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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, ISSN 0556-2813, 10/2015, Volume 92, Issue 4
Journal Article
Physical Review C, ISSN 0556-2813, 10/2015, Volume 92, Issue 4
Using event-by-event viscous fluid dynamics to evolve fluctuating initial density profiles from the Monte-Carlo Glauber model for U+U collisions, we report a... 
Journal Article
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 07/1998, Volume 394, Issue 6690, pp. 241 - 247
In the local Universe, most galaxies are dominated by stars, with less than ten per cent of their visible mass in the form of gas. Determining when most of... 
Journal Article
BMC neuroscience, 08/2016, Volume 17 Suppl 1, p. 54
Journal Article
by Sharpee, Tatyana O and Destexhe, Alain and Kawato, Mitsuo and Sekulić, Vladislav and Skinner, Frances K and Wójcik, Daniel K and Chintaluri, Chaitanya and Cserpán, Dorottya and Somogyvári, Zoltán and Kim, Jae Kyoung and Kilpatrick, Zachary P and Bennett, Matthew R and Josić, Kresimir and Elices, Irene and Arroyo, David and Levi, Rafael and Rodriguez, Francisco B and Varona, Pablo and Hwang, Eunjin and Kim, Bowon and Han, Hio-Been and Kim, Tae and McKenna, James T and Brown, Ritchie E and McCarley, Robert W and Choi, Jee Hyun and Rankin, James and Popp, Pamela Osborn and Rinzel, John and Tabas, Alejandro and Rupp, André and Balaguer-Ballester, Emili and Maturana, Matias I and Grayden, David B and Cloherty, Shaun L and Kameneva, Tatiana and Ibbotson, Michael R and Meffin, Hamish and Koren, Veronika and Lochmann, Timm and Dragoi, Valentin and Obermayer, Klaus and Psarrou, Maria and Schilstra, Maria and Davey, Neil and Torben-Nielsen, Benjamin and Steuber, Volker and Ju, Huiwen and Yu, Jiao and Hines, Michael L and Chen, Liang and Yu, Yuguo and Kim, Jimin and Leahy, Will and Shlizerman, Eli and Birgiolas, Justas and Gerkin, Richard C and Crook, Sharon M and Viriyopase, Atthaphon and Memmesheimer, Raoul-Martin and Gielen, Stan and Dabaghian, Yuri and DeVito, Justin and Perotti, Luca and Kim, Anmo J and Fenk, Lisa M and Cheng, Cheng and Maimon, Gaby and Zhao, Chang and Widmer, Yves and Sprecher, Simon and Senn, Walter and Halnes, Geir and Mäki-Marttunen, Tuomo and Keller, Daniel and Pettersen, Klas H and Andreassen, Ole A and Einevoll, Gaute T and Yamada, Yasunori and Steyn-Ross, Moira L and Alistair Steyn-Ross, D and Mejias, Jorge F and Murray, John D and Kennedy, Henry and Wang, Xiao-Jing and Kruscha, Alexandra and Grewe, Jan and Benda, Jan and Lindner, Benjamin and Badel, Laurent and Ohta, Kazumi and Tsuchimoto, Yoshiko and Kazama, Hokto and Kahng, B and Tam, Nicoladie D and Pollonini, Luca and Zouridakis, George and Soh, Jaehyun and Kim, DaeEun and Yoo, Minsu and ... and the EyeWirers
BMC Neuroscience, ISSN 1471-2202, 08/2016, Volume 17, Issue S1
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Álvarez González, B and Amerio, S and Amidei, D and Anastassov, A and Annovi, A and Antos, J and Apollinari, G and Appel, J A and Apresyan, A and Arisawa, T and Artikov, A and Asaadi, J and Ashmanskas, W and Auerbach, B and Aurisano, A and Azfar, F and Badgett, W and Barbaro-Galtieri, A and Barnes, V E and Barnett, B A and Barria, P and Bartos, P and Bauce, M and Bauer, G and Bedeschi, F and Beecher, D and Behari, S and Bellettini, G and Bellinger, J and Benjamin, D and Beretvas, A and Bhatti, A and Binkley, M and Bisello, D and Bizjak, I and Bland, K R and Blumenfeld, B and Bocci, A and Bodek, A and Bortoletto, D and Boudreau, J and Boveia, A and Brigliadori, L and Brisuda, A and Bromberg, C and Brucken, E and Bucciantonio, M and Budagov, J and Budd, H S and Budd, S and Burkett, K and Busetto, G and Bussey, P and Buzatu, A and Calancha, C and Camarda, S and Campanelli, M and Campbell, M and Canelli, F and Carls, B and Carlsmith, D and Carosi, R and Carrillo, S and Carron, S and Casal, B and Casarsa, M and Castro, A and Catastini, P and Cauz, D and Cavaliere, V and Cavalli-Sforza, M and Cerri, A and Cerrito, L and Chen, Y C and Chertok, M and Chiarelli, G and Chlachidze, G and Chlebana, F and Cho, K and Chokheli, D and Chou, J P and Chung, W H and Chung, Y S and Ciobanu, C I and Ciocci, M A and Clark, A and Clarke, C and Compostella, G and Convery, M E and Conway, J and Corbo, M and Cordelli, M and Cox, C A and Cox, D J and Crescioli, F and Cuenca Almenar, C and Cuevas, J and Culbertson, R and Dagenhart, D and ... and CDF Collaboration
Physical review letters, 11/2011, Volume 107, Issue 19, p. 191801
A search has been performed for B(s)(0) → μ+ μ- and B(0) → μ+ μ- decays using 7 fb(-1) of integrated luminosity collected by the CDF II detector at the... 
Journal Article
International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation, ISSN 2165-0349, 01/2013, Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 42
The aim of this extended editorial is to offer a perspective on design creativity and innovation research on the occasion of launching the International... 
innovation | perspective | keyword analysis | design creativity | Design creativity | Innovation | Perspective | Analysis
Journal Article
by Lundqvist, Andreas and van Hoef, Vincent and Zhang, Xiaonan and Wennerberg, Erik and Lorent, Julie and Witt, Kristina and Sanz, Laia Masvidal and Liang, Shuo and Murray, Shannon and Larsson, Ola and Kiessling, Rolf and Mao, Yumeng and Sidhom, John-William and Bessell, Catherine A and Havel, Jonathan and Schneck, Jonathan and Chan, Timothy A and Sachsenmeier, Eliot and Woods, David and Berglund, Anders and Ramakrishnan, Rupal and Sodre, Andressa and Weber, Jeffrey and Zappasodi, Roberta and Li, Yanyun and Qi, Jingjing and Wong, Philip and Sirard, Cynthia and Postow, Michael and Newman, Walter and Koon, Henry and Velcheti, Vamsidhar and Callahan, Margaret K and Wolchok, Jedd D and Merghoub, Taha and Lum, Lawrence G and Choi, Minsig and Thakur, Archana and Deol, Abhinav and Dyson, Gregory and Shields, Anthony and Haymaker, Cara and Uemura, Marc and Murthy, Ravi and James, Marihella and Wang, Daqing and Brevard, Julie and Monaghan, Catherine and Swann, Suzanne and Geib, James and Cornfeld, Mark and Chunduru, Srinivas and Agrawal, Sudhir and Yee, Cassian and Wargo, Jennifer and Patel, Sapna P and Amaria, Rodabe and Tawbi, Hussein and Glitza, Isabella and Woodman, Scott and Hwu, Wen-Jen and Davies, Michael A and Hwu, Patrick and Overwijk, Willem W and Bernatchez, Chantale and Diab, Adi and Massarelli, Erminia and Segal, Neil H and Ribrag, Vincent and Melero, Ignacio and Gangadhar, Tara C and Urba, Walter and Schadendorf, Dirk and Ferris, Robert L and Houot, Roch and Morschhauser, Franck and Logan, Theodore and Luke, Jason J and Sharfman, William and Barlesi, Fabrice and Ott, Patrick A and Mansi, Laura and Kummar, Shivaani and Salles, Gilles and Carpio, Cecilia and Meier, Roland and Krishnan, Suba and McDonald, Dan and Maurer, Matthew and Gu, Xuemin and Neely, Jaclyn and Suryawanshi, Satyendra and Levy, Ronald and Khushalani, Nikhil and Wu, Jennifer and Zhang, Jinyu and Basher, Fahmin and Rubinstein, Mark and Bucsek, Mark and Qiao, Guanxi and ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, ISSN 2051-1426, 11/2016, Volume 4, Issue S1
Journal Article
Using event-by-event viscous fluid dynamics to evolve fluctuating initial density profiles from the Monte-Carlo Glauber model for U+U collisions, we report a... 
Research and Development/Tech Change/Emerging Technologies
Journal Article
Using event-by-event viscous fluid dynamics to evolve fluctuating initial density profiles from the Monte-Carlo Glauber model for U+U collisions, we report a... 
Journal Article
Material Religion, ISSN 1743-2200, 11/2007, Volume 3, Issue 3, pp. 405 - 428
The Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, which opened in December 2004, is a project of the Lubavitcher Hasidic community. In the process of... 
Journal Article
American Ethnologist, ISSN 0094-0496, 8/2006, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp. 378 - 396
In this article, I show how categories of identity formation such as "race," "religion" "Blackness," and "Jewishness" may be used-often in tandem-as... 
Jewish peoples | Jewish identity | Narrative history | Judaism | African Americans | Jewish history | Christianity | Torah | Group identity | Hasidic Jews | Blackness | race | Jewishness | Bible | Brooklyn | history | genealogy | religion | Genealogy | Race | Religion | History | WHITENESS | POLITICS | NARRATIVES | HARLEM | CULTURE | IDENTITY | JEWS | ANTHROPOLOGY | New York | folk belief systems | African Hebrew Israelites | United States | Research | Jews | Identity | Analysis | Jewish studies
Journal Article
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