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by Akakubo, N and Kagawa, N and Yabuuchi, A and Silber, S. J and Yamaguchi, S and Nagumo, Y and Takai, Y and Ishihara, S and Takehara, Y and Kato, O and Kocent, J and Hu, J. C. Y and Neri, Q. V and Rosenwaks, Z and Palermo, G. D and Armuand, G and Rodriguez-Wallberg, K and Wettergren, L and Lampic, C and Martinez-Soto, J. C and Domingo, J. C and Cordovilla, B and Gadea, J and Landeras, J and Sadri-Ardekani, H and Akhondi, M. M and van der Veen, F and de Rooij, D. G and Repping, S and van Pelt, A. M. M and Vanacker, J and Luyckx, V and Dolmans, M. M and Amorim, C. A and Van Langendonckt, A and Donnez, J and Camboni, A and Gavella, M and Lipovac, V and Siftar, Z and Garaj-Vrhovac, V and Gajski, G and Gook, D and Borg, J and Edgar, D. H and Brink-van der Vlugt, J. J and Van der Velden, V. H. J and Noordijk, A and Timmer-Bosscha, H and Tissing, W. J. E and Land, J. A and Hollema, H and Van Echten-Arends, J and Alvarez, J. G and Gosalvez, A and Velilla, E and Lopez-Teijon, M and Lopez-Fernandez, C and Gosalvez, J and Kristensen, S. G and Rasmussen, A and Yding Andersen, C and Raziel, A and Friedler, S and Gidoni, Y and Ben Ami, I and Kaufman, S and Omansky, A and Strassburger, D and Komarovsky, D and Bern, O and Kasterstein, E and Komsky, A and Maslansky, B and Ron-El, R and Fujimoto, A and Osuga, Y and Ichinose, M and Oishi, H and Harada, M and Koizumi, M and Takemura, Y and Yano, T and Taketani, Y and Molnar, Z and Mokanszki, A and Benyo, M and Bazsane Kassai, Z and Olah, E and Jakab, A and Rodriguez-Wallberg, K. A and Vonheim, E and Gumus, E and Persson, I and Lundqvist, M and Karlstrom, P. O and Hovatta, O and Pasqualotto, F. F and Teixeira, R and Medeiros, G. S and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i248 - i256
Journal Article
by Matsumoto, Y and Goto, S and Hashimoto, H and Kokeguchi, S and Shiotani, M and Okada, H and Cohen - Bacrie, P and Hazout, A and Belloc, S and De Mouzon, J and Menezo, Y and Dumont, M and Junca, A. M and Cohen-Bacrie, M and Alvarez, S and Olivennes, F and Prisant, N and Weltin, M and Geissler, W and Clussmann, C and Strowitzki, T and Eggert-Kruse, W and Endou, Y and Fjii, Y and Motoyama, H and Quintana, F. Q and Zaloa Larreategui, Z. L and Iratxe Penalba, I. P and Sara Ortega, S. O and Monica Martin, M. M and Guillermo Quea, G. Q and Jose Serna, J. S and Showell, M. G and Brown, J and Yazdani, A and Stankiewicz, M. T and Hart, R. J and Zumoffen, C and Munuce, M. J and Caille, A and Ghersevich, S and Lendinez, A. M and Perez-Nevot, B and Palomares, A. R and Serrano Garballo, A and Rodriguez, A and Reche, A and Mayor-Olea, A and Ruiz-Galdon, M and Reyes-Engel, A and Mendiola, J and Jorgensen, N and Andersson, A. M and Calafat, A. M and Redmon, J. B and Drobnis, E. Z and Wang, C and Sparks, A and Thurston, S. W and Liu, F and Swan, S. H and Tarasconi, A. C and Tarasconi, B. V and Tarasconi, D. V and Silva, E. M. V and Fujii, Y and Crha, I and Pribyl, J and Skladal, P and Zakova, J and Ventruba, P and Pohanka, M and De La Fuente, G and Pacheco, A and Velasco, J. A. G and Requena, A and Pacheco Castro, A and San Celestino Carchenilla, M and Salvanes, R and Arnanz, A and Balmori, C and Pellicer, A and Garcia-Velasco, J. A and Ishikawa, T and Fujisawa, M and Kranz, S and Hersemeyer, K and Hentrich, A and Tinneberg, H. R and Konrad, L and Simon, L and Lutton, D and McManus, J and Lewis, S. E. M and Rubio, S and Simon Sanjurjo, P and Lewis, S and Buzzi, J and Valcarcel, A and Lombardi, E and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 6/2010, Volume 25, Issue suppl_1, pp. i118 - i152
Journal Article
by Carchenilla, M. S. C and Agudo, D and Rubio, S and Becerra, D and Bronet, F and Garcia-Velasco, J. A and Pacheco, A and Lardone, M and Piottante, A and Parada-Bustamante, A and Argandona, F and Florez, M and Espinoza, A and Ebensperger, M and Castro, A and Cohen-Bacrie, M and Belloc, S and Dalleac, A and Amar, E and Izard, V and Hazout, A and Cohen-Bacrie, P and de Mouzon, J and Muzzonigro, F and Crivello, A. M and Stanghellini, I and Bernardini, L and Ferraretti, A. P and Magli, C and Gianaroli, L and Martin, P. S and Duvison, M. H and Silva, M. D and Gosalvez, J and Martin, F. S and Pomante, A and Colombo, F and Mattioli, M and Barboni, B and Magli, M. C and Hacifazlioglu, O and Findikli, N and Goktolga, U and Bahceci, M and Jakab, A and Mokanszki, A and Varga, A and Benyo, M and Kassai, Z and Olah, E and Molnar, Z and Gundogan, G. I and Bozkurt, H. H and Irez, T and Domingo, A and Anarte, C and Presilla, N and Calvo, I and Aguirre, O and Oroquieta, A and Agirregoikoa, J. A and De Pablo, J. L and Barrenetxea, G and Moragues, I and Medrano, M. L and Montoya, A and Ramos, B and Torres, M. J. G and Aizpurua, J and Ibala, S. R and Ghedir, H and Mehri, A and Zidi, I and Brahem, S and Mehdi, M and Ajina, M and Saad, A and Gomez-Torres, M. J and Cavaco, J. E and Rato, L and Alves, M. G and Dias, T. R and Lopes, G and Socorro, S and Oliveira, P. F and Lobascio, A. M and Minasi, M. G and Greco, E and Bungum, M and Bungum, A and Silver, N and Zahiri, M and Movahedin, M and Mowla, S. J and Noruzinia, M and Huleihel, M and Abarbanel, Y and Haber, E. P and Azab, M and Lan, D and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 06/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl_1, pp. i118 - i137
Journal Article
by Dul, E. C and van Ravenswaaij-Arts, C. M. A and Groen, H and van Echten-Arends, J and Land, J. A and Tyulenev, Y and Naumenko, V and Kurilo, L and Shileiko, L and Segal, A and Klimova, R and Kushch, A and Ribas-Maynou, J and Garcia-Peiro, A and Abad, C and Amengual, M. J and Benet, J and Navarro, J and Colasante, A and Lobascio, A. M and Scarselli, F and Minasi, M. G and Alviggi, E and Rubino, P and Casciani, V and Pena, R and Varricchio, M. T and Litwicka, K and Ferrero, S and Zavaglia, D and Franco, G and Nagy, Z. P and Greco, E and Romany, L and Meseguer, M and Garcia-Herrero, S and Pellicer, A and Garrido, N and Dam, A and Pijnenburg, A and Hendriks, J. C and Westphal, J. R and Ramos, L and Kremer, J. A. M and Eertmans, F and Bogaert, V and Puype, B and Geisler, W and Clusmann, C and Klopsch, I and Strowitzki, T and Eggert-Kruse, W and Maettner, R and Isachenko, E and Isachenko, V and Strehler, E and Sterzik, K and Band, G and Madgar, I and Brietbart, H and Naor, Z and Cunha-Filho, J. S and Souza, C. A and Krebs, V. G and Santos, K. D and Koff, W. J and Stein, A and Hammoud, I and Albert, M and Bergere, M and Bailly, M and Boitrelle, F and Vialard, F and Wainer, R and Izard, V and Selva, J and Cohen - Bacrie, P and Belloc, S and de mouzon, J and Cohen-Bacrie, M and Alvarez, S and Junca, A. M and Dumont, M and Douard, S and Prisant, N and Tomita, K and Hashimoto, S and Akamatsu, Y and Satoh, M and Mori, R and Inoue, T and Ohnishi, Y and Ito, K and Nakaoka, Y and Morimoto, Y and Smith, V. J. H and Ahuja, K. K and Atig, F and Raffa, M and Sfar, M. T and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2011, Volume 26, Issue suppl_1, pp. i123 - i148
Journal Article
by Ženka, J and Caisová, V and Uher, O and Nedbalová, P and Kvardová, K and Masáková, K and Krejčová, G and Paďouková, L and Jochmanová, I and Wolf, K. I and Chmelař, J and Kopecký, J and Loumagne, L and Mestadier, J and D’agostino, S and Rohaut, A and Ruffin, Y and Croize, V and Lemaître, O and Sidhu, S. S and Althammer, S and Steele, K and Rebelatto, M and Tan, T and Wiestler, T and Spitzmueller, A and Korn, R and Schmidt, G and Higgs, B and Li, X and Shi, L and Jin, X and Ranade, K and Koeck, S and Amann, A and Gamerith, G and Zwierzina, M and Lorenz, E and Zwierzina, H and Kern, J and Riva, M and Baert, T and Coosemans, A and Giovannoni, R and Radaelli, E and Gsell, W and Himmelreich, U and Van Ranst, M and Xing, F and Qian, W and Dong, C and Xu, X and Guo, S and Shi, Q and Quandt, D and Seliger, B and Plett, C and Amberger, D. C and Rabe, A and Deen, D and Stankova, Z and Hirn, A and Vokac, Y and Werner, J and Krämer, D and Rank, A and Schmid, C and Schmetzer, H and Guerin, M and Weiss, J. M and Regnier, F and Renault, G and Vimeux, L and Peranzoni, E and Feuillet, V and Thoreau, M and Guilbert, T and Trautmann, A and Bercovici, N and Doraneh-Gard, F and Boeck, C. L and Gunsilius, C and Kugler, C and Schmohl, J and Kraemer, D and Ismann, B and Schmetzer, H. M and Markota, A and Ochs, C and May, P and Gottschlich, A and Gosálvez, J. Suárez and Karches, C and Wenk, D and Endres, S and Kobold, S and Hilmenyuk, T and Klar, R and Jaschinski, F and Augustin, F and ...
Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer, ISSN 2051-1426, 03/2017, Volume 5, Issue S1
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, ISSN 0960-1317, 07/2013, Volume 23, Issue 7, pp. 75017 - 10
Journal Article
Ecological Research, ISSN 0912-3814, 11/2016, Volume 31, Issue 6, pp. 947 - 956
Spatial synchronization refers to similarity in temporal variations between spatially separated populations. Three mechanisms have been associated with the... 
Life Sciences | Hydroperiod | Similarity temporal | Zoology | Behavioral Sciences | Forestry | Spatial dynamic | Ecology | Evolutionary Biology | Wastewater | Plant Sciences | Wetlands | PLOVERS CHARADRIUS-ALEXANDRINUS | CENTRAL SPAIN | PATTERNS | ABUNDANCE | TEMPORAL VARIATION | LANDSCAPE STRUCTURE | DYNAMICS | KENTISH PLOVER | ECOLOGY | WATER | MANCHA | Spatial analysis | Lakes | Animal populations
Journal Article