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JACC (Journal of the American College of Cardiology), ISSN 0735-1097, 2015, Volume 66, Issue 15, pp. B29 - B29
  Background The PE Plus Post-Approval Study (PE Plus PAS) was designed to examine long-term outcomes among patients treated with advanced generation,... 
Cardiovascular | Internal Medicine | Stent (Surgery) | Prisoners of war | Angiogenesis inhibitors | Confidence intervals | Cardiovascular disease | Heart attacks | Angioplasty | Stents
Journal Article
by Secemsky, Eric A and Yeh, Robert W and Kereiakes, Dean J and Cutlip, Donald E and Cohen, David J and Steg, P. Gabriel and Cannon, Christopher P and Apruzzese, Patricia K and D'Agostino, Ralph B and Massaro, Joseph M and Mauri, Laura and Kaplan, Aaron and Ahmed, Abdel and Ahmed, Abdel-Hamid and Albirini, Abdulhay and Moreyra, Abel and Rabinowitz, Abram and Shroff, Adhir and Moak, Alan and Jacobs, Alice and Kabour, Ameer and Gupta, Amit and Irimpen, Anand and Rosenthal, Andrew and Taussig, Andrew and Ferraro, Angelo and Chhabra, Anil and Pucillo, Anthony and Spaedy, Anthony and White, Anthony and Pratsos, Antonis and Shakir, Arif and Ghitis, Arnold and Agarwal, Arvind and Jain, Ash and Chawla, Atul and Tang, Aylmer and Barker, Barbara and Bertolet, Barry and Uretsky, Barry and Erickson, Bernard and Rama, Bhola and McLaurin, Brent and Dearing, Brian and Negus, Brian and Price, Brian and Brott, Brigitta and Bhambi, Brijesh and Bowers, Bruce and Watt, Bruce and Donohue, Bryan and Hassel, C. David and Croft, Charles and Lambert, Charles and O'Shaughnessy, Charles and Shoultz, Charles and Kim, Chin and Caputo, Christopher and Nielson, Christopher and Scott, Christopher and Wolfe, Christopher and McKenzie, Clark and Brachfeld, Claude and Thieling, Craig and Fisher, Daniel and Lee, Daniel and Simon, Daniel and Churchill, David and Dobies, David and Eich, David and Goldberg, David and Griffin, David and Henderson, David and Kandzari, David and Lee, David and Lewis, David and Mego, David and Paniagua, David and Rizik, David and Roberts, David and Safley, David and Abbott, Dawn and Shaw, Dinesh and Temizer, Dogan and Canaday, Donald and Myears, Donald and Westerhausen, Donald and Ebersole, Douglas and Netz, Douglas and Baldwin, Drew and Letts, Dustin and Harlamert, Edward and Kosinski, Edward and Portnay, Edward and Mahmud, Ehtisham and Korban, Elie and Hockstad, Eric and Rivera, Ernesto and Shawl, Fayaz and Shamoon, Fayez and ... and Dual Antiplatelet Therapy DAPT Stu
JAMA Cardiology, ISSN 2380-6583, 05/2017, Volume 2, Issue 5, pp. 478 - 487
IMPORTANCE Early cardiovascular and bleeding events after coronary stenting are associated with high risk of morbidity and mortality. OBJECTIVE To assess the... 
Journal Article
The Atlanta Journal - Constitution, ISSN 1539-7459, 02/2005
  There are a few Jack Welches in the world and they should be very well compensated ("CEOs' heavy burdens justify high pay," Equal Time, Jan. 26). However,... 
Newspaper Article
The Atlanta Constitution, 01/2001
  Thank you for running an open-minded article about breast-feeding right next to the commentary from John Rosemond ("State errs in breast-feeding case,"... 
Attendance | Letters to the editor | Municipal government
Newspaper Article
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