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Applied Energy, ISSN 0306-2619, 10/2019, Volume 251, p. 113321
Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) is a promising technology that is able to simultaneously produce bioenergy and treat wastewater. Their potential large-scale... 
Microbial fuel cells | Ceramic membranes | Fuzzy inference system | Bioenergy | Modelling
Journal Article
Biopreservation and Biobanking, ISSN 1947-5535, 06/2015, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp. A-1 - A-59
Journal Article
by Dimova, I and Hlushchuk, R and Makanya, A and Djonov, V and Theurl, M and Schgoer, W and Albrecht, K and Beer, A and Patsch, J. R and Schratzberger, P and Mahata, S and Kirchmair, R and Didie, M and Christalla, P and Rau, T and Eschenhagen, T and Schumacher, U and Lin, Q and Zenke, M and Zimmmermann, W and Hoch, M and Fischer, P and Stapel, B and Missol-Kolka, E and Erschow, S and Scherr, M and Drexler, H and Hilfiker-Kleiner, D and Diebold, I and Petry, A and Kennel, P and Djordjevic, T and Hess, J and Goerlach, A and Castellano, J and Aledo, R and Sendra, J and Costales, P and Badimon, L and Llorente-Cortes, V and Dworatzek, E and Mahmoodzadeh, S and Regitz-Zagrosek, V and Posa, A and Varga, C and Berko, A and Veszelka, M and Szablics, P and Vari, B and Pavo, I and Laszlo, F and Brandenburger, M and Wenzel, J and Bogdan, R and Richardt, D and Reppel, M and Hescheler, J and Terlau, H and Dendorfer, A and Heijman, J and Rudy, Y and Westra, R and Volders, P and Rasmusson, R and Bondarenko, V and Ertas Gokhan, M. D and Ural Ertan, M. D and Karaoz Erdal, P. H. D and Aksoy Ayca, P. H. D and Kilic Teoman, M. D and Kozdag Guliz, M. D and Vural Ahmet, M. D and Ural Dilek, M. D and Poulet, C and Christ, T and Wettwer, E and Ravens, U and Van Der Pouw Kraan, C and Schirmer, S and Fledderus, J and Moerland, P and Leyen, T and Piek, J and Van Royen, N and Horrevoets, A and Fleissner, F and Jazbutyte, V and Fiedler, J and Galuppo, P and Mayr, M and Ertl, G and Bauersachs, J and Thum, T and Protze, S and Bussek, A and Li, F and Hoo, R and Lam, K and Xu, A and Subramanian, P and ...
Cardiovascular Research, ISSN 0008-6363, 06/2010, Volume 87, Issue Supplement 1, pp. S45 - S88
Journal Article
Biopreservation and Biobanking, ISSN 1947-5535, 06/2014, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp. A-1 - A-63
Journal Article
by Wedge, David C and Gundem, Gunes and Mitchell, Thomas and Woodcock, Dan J and Martincorena, Inigo and Ghori, Mohammed and Zamora, Jorge and Butler, Adam and Whitaker, Hayley and Kote-Jarai, Zsofia and Alexandrov, Ludmil B and Van Loo, Peter and Massie, Charlie E and Dentro, Stefan and Warren, Anne Y and Verrill, Clare and Berney, Dan M and Dennis, Nening and Merson, Sue and Hawkins, Steve and Howat, William and Lu, Yong-Jie and Lambert, Adam and Kay, Jonathan and Kremeyer, Barbara and Karaszi, Katalin and Luxton, Hayley and Camacho, Niedzica and Marsden, Luke and Edwards, Sandra and Matthews, Lucy and Bo, Valeria and Leongamornlert, Daniel and McLaren, Stuart and Ng, Anthony and Yu, Yongwei and Zhang, Hongwei and Dadaev, Tokhir and Thomas, Sarah and Easton, Douglas F and Ahmed, Mahbubl and Bancroft, Elizabeth and Fisher, Cyril and Livni, Naomi and Nicol, David and Tavaré, Simon and Gill, Pelvender and Greenman, Christopher and Khoo, Vincent and Van As, Nicholas and Kumar, Pardeep and Ogden, Christopher and Cahill, Declan and Thompson, Alan and Mayer, Erik and Rowe, Edward and Dudderidge, Tim and Gnanapragasam, Vincent and Shah, Nimish C and Raine, Keiran and Jones, David and Menzies, Andrew and Stebbings, Lucy and Teague, Jon and Hazell, Steven and Corbishley, Cathy and De Bono, Johann and Attard, Gerhardt and Isaacs, William and Visakorpi, Tapio and Fraser, Michael and Boutros, Paul C and Bristow, Robert G and Workman, Paul and Sander, Chris and Hamdy, Freddie C and Futreal, Andrew and McDermott, Ultan and Al-Lazikani, Bissan and Lynch, Andrew G and Bova, G. Steven and Foster, Christopher S and Brewer, Daniel S and Neal, David E and Cooper, Colin S and Eeles, Rosalind A and TCGA Consortium and CAMCAP Study Grp and CAMCAP Study Group and The TCGA Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 05/2018, Volume 50, Issue 5, pp. 682 - 692
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 04/2015, Volume 47, Issue 4, pp. 367 - 372
Journal Article
by Hinton, F and Pavey, G and Taylor, L and McLean, C and Rabiner, C.A and Simeon-Dubach, D and Michael, C and Groelz, D and Wyrich, R and Dettmann, N and Hesse, P and Rainen, L and Simeon-Dubach, D and Moreau, M and Wang, Q and Boonefaes, T and Montoye, T and Barry, A and Tischfield, J and Brooks, A and Pitt, K. E and Groover, K and Franke, J and Pike, D and Cosentino, M and Henderson, M. K and Bisceglia, M and Germain, C and Dhir, R and Groover, K and Franke, J and Sharp, T and Drew, K and Pike, D and Henderson, M and Pitt, K and McNally, J. W and Sayre, M. I and Dandara, C and Wonkam, A and Monovich, L. C and Ramirez, N and Demiroglu, S. Y and Lawlor, R and Chabannon, C and Furuta, K and Matsushita, K and Goto, Y and Miyagi, Y and Sawabe, M and Shirakashi, R and Takeuchi, T and Masui, T and Aoki, I and Nakagawara, A and Riegman, P and Hall, J and de Jong, B and Morente, M and López-Guerrero, J and Maimuna, M and Coillins, P and Grazia Daidone, M and Söderström, T and Cadot, S and ten Hoeve, J and Reed, W and Perskvist, N and Dillner, J and Siddiqui, R and Ploetz, C and Drepper, J and Freudigmann, M and Semler, S. C and Krawczak, M and Kiehntopf, M and Schröder, C and Dobkowicz, M and Gros, O and Holl, R and Michalik, C and Nieratschker, V and Nöthlings, U and Habermann, J. K and Zetzsche, H and Droege, G and Astrin, J and Berendsohn, W. G and Gemeinholzer, B and Van den Eynden, J and Degaillier, C and Van Eycken, L and Grégoire, V and De Souza, Y and Greenspan, J. S and Lee, Y and Johns, A. L and Zeps, N and Biankin, A. V and Carpenter, J. E and ...
Biopreservation and Biobanking, ISSN 1947-5535, 04/2012, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp. 181 - 231
The abstracts that follow demonstrate the broad range of timely issues addressed in the contributed oral and poster presentations at ISBER's 13th Annual... 
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 05/2009, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 521 - 523
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2009, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 535 - 543
Journal Article