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Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, ISSN 0021-9355, 2014, Volume 96, Issue 18, pp. 1552 - 1556
Background There is little information available on the anatomic location of the vertebral artery in pediatric patients undergoing a posterior cervical... 
Journal Article
Global Pediatric Health, ISSN 2333-794X, 5/2019, Volume 6, p. 2333794X19848676
The objective of this study was to evaluate the relationship between insurance status and access to physical therapy (PT). Masked telephone interviews with PT... 
Journal Article
Annals of Emergency Medicine, ISSN 0196-0644, 2010, Volume 56, Issue 5, pp. 551 - 564
Journal Article
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, The, ISSN 0091-6749, 2011, Volume 128, Issue 2, pp. 284 - 292.e7
Journal Article
Journal of Pediatrics, The, ISSN 0022-3476, 2014, Volume 165, Issue 2, pp. 240 - 249.e4
Journal Article
Journal of Pediatrics, The, ISSN 0022-3476, 2012, Volume 161, Issue 2, pp. 222 - 228.e3
Journal Article
by Hanley, Daniel F and Thompson, Richard E and Rosenblum, Michael and Yenokyan, Gayane and Lane, Karen and McBee, Nichol and Mayo, Steven W and Bistran-Hall, Amanda J and Gandhi, Dheeraj and Mould, W Andrew and Ullman, Natalie and Ali, Hasan and Carhuapoma, J Ricardo and Kase, Carlos S and Lees, Kennedy R and Dawson, Jesse and Wilson, Alastair and Betz, Joshua F and Sugar, Elizabeth A and Hao, Yi and Avadhani, Radhika and Caron, Jean-Louis and Harrigan, Mark R and Carlson, Andrew P and Bulters, Diederik and LeDoux, David and Huang, Judy and Cobb, Cully and Gupta, Gaurav and Kitagawa, Ryan and Chicoine, Michael R and Patel, Hiren and Dodd, Robert and Camarata, Paul J and Wolfe, Stacey and Stadnik, Agnieszka and Money, P Lynn and Mitchell, Patrick and Sarabia, Rosario and Harnof, Sagi and Barzo, Pal and Unterberg, Andreas and Teitelbaum, Jeanne S and Wang, Weimin and Anderson, Craig S and Mendelow, A David and Gregson, Barbara and Janis, Scott and Vespa, Paul and Ziai, Wendy and Zuccarello, Mario and Awad, Issam A and Abdul-Rahim, Azmil and Abou-Hamden, Amal and Abraham, Michael and Ahmed, Azam and Alba, Carlos Alarcon and Aldrich, E. Francois and Altschul, David and Amin-Hanjani, Sepideh and Anderson, Doug and Ansari, Safdar and Antezana, David and Ardelt, Agnieszka and Arikan, Fuat and Baguena, Marcelino and Baker, Alexandra and Barrer, Steven J and Becker, Kyra J and Bergman, Thomas and Boström, Azize and Braun, Jamie and Brindley, Peter and Broaddus, William C and Brown, Robert and Buki, Andras and Cao, Bing and Cao, Ying and Carrion-Penagos, Julian and Chalela, Julio and Chang, Tiffany and Chorro, Indalecio Moran and Chowdhry, Shakeel and Corral, Luisa and Csiba, Laszlo and Davies, Jason and Díaz, Alberto Torres and Dierdeyn, Colin P and Diringer, Michael and Dlugash, Rachel and Ecker, Robert and Economas, Tracey and Enriquez, Pedro and Ezer, Erzsebet and Fan, Yuhua and Feng, Hua and Franz, Douglas and Freeman, W. David and Fusco, Matthew and Galicich, Walter and ... and MISTIE III Investigators
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10175, pp. 1021 - 1032
Journal Article
by Gupta, Ruchi and Garg, Praveen and Yeh, Yu-Chen and Lee, Won Chan and Lacy, Brian E and Pandolfino, John E and Brill, Joel V and Weinstein, Michael L and Carlson, Angeline M and Williams, Mary Jo and Wittek, Michael R and Pashos, Chris L and Tatel, Seth F and Boike, Justin R and Shoemaker, Christopher J and Stickan, Ben M and Goldstein, Jay L and Pratha, Vijaya and Hogan, Daniel L and Lynn, Richard B and Comer, Gail and Metz, David C and Friedenberg, Frank K and Nehemia, Dawit and Xanthopoulos, Melissa and Nelson, Deborah B and Richter, Joel E and Tsai, Chung-Jyi and Leitzmann, Michael and Willett, Walter and Giovannucci, Edward and Wolf, Anne T and Wasan, Sharmeel K and Saltzman, John R and Roerig, Birgit and Osama, Hiroyoshi and Ueno, Ryuji and Sprung, Douglas J and Lee, Noel M and Muir, Andrew J and Brady, Carla W and Atasi, Bassel and Godbold, Henri and Moodie, Kurtis and Shawesh, Louay and Seren, Soley and Guzman, Jorge and Majithia, Raj T and Johnson, David A and Abraham, Neena S and DeSilva, Ranil and Richardson, Peter and Hasche, Jennifer and Hartman, Christine and Mitra, Debanjali and Davis, Keith L and Baran, Robert W and Malaty, Hoda M and Abudayyeh, Suhaib and O'Malley, Kimberly and Graham, David Y and Gilger, Mark A and Jafri, Nadim S and Hornung, Carlton A and Howden, Colin W and Dellon, Evan S and Sandler, Robert S and Shaheen, Nicholas J and Thompson, H.C and Rahman, M.I and Meissner, B and Tang, B and Dabbous, O and Kugel, M.R and Watson, G.J and Cheng, Jianfeng and Yang, Jun and Bhagat, Govind and Green, Peter and Sewell, Justin L and Inadomi, John M and Yee, Hal F and Fredericksen, Mary and Geno, Deb and Wallace, Michael B and Sharma, Virender K and Romero, Yvonne and Kottoor, Ravi and Munoz, Juan C and Lambiase, Louis R and Ng, Eliza and Gibson, Teresa B
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 09/2007, Volume 102, Issue s2, pp. S426 - S458
837Proton Pump Inhibitors vs. Histamine2 Receptor Antagonist in Treatment of Non Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed: A Meta-Analysis Ruchi Gupta, MD * ,... 
Journal Article
Jerusalem Post, 01/2006
It needs to wake up and recognize what is happening in Jewish tourism, now commonly called "kosher tourism" today. In 2005 kosher tours, hotels and cruises... 
Newspaper Article