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COMMUNICATIONS IN ALGEBRA, ISSN 0092-7872, 05/2020, Volume 48, Issue 5, pp. 2258 - 2266
We investigate an analog to the Wedderburn Principal Theorem (WPT) for a finite-dimensional Jordan superalgebra with solvable radical such that and We consider... 
MATHEMATICS | Wedderburn principal theorem | Decomposition theorem | Jordan superalgebra | split null extension
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 1533-4406, 2019, Volume 380, Issue 24, pp. 2295 - 2306
Journal Article
by Tauber, J.A and Mandolesi, N and Puget, J.-L and Banos, T and Bersanelli, M and Bouchet, F.R and Butler, R.C and Charra, J and Crone, G and Dodsworth, J and Efstathiou, G and Gispert, R and Guyot, G and Gregorio, A and Juillet, J.J and Lamarre, J.-M and Laureijs, R.J and Lawrence, C.R and Nørgaard-Nielsen, H.U and Passvogel, T and Reix, J.M and Texier, D and Vibert, L and Zacchei, A and Ade, P.A.R and Aghanim, N and Aja, B and Alippi, E and Aloy, L and Armand, P and Arnaud, M and Arondel, A and Arreola-Villanueva, A and Artal, E and Artina, E and Arts, A and Ashdown, M and Aumont, J and Azzaro, M and Bacchetta, A and Baccigalupi, C and Baker, M and Balasini, M and Balbi, A and Banday, A.J and Barbier, G and Barreiro, R.B and Bartelmann, M and Battaglia, P and Battaner, E and Benabed, K and Beney, J.-L and Beneyton, R and Bennett, K and Benoit, A and Bernard, J.-P and Bhandari, P and Bhatia, R and Biggi, M and Biggins, R and Billig, G and Blanc, Y and Blavot, H and Bock, J.J and Bonaldi, A and Bond, R and Bonis, J and Borders, J and Borrill, J and Boschini, L and Boulanger, F and Bouvier, J and Bouzit, M and Bowman, R and Bréelle, E and Bradshaw, T and Braghin, M and Bremer, M and Brienza, D and Broszkiewicz, D and Burigana, C and Burkhalter, M and Cabella, P and Cafferty, T and Cairola, M and Caminade, S and Camus, P and Cantalupo, C.M and Cappellini, B and Cardoso, J.-F and Carr, R and Catalano, A and Cayón, L and Cesa, M and Chaigneau, M and Challinor, A and Chamballu, A and Chambelland, J.P and Charra, M and Chiang, L.-Y and ...
Astronomy and Astrophysics, ISSN 0004-6361, 09/2010, Volume 520, Issue 1, p. A1
Journal Article
by Ageron, M and Aguilar, J.A and Al Samarai, I and Albert, A and Ameli, F and André, M and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Anvar, S and Ardid, M and Arnaud, K and Aslanides, E and Assis Jesus, A.C and Astraatmadja, T and Aubert, J.-J and Auer, R and Barbarito, E and Baret, B and Basa, S and Bazzotti, M and Becherini, Y and Beltramelli, J and Bersani, A and Bertin, V and Beurthey, S and Biagi, S and Bigongiari, C and Billault, M and Blaes, R and Bogazzi, C and de Botton, N and Bou-Cabo, M and Boudahef, B and Bouwhuis, M.C and Brown, A.M and Brunner, J and Busto, J and Caillat, L and Calzas, A and Camarena, F and Capone, A and Caponetto, L and Cârloganu, C and Carminati, G and Carmona, E and Carr, J and Carton, P.H and Cassano, B and Castorina, E and Cecchini, S and Ceres, A and Chaleil, Th and Charvis, Ph and Chauchot, P and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Compère, C and Coniglione, R and Coppolani, X and Cosquer, A and Costantini, H and Cottini, N and Coyle, P and Cuneo, S and Curtil, C and D'Amato, C and Damy, G and van Dantzig, R and De Bonis, G and Decock, G and Decowski, M.P and Dekeyser, I and Delagnes, E and Desages-Ardellier, F and Deschamps, A and Destelle, J.-J and Di Maria, F and Dinkespiler, B and Distefano, C and Dominique, J.-L and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti, Q and Drogou, J.-F and Drouhin, D and Druillole, F and Durand, D and Durand, R and Eberl, T and Emanuele, U and Engelen, J.J and Ernenwein, J.-P and Escoffier, S and Falchini, E and Favard, S and Fehr, F and Feinstein, F and Ferri, M and Ferry, S and Fiorello, C and ...
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 11/2011, Volume 656, Issue 1, pp. 11 - 38
Journal Article
by van der Valk, Ralf J.P and Kreiner-Møller, Eskil and Kooijman, Marjolein N and Guxens, Mònica and Stergiakouli, Evangelia and Sääf, Annika and Bradfield, Jonathan P and Geller, Frank and Hayes, M. Geoffrey and Cousminer, Diana L and Körner, Antje and Thiering, Elisabeth and Curtin, John A and Myhre, Ronny and Huikari, Ville and Joro, Raimo and Kerkhof, Marjan and Warrington, Nicole M and Pitkänen, Niina and Ntalla, Ioanna and Horikoshi, Momoko and Veijola, Riitta and Freathy, Rachel M and Teo, Yik-Ying and Barton, Sheila J and Evans, David M and Kemp, John P and St Pourcain, Beate and Ring, Susan M and Davey Smith, George and Bergström, Anna and Kull, Inger and Hakonarson, Hakon and Mentch, Frank D and Bisgaard, Hans and Chawes, Bo and Stokholm, Jakob and Waage, Johannes and Eriksen, Patrick and Sevelsted, Astrid and Melbye, Mads and van Duijn, Cornelia M and Medina-Gomez, Carolina and Hofman, Albert and de Jongste, Johan C and Taal, H. Rob and Uitterlinden, André G and Armstrong, Loren L and Eriksson, Johan and Palotie, Aarno and Bustamante, Mariona and Estivill, Xavier and Gonzalez, Juan R and Llop, Sabrina and Kiess, Wieland and Mahajan, Anubha and Flexeder, Claudia and Tiesler, Carla M.T and Murray, Clare S and Simpson, Angela and Magnus, Per and Sengpiel, Verena and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and Keinanen-Kiukaanniemi, Sirkka and Lewin, Alexandra and Da Silva Couto Alves, Alexessander and Blakemore, Alexandra I and Buxton, Jessica L and Kaakinen, Marika and Rodriguez, Alina and Sebert, Sylvain and Vaarasmaki, Marja and Lakka, Timo and Lindi, Virpi and Gehring, Ulrike and Postma, Dirkje S and Ang, Wei and Newnham, John P and Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka and Pahkala, Katja and Raitakari, Olli T and Panoutsopoulou, Kalliope and Zeggini, Eleftheria and Boomsma, Dorret I and Groen-Blokhuis, Maria and Ilonen, Jorma and Franke, Lude and Hirschhorn, Joel N and Pers, Tune H and Liang, Liming and Huang, Jinyan and Hocher, Berthold and Knip, Mikael and Saw, Seang-Mei and Holloway, John W and Melén, Erik and Grant, Struan F.A and Feenstra, Bjarke and Lowe, William L and Widén, Elisabeth and ... and Early Genetics and Lifecourse Epidemiology (EAGLE) Consortium and Genetic Investigation of ANthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium and Genetic Invest ANthropometric and Early Growth Genetics EGG and Early Genetics Lifecourse and Early Growth Genetics (EGG) Consortium and Mittuniversitetet and Fakulteten för humanvetenskap and Avdelningen för psykologi
Human molecular genetics, ISSN 1460-2083, 2015, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. 1155 - 1168
Journal Article
by Adrián-Martínez, S and Al Samarai, I and Albert, A and André, M and Anghinolfi, M and Anton, G and Anvar, S and Ardid, M and Astraatmadja, T and Aubert, J-J and Baret, B and Basa, S and Bertin, V and Biagi, S and Bigongiari, C and Bogazzi, C and Bou-Cabo, M and Bouhou, B and Bouwhuis, M. C and Brunner, J and Busto, J and Capone, A and Cârloganu, C and Carr, J and Cecchini, S and Charif, Z and Charvis, Ph and Chiarusi, T and Circella, M and Coniglione, R and Core, L and Costantini, H and Coyle, P and Creusot, A and Curtil, C and De Bonis, G and Decowski, M. P and Dekeyser, I and Deschamps, A and Distefano, C and Donzaud, C and Dornic, D and Dorosti, Q and Drouhin, D and Eberl, T and Emanuele, U and Enzenhöfer, A and Ernenwein, J-P and Escoffier, S and Fehn, K and Fermani, P and Ferri, M and Ferry, S and Flaminio, V and Folger, F and Fritsch, U and Fuda, J-L and Galatà, S and Gay, P and Geyer, K and Giacomelli, G and Giordano, V and Gleixner, A and Gómez-González, J. P and Graf, K and Guillard, G and Hallewell, G and Hamal, M and van Haren, H and Heijboer, A. J and Hello, Y and Hernández-Rey, J. J and Herold, B and Hößl, J and Hsu, C. C and de Jong, M and Kadler, M and Kalekin, O and Kappes, A and Katz, U and Kavatsyuk, O and Kooijman, P and Kopper, C and Kouchner, A and Kreykenbohm, I and Kulikovskiy, V and Lahmann, R and Lambard, G and Larosa, G and Lattuada, D and Leonora, E and Lefèvre, D and Lim, G and Presti, D. Lo and Loehner, H and Loucatos, S and Louis, F and Mangano, S and Marcelin, M and Margiotta, A and ...
The Astrophysical journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 2012, Volume 760, Issue 1, pp. 53 - 10
Journal Article
by Lawrence, Michael S and Sougnez, Carrie and Lichtenstein, Lee and Cibulskis, Kristian and Lander, Eric and Gabriel, Stacey B and Getz, Gad and Ally, Adrian and Balasundaram, Miruna and Birol, Inanc and Bowlby, Reanne and Brooks, Denise and Butterfield, Yaron S. N and Carlsen, Rebecca and Cheng, Dean and Chu, Andy and Dhalla, Noreen and Guin, Ranabir and Holt, Robert A and Jones, Steven J.M and Lee, Darlene and Li, Haiyan I and Marra, Marco A and Mayo, Michael and Moore, Richard A and Mungall, Andrew J and Robertson, A. Gordon and Schein, Jacqueline E and Sipahimalani, Payal and Tam, Angela and Thiessen, Nina and Wong, Tina and Protopopov, Alexei and Santoso, Netty and Lee, Semin and Parfenov, Michael and Zhang, Jianhua and Mahadeshwar, Harshad S and Tang, Jiabin and Ren, Xiaojia and Seth, Sahil and Haseley, Psalm and Zeng, Dong and Yang, Lixing and Xu, Andrew W and Song, Xingzhi and Pantazi, Angeliki and Bristow, Christopher A and Hadjipanayis, Angela and Seidman, Jonathan and Chin, Lynda and Park, Peter J and Kucherlapati, Raju and Akbani, Rehan and Casasent, Tod and Liu, Wenbin and Lu, Yiling and Mills, Gordon and Motter, Thomas and Weinstein, John and Diao, Lixia and Wang, Jing and Hong Fan, You and Liu, Jinze and Wang, Kai and Auman, J. Todd and Balu, Saianand and Bodenheimer, Thomas and Buda, Elizabeth and Hayes, D. Neil and Hoadley, Katherine A and Hoyle, Alan P and Jefferys, Stuart R and Jones, Corbin D and Kimes, Patrick K and Liu, Yufeng and Marron, J.S and Meng, Shaowu and Mieczkowski, Piotr A and Mose, Lisle E and Parker, Joel S and Perou, Charles M and Prins, Jan F and Roach, Jeffrey and Shi, Yan and Simons, Janae V and Singh, Darshan and Soloway, Matthew G and Tan, Donghui and Veluvolu, Umadevi and Walter, Vonn and Waring, Scot and Wilkerson, Matthew D and Wu, Junyuan and Zhao, Ni and Cherniack, Andrew D and Hammerman, Peter S and Tward, Aaron D and Pedamallu, Chandra Sekhar and Saksena, Gordon and ... and The Cancer Genome Atlas Network and Canc Genome Atlas Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Network
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2015, Volume 517, Issue 7536, pp. 576 - 582
Journal Article
by Actis, M and Aharonian, F and Aleksić, J and Aliu, E and Allan, D and Allekotte, I and Antico, F and Antonelli, L. A and Antoranz, P and Aravantinos, A and Arlen, T and Arnaldi, H and Asano, K and Asorey, H and Bajtlik, S and Balis, D and Bamba, A and Barbier, C and Barceló, M and Barnstedt, J and Barres de Almeida, U and Barrio, J. A and Basso, S and Bastieri, D and Becerra, J and Becherini, Y and Beckmann, V and Belluso, M and Benallou, M and Berdugo, J and Berger, K and Bernlöhr, K and Biland, A and Billotta, S and Bird, T and Birsin, E and Blake, S and Blanch, O and Bobkov, A. A and Bogdan, M and Boisson, C and Boix, J and Bolmont, J and Botner, O and Bottani, A and Bourgeat, M and Boutonnet, C and Bouvier, A and Brau-Nogué, S and Braun, I and Bretz, T and Briggs, M. S and Brun, P and Brunetti, L and Buckley, J. H and Bugaev, V and Bühler, R and Bulik, T and Busetto, G and Byrum, K and Cailles, M and Cameron, R and Canestrari, R and Cantu, S and Carmona, E and Carr, J and Carton, P. H and Casiraghi, M and Castarede, H and Cavazzani, S and Cazaux, S and Cerruti, B and Cerruti, M and Chiang, J and Chikawa, M and Cieślar, M and Ciesielska, M and Cillis, A and Clerc, C and Colomé, J and Compin, M and Conconi, P and Connaughton, V and Conrad, J and Contreras, J. L and Coppi, P and Corlier, M and Corpace, O and Corti, D and Costantini, H and Cotter, G and Courty, B and Couturier, S and Covino, S and Croston, J and Daniel, M. K and Angelis, A. de and de Cea del Pozo, E and de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M and de la Calle Pérez, I and ... and The CTA Consortium and CTA Consortium
Experimental astronomy, ISSN 1572-9508, 2011, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp. 193 - 316
Journal Article