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by Thompson, Eric M, MD and Hielscher, Thomas, MSc and Bouffet, Eric, Prof and Remke, Marc, MD and Luu, Betty, BSc and Gururangan, Sridharan, Prof and McLendon, Roger E, Prof and Bigner, Darell D, Prof and Lipp, Eric S, MD and Perreault, Sebastien, MD and Cho, Yoon-Jae, MD and Grant, Gerald, MD and Kim, Seung-Ki, Prof and Lee, Ji Yeoun, MD and Rao, Amulya A Nageswara, MD and Li, Kay Ka Wai, MD and Ng, Ho-Keung, Prof and Yao, Yu, MD and Kumabe, Toshihiro, MD and Tominaga, Teiji, Prof and Grajkowska, Wieslawa A, Prof and Perek-Polnik, Marta, Prof and Low, David C Y, MBBCh and Seow, Wan Tew, MBBS and Chang, Kenneth T E, MBBCh and Mora, Jaume, Prof and Pollack, Ian F, Prof and Hamilton, Ronald L, MD and Leary, Sarah, MD and Moore, Andrew S, PhD and Ingram, Wendy J, PhD and Hallahan, Andrew R, MBBS and Jouvet, Anne, MD and Fèvre-Montange, Michelle, PhD and Vasiljevic, Alexandre, MD and Faure-Conter, Cecile, MD and Shofuda, Tomoko, PhD and Hashimoto, Naoya, MD and Jabado, Nada, MD and Weil, Alexander G, MD and Gayden, Tenzin, PhD and Wataya, Takafumi, MD and Shalaby, Tarek, MD and Grotzer, Michael, Prof and Zitterbart, Karel, PhD and Sterba, Jaroslav, Prof and Kren, Leos, MD and Hortobágyi, Tibor, Prof and Klekner, Almos, PhD and László, Bognár, Prof and Pócza, Tímea, MSc and Hauser, Peter, MD and Schüller, Ulrich, MD and Jung, Shin, Prof and Jang, Woo-Youl, MD and French, Pim J, Prof and Kros, Johan M, Prof and van Veelen, Marie-Lise C, MD and Massimi, Luca, MD and Leonard, Jeffrey R, Prof and Rubin, Joshua B, MD and Vibhakar, Rajeev, MD and Chambless, Lola B, MD and Cooper, Michael K, MD and Thompson, Reid C, Prof and Carvalho, Alice, MD and Nunes, Sofia, MD and Pimentel, José, MD and Fan, Xing, MD and Lyden, David, Prof and Garzia, Livia, PhD and Shih, David J H, PhD and Kijima, Noriyuki, MD and Schneider, Christian, MD and Adamski, Jennifer, PhD and Northcott, Paul A, PhD and Kool, Marcel, PhD and Jones, David T W, PhD and Chan, Jennifer A, MD and Nikolic, Ana, MD and Garre, Maria Luisa, MD and Van Meir, Erwin G, Prof and Osuka, Satoru, MD and Olson, Jeffrey J, Prof and Jahangiri, Arman, BSc and Castro, Brandyn A, BSc and Gupta, Nalin, MD and Moxon-Emre, Iska, MSc and Mabbott, Donald J, PhD and Lassaletta, Alvaro, MD and Hawkins, Cynthia E, Prof and Tabori, Uri, MD and Drake, James, Prof and Kulkarni, Abhaya, Prof and Dirks, Peter, Prof and Rutka, James T, Prof and Pfister, Stefan M, Prof and Packer, Roger J, Prof and Ramaswamy, Vijay, MD and Taylor, Michael D, Dr Prof
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 2016, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 484 - 495
Journal Article
Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Global open, ISSN 2169-7574, 12/2018, Volume 6, Issue 12, pp. e2038 - e2038
Journal Article
by Grobman, William A and Sandoval, Grecio and Reddy, Uma M and Tita, Alan T.N and Silver, Robert M and Mallett, Gail and Hill, Kim and Rice, Madeline Murguia and El-Sayed, Yasser Y and Wapner, Ronald J and Rouse, Dwight J and Thorp, John M and Iams, Jay D and Chien, Edward K and Casey, Brian M and Gibbs, Ronald S and Srinivas, Sindhu K and Swamy, Geeta K and Simhan, Hyagriv N and Peaceman, A and Plunkett, B and Paycheck, K and Dinsmoor, M and Sheppard, J and Harper, L and Servay, C and Varner, M and Sowles, A and Coleman, K and Atkinson, D and Dellermann, S and Esplin, S and Martin, C and Peterson, K and Stradling, S and Lyell, D and Gyamfi, C and Bousleiman, S and Perez-Delboy, A and Talucci, M and Plante, L and Tocci, C and Leopanto, B and Hoffman, M and Dill-Grant, L and Palomares, K and Otarola, S and Skupski, D and Allard, D and Gelsomino, T and Rousseau, J and Beati, L and Milano, J and Salazar, A and Costantine, M and Chiossi, G and Pacheco, L and Saad, A and Munn, M and Jain, S and Clark, S and Clark, K and Boggess, K and Timlin, S and Eichelberger, K and Moore, A and Byers, H and Ortiz, F and Garcia, L and Sibai, B and Bartholomew, A and Buhimschi, C and Landon, M and Johnson, F and McKenna, D and Fennig, K and Snow, K and Habli, M and McClellan, M and Lindeman, C and Dalton, W and Hackney, D and Mayle, A and Mercer, B and Moseley, L and Gerald, J and Fay-Randall, L and Garcia, M and Sias, A and Price, J and Hale, K and Phipers, J and Heyborne, K and Craig, J and Parry, S and Ferrara, J and Bickus, M and Caritis, S and Doherty, L and de Voest, J and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units (MFMU) Network and Eunice Kennedy Shriver Natl Inst C and Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Maternal-Fetal Medicine Units (MFMU) Network
American journal of obstetrics and gynecology, ISSN 0002-9378, 04/2020, Volume 222, Issue 4, pp. 369.e1 - 369.e11
Journal Article