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Journal of Virology, ISSN 0022-538X, 12/2010, Volume 84, Issue 23, pp. 12245 - 12254
Understanding the lack of disease progression in nonpathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infections is essential for deciphering the... 
Journal Article
Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering, ISSN 2095-7505, 09/2017, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp. 260 - 267
The innate immune response is the first line of defense against viral invasion and pro-inflammatory chemokines and cytokines have a critical function in the... 
Antiviral | Innate immunity | Chemokines and cytokines | Blood brain barrier | Rabies virus | antiviral|blood brain barrier|chemokines and cytokines|innate immunity|rabies virus
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Zurnic, Irena and Hütter, Sylvia and Lehmann, Ute and Stanke, Nicole and Reh, Juliane and Kern, Tobias and Lindel, Fabian and Gerresheim, Gesche and Hamann, Martin and Müllers, Erik and Lesbats, Paul and Cherepanov, Peter and Serrao, Erik and Engelman, Alan and Lindemann, Dirk and Da Silva Santos, Claire and Tartour, Kevin and Cimarelli, Andrea and Burdick, Rya and Chen, Jianbo and Sastri, Jaya and Hu, Wei-Shau and Pathak, Vinay and Keppler, Oliver T and Pradeau, Karine and Eiler, Sylvia and Levy, Nicolas and Lennon, Sarah and Cianferani, Sarah and Emiliani, Stéphane and Ruff, Marc and Parissi, Vincent and Rato, Sylvie and Rausell, Antonio and Munoz, Miguel and Telenti, Amalio and Ciuffi, Angela and Zhyvoloup, Alexander and Melamed, Anat and Anderson, Ian and Planas, Delphine and Kriston-Vizi, Janos and Ketteler, Robin and Lee, Chen- Hsuin and Merritt, Andy and Ancuta, Petronela and Bangham, Charles and Fassati, Ariberto and Rodari, Anthony and Van Driessche, Benoit and Galais, Mathilde and Delacourt, Nadége and Fauquenoy, Sylvain and Vanhulle, Caroline and Kula, Anna and Burny, Arsène and Rohr, Olivier and Van Lint, Carine and van Montfort, Thijs and van der Sluis, Renee and Speijer, Dave and Berkhout, Ben and Meng, Bo and Rutkowski, Andrzej and Berry, Neil and Dölken, Lars and Lever, Andrew and Schuster, Thomas and Asbach, Benedikt and Wagner, Ralf and Gross, Christine and Wiesmann, Veit and Kalmer, Martina and Wittenberg, Thomas and Gettemans, Jan and Thoma-Kress, Andrea K and Li, Minghua and Freed, Eric O and Liu, Shan-Lu and Müller, Janis and Münch, Jan and Sewald, Xaver and Uchil, Pradeep and Ladinsky, Mark and Beloor, Jagadish and Pi, Ruoxi and Herrmann, Christin and Motamedi, Nasim and Murooka, Thomas and Brehm, Michael and Greiner, Dale and Mempel, Thorsten and Bjorkman, Pamela and Kumar, Priti and Mothes, Walther and Joas, Simone and Parrish, Erica and Gnanadurai, Clement Wesley and Lump, Edina and Stürzel, Christina M and ...
Retrovirology, ISSN 1742-4690, 09/2016, Volume 13, Issue S1
Journal Article
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