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genetics & heredity (39) 39
mice (39) 39
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index medicus (35) 35
cystic fibrosis - therapy (33) 33
genetic therapy - methods (33) 33
lung (33) 33
cystic-fibrosis (30) 30
gene transfer techniques (30) 30
female (28) 28
cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator - genetics (27) 27
gene transfer (26) 26
male (25) 25
cystic fibrosis - genetics (24) 24
expression (24) 24
gene expression (24) 24
respiratory system (24) 24
research (21) 21
genetic vectors (20) 20
care and treatment (18) 18
genetic aspects (18) 18
in-vivo (18) 18
genetic therapy (16) 16
nasal epithelium (15) 15
transmembrane conductance regulator (14) 14
genetic vectors - genetics (13) 13
lung - metabolism (13) 13
lungs (13) 13
mice, inbred c57bl (13) 13
transgene expression (13) 13
airway epithelium (12) 12
delivery (12) 12
inflammation (11) 11
mice, inbred balb c (11) 11
mutation (11) 11
cell line (10) 10
cells (10) 10
cells, cultured (10) 10
cystic fibrosis - metabolism (10) 10
sendai virus (10) 10
sendai virus - genetics (10) 10
therapy (10) 10
cftr (9) 9
clinical trials (9) 9
gene-transfer (9) 9
genetic vectors - administration & dosage (9) 9
liposomes (9) 9
sendai-virus (9) 9
transfection (9) 9
transfection - methods (9) 9
adult (8) 8
cell biology (8) 8
cystic fibrosis - physiopathology (8) 8
double-blind (8) 8
epithelium (8) 8
mouse lung (8) 8
physiological aspects (8) 8
respiratory mucosa - metabolism (8) 8
sheep (8) 8
vector (8) 8
adolescent (7) 7
airway epithelial-cells (7) 7
airways (7) 7
cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (7) 7
cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator - metabolism (7) 7
health aspects (7) 7
lentivirus - genetics (7) 7
lung - pathology (7) 7
mice, knockout (7) 7
nasal mucosa - metabolism (7) 7
placebo-controlled trial (7) 7
rna (7) 7
usage (7) 7
vectors (7) 7
clinical trials as topic (6) 6
disease models, animal (6) 6
dna (6) 6
epithelial cells (6) 6
genetic research (6) 6
genetic transformation (6) 6
green fluorescent proteins - genetics (6) 6
nasal potential difference (6) 6
nf-kappa b - genetics (6) 6
pseudotyped lentivirus (6) 6
pulmonary/respiratory (6) 6
adenoassociated virus vectors (5) 5
advanced basic science (5) 5
analysis (5) 5
cftr gene (5) 5
cystic fibrosis - pathology (5) 5
dentistry (5) 5
engineering, biomedical (5) 5
epithelial cells - metabolism (5) 5
epithelial-cells (5) 5
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by Seymour, LW and Antoniou, M and Harbottle, Dr Richard P and Denning, C and Hajjar, R and Ferber, S and Searle, P F and Farzaneh, F and Krishnamurthy, P and Tye, G-J and Amofah, E and Barber, L and Chan, L and Mufti, GJ and Noble, A and Harrison, P and Falahati, Rustom and Zhang, Jianqing and Shi, Yimin and Flebbe-Rehwaldt, Linda and Gerson, Stanton L and Gaensler, Karin M L and Wilson, James M and von Kalle, C and Ivics, Z and Ammar, I and Voigt, K and Gogol-Döring, A and Miskey, C and Chen, W and Izsvák, Z and Cathomen, T and Cathomen, T and Jonuschies, J and Boldrin, L and Thrasher, A and Morgan, JE and Muntoni, F and Thrasher, A and Griesenbach, U and Weiss, D and Frances, K and Vassaux, G and Lombardo, A and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Cesana, D and Genovese, P and Genovese, P and Genovese, P and Provasi, E and Colombo, DF and Neri, M and Magnani, Z and Cantore, C and Riso, P Lo and Damo, M and Holmes, MC and Holmes, MC and Gregory, PD and Gritti, A and Bonini, C and Naldini, L and Yáñez-Muñoz, RJ and Biffi, A and Sessa, M and Montini, E and Montini, E and Montini, E and Montini, E and Naldini, L and Wilson, James M and Baum, C and Modlich, U and Schambach, A and Galla, M and Maetzig, T and Kustikova, O and Brugman, M and Suerth, J and Heckl, D and Schwarzer, A and English, R and Wilson, J and Kernan, F and Meivar-Levy, I and Chernichovsky, E and Litichever, N and Ron, K and Sapir, T and Molakandov, K and Docherty, K and Lima, M João and Muir, K and Rashid, ST and Yusa, K and Strick-Marchand, H and Lomas, DA and ...
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Journal Article
by Sultan, S and Evans, M J and Antonitsis, P and Westaby, S and Anastasiadis, K and Gayral, M and Saland, E and Lulka, H and Vignolle-Vidoni, A and Hanoun, N and Lemarié, A and Ligat, L and Saint-Laurent, N and Lopez, F and Buscail, L and Sarry, J E and Casucci, M and Camisa, B and Falcone, L and Saudemont, A and Genovese, P and Naldini, L and Naldini, L and Ciceri, F and Bordignon, C and Bonini, C and Bonini, C and Bondanza, A and Cafferata, E A and Weber, H L and Werbajh, S and Salvatierra, E and Rotondaro, C and Sganga, L and Haab, G Acosta and Curiel, D T and Gidekel, M and Podhajcer, O L and Kaeppel, C and Wilkening, S and Rodriguez, M A Pañeda and Lopez-Franco, E and Fontanellas, A and Prieto, J and Spronck, L and von Kalle, C and Petry, H and Gonzalez-Aseguinolaza, G and Schmidt, M and Schreiber, C A and Sakuma, T and Izumiya, Y and Bressin, R K and Basu, U and Koide, K and Asokan, A and Fischer, S and Stiefel, S and Handrick, R and Hoerer, M and Otte, K and Kochanek, S and Halonen, P and Tarvainen, S and Tarvainen, S and Taavitsainen, J and Kuivanen, A and Koistinen, A and Laakkonen, J and Hartikainen, J and Yla-Herttuala, S and Enns, H and Jungmann, A and Leuchs, B and Volz, C and Schinkel, S and Koch, W J and Raake, P W and Most, P and Katus, H A and Müller, O J and Basilico, C and Jaulin, N and Leroux, I and Schleder, C and Zuber, C and Charrier, M and Lieubeau, B and Péréon, Y and Magot, A and Hamel, A and Adjali, O and Rouger, K and Genovese, P and Schiroli, G and Conway, A and Guschin, D and Escobar, G and Di Tomaso, T and Marin, V and ...
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Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2019, Volume 74, Issue Suppl 2, p. A13
IntroductionThe UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium has developed a programme of gene therapy for cystic fibrosis (CF). Studies include administration... 
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2017, Volume 72, Issue Suppl 3, p. A76
IntroductionWorse BMI in CF is associated with worse survival. The UK-CF Registry was used to examine weight differences between sexes, and determine the age... 
Cystic fibrosis | Gender differences | Children & youth
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2017, Volume 72, Issue Suppl 3, p. A2
IntroductionFEV1 and BMI are well-validated predictors of disease severity and outcome in cystic fibrosis (CF), however, the impact of sex remains debated. The... 
Journal Article
Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, ISSN 1569-1993, 2008, Volume 7, pp. S4 - S4
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2015, Volume 70, Issue Suppl 3, pp. A219 - A219
Introduction and objectivesThe UK Cystic Fibrosis (CF) registry has been in its current form since 2006 offering annual review data comprising of detailed... 
Journal Article
Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine, ISSN 1070-5287, 11/2016, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp. 602 - 609
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2017, Volume 72, Issue Suppl 3, p. A72
IntroductionPulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) is characterised by accumulation of surfactant in the terminal airways. Granulocyte-Macrophage... 
Gene therapy | Surfactants | Rodents
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2017, Volume 72, Issue Suppl 3, p. A57
IntroductionThe UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium has developed a novel lentiviral vector (rSIV.F/HN) designed to transduce airway epithelial cells... 
Urine | Cystic fibrosis | Genomes | Gene therapy
Journal Article
Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, ISSN 1569-1993, 07/2008, Volume 7, pp. S4 - S4
Journal Article
Thorax, ISSN 0040-6376, 12/2011, Volume 66, Issue Suppl 4, pp. A115 - A115
Recent studies into retinoic acid (RA)-induced alveolar regeneration in rodent models of emphysema and bronchopulmonary dyplasia strongly suggest a latent... 
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
by Alton, Eric W F W, Prof and Armstrong, David K, MB ChB and Ashby, Deborah, Prof and Bayfield, Katie J, BSc and Bilton, Diana, Prof and Bloomfield, Emily V, BSc and Boyd, A Christopher, PhD and Brand, June, BSc and Buchan, Ruaridh, MPharm and Calcedo, Roberto, PhD and Carvelli, Paula, BN and Chan, Mario, MSc and Cheng, Seng H, PhD and Collie, D David S, MRCVS and Cunningham, Steve, MB ChB and Davidson, Heather E and Davies, Gwyneth, MBChB and Davies, Jane C, Prof and Davies, Lee A, DPhil and Dewar, Maria H, BSc and Doherty, Ann, BSc and Donovan, Jackie, PhD and Dwyer, Natalie S, RN and Elgmati, Hala I, MRCP and Featherstone, Rosanna F, BSc and Gavino, Jemyr, RN and Gea-Sorli, Sabrina, PhD and Geddes, Duncan M, Prof and Gibson, James S R, BSc and Gill, Deborah R, PhD and Greening, Andrew P, Prof and Griesenbach, Uta, Prof and Hansell, David M, Prof and Harman, Katharine, MRCPH and Higgins, Tracy E, BSc and Hodges, Samantha L, BSc and Hyde, Stephen C, DPhil and Hyndman, Laura, MSc and Innes, J Alastair, FRCPE and Jacob, Joseph, FRCR and Jones, Nancy, BPharm and Keogh, Brian F, FRCA and Limberis, Maria P, PhD and Lloyd-Evans, Paul, PhD and Maclean, Alan W, BSc and Manvell, Michelle C, BSc and McCormick, Dominique, PhD and McGovern, Michael, MRCP and McLachlan, Gerry, PhD and Meng, Cuixiang, BSc and Montero, M Angeles, MD and Milligan, Hazel, BSc and Moyce, Laura J, BSc and Murray, Gordon D, Prof and Nicholson, Andrew G, Prof and Osadolor, Tina, MSc and Parra-Leiton, Javier and Porteous, David J, Prof and Pringle, Ian A, DPhil and Punch, Emma K, BSc and Pytel, Kamila M, PhD and Quittner, Alexandra L, Prof and Rivellini, Gina and Saunders, Clare J, BSc and Scheule, Ronald K, PhD and Sheard, Sarah, FRCR and Simmonds, Nicholas J, FRCP and Smith, Keith, BSc and Smith, Stephen N, PhD and Soussi, Najwa, BSc and Soussi, Samia, BSc and Spearing, Emma J, MSc and Stevenson, Barbara J, BSc and Sumner-Jones, Stephanie G, PhD and Turkkila, Minna, BSc and Ureta, Rosa P, BN and Waller, Michael D, MRCP and Wasowicz, Marguerite Y, PhD and Wilson, James M, Prof and Wolstenholme-Hogg, Paul, PhD and UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Co and UK Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium
Lancet Respiratory Medicine, The, ISSN 2213-2600, 2015, Volume 3, Issue 9, pp. 684 - 691
Journal Article
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