainsworth, A.P and Aizcorbe Garralda, M and Alagozlu, H and Al'aref, S.J and Albeniz Arbizu, E and Alhajeri, A and Almeida, I.C and Almeida, J.L and Amano, H and Ammori, B.J and Andersson, R and Andrén-Sandberg, A and Ardengh, J.C and Arroyo-Sanchez, A.S and Arvanitakis, M and Ashley, S.W and Aygencel, G and Ayoub, W.A and Baillie, J and Bala, M and Ball, C.G and Baron, T.H and Barreto, S.G and Basaranoglu, M and Beger, H.G and Bernal Monterde, V and Bharwani, N and Bhasin, D.K and Bong, J.J and Botoi, G and Bruennler, T and Cairoli, E and Carter, C.R and Cernea, D and Chari, S.T and Charnley, R.M and Chooklin, S and Cochior, D and Col, C and Conwell, D.L and Correia, M.I and Dambrauskas, Z and Darvas, K and De Campos, T and De Casasola, G.G and De Waele, J.J and Del Chiaro, M and Delle Fave, G and Dellinger, E.P and De-Madaria, E and Di Sebastiano, P and Diuzheva, T.G and Duarte-Rojo, A and Fagenholz, P.J and Farkas, G and Farre Viladrich, A and Fernandezdel Castillo, C and Forsmark, C.E and Friess, H and Frossard, J.L and Gandhi, V and Gardner, T.B and Gloor, B and Gluk, M and Goltsov, V.R and Guevara-Campos, J and Gumbs, A.A and Hackert, T and Hauser, G and Horvath, K.D and Howard, T.J and Igarashi, H and Ioannidis, O and Jaber, S and James, F.E and Jha, R.K and Juneja, D and Kamisawa, T and Kandasami, P and Kantarcioglu, M and Kapoor, V.K and Karakan, T and Kaya, E and Khaliq, A and Kiriyama, S and Kochhar, R and ...
Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie, ISSN 0044-2771, 2013, Volume 51, Issue 6, pp. 544 - 550
Journal Article
Group dynamics, ISSN 1089-2699, 6/2005, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 127 - 134
Journal Article
The Guardian (1959-2003), ISSN 0261-3077, 08/2001, p. C91
Newspaper Article
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