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by Darnall, Beth D and Juurlink, David and Kerns, Robert D and Mackey, Sean and Van Dorsten, Brent and Humphreys, Keith and Gonzalez-Sotomayor, Julio A and Furlan, Andrea and Gordon, Adam J and Gordon, Debra B and Hoffman, Diane E and Katz, Joel and Kertesz, Stefan G and Satel, Sally and Lawhern, Richard A and Nicholson, Kate M and Polomano, Rosemary C and Williamson, Owen D and McAnally, Heath and Kao, Ming-Chih and Schug, Stephan and Twillman, Robert and Lewis, Terri A and Stieg, Richard L and Lorig, Kate and Mallick-Searle, Theresa and West, Robert W and Gray, Sarah and Ariens, Steven R and Sharpe Potter, Jennifer and Cowan, Penney and Kollas, Chad D and Laird, Danial and Ingle, Barby and Julian Grove, J and Wilson, Marian and Lockman, Kashelle and Hodson, Fiona and Palackdharry, Carol S and Fillingim, Roger B and Fudin, Jeffrey and Barnhouse, Jennifer and Manhapra, Ajay and Henson, Steven R and Singer, Bruce and Ljosenvoor, Marie and Griffith, Marlisa and Doctor, Jason N and Hardin, Kimeron and London, Cathleen and Mankowski, Jon and Anderson, Andrea and Ellsworth, Linda and Davis Budzinski, Lisa and Brandt, Becky and Hartley, Greg and Nickels Heck, Debbie and Zobrosky, Mark J and Cheek, Celeste and Wilson, Megan and Laux, Cynthia E and Datz, Geralyn and Dunaway, Justin and Schonfeld, Eileen and Cady, Melissa and LeDantec-Boswell, Thérèse and Craigie, Meredith and Sturgeon, John and Flood, Pamela and Giummarra, Melita and Whelan, Jessica and Thorn, Beverly E and Martin, Richard L and Schatman, Michael E and Gregory, Maurice D and Kirz, Joshua and Robinson, Patti and Marx, James G and Stewart, Jessica R and Keck, Phillip S and Hadland, Scott E and Murphy, Jennifer L and Lumley, Mark A and Brown, Kathleen S and Leong, Michael S and Fillman, Mechele and Broatch, James W and Perez, Aaron and Watford, Kristine and Kruska, Kari and Sophia You, Dokyoung and Ogbeide, Stacy and Kukucka, Amy and Lawson, Susan and Ray, James B and Wade Martin, T and Lakehomer, James B and Burke, Anne and Cohen, Robert I and Grinspoon, Peter and ...
Pain Medicine, ISSN 1526-2375, 03/2019, Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 429 - 433
Journal Article
Advances in medicine, ISSN 2356-6752, 6/2020, Volume 2020, pp. 1 - 8
Background. Though there is an effective intervention, pain after surgical intervention is undermanaged worldwide. A systematic implementation is required to... 
Journal Article
Ars medica (Santiago, Chile), ISSN 0718-1051, 01/2018, Volume 23, Issue 3
Sin resumen 
Journal Article
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