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Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, ISSN 0890-8567, 2015, Volume 54, Issue 10, pp. 832 - 840
Journal Article
by Jansen, W.J and Ossenkoppele, R and Knol, D.L and Tijms, B.M and Scheltens, P.J and Verhey, F.R.J and Visser, P.J and Aalten, P and Aarsland, D and Alcolea, D and Alexander, M and Almdahl, I.S and Arnold, S.E and Baldeiras, I and Barthel, H and Berckel, B.N. van and Bibeau, K and Blennow, K and Brooks, D.J and Buchem, M.A. van and Camus, V and Cavedo, E and Chen, K and Chetelat, G and Cohen, A.D and ezga, A and Engelborghs, S and Fagan, A.M and Fladby, T and Fleisher, A.S and Flier, W.M. van der and Ford, L and Forster, S and Fortea, J and Foskett, N and Frederiksen, K.S and Freund-Levi, Y and Frisoni, G.B and Froelich, L and Gabryelewicz, T and Gill, K.D and Gkatzima, O and Gomez-Tortosa, E and Gordon, M.F and Grimmer, T and Hampel, H and Hausner, L and Hellwig, S and Herukka, S.K and Hildebrandt, H and Ishihara, L and Ivanoiu, A and Jagust, W.J and Johannsen, P and Kandimalla, R and Kapaki, E and Klimkowicz-Mrowiec, A and Klunk, W.E and Kohler, S and Koglin, N and Kornhuber, J and Kramberger, M.G and Laere, K. Van and Landau, S.M and Lee, D.Y and Leon, M and Lisetti, V and Lleo, A and Madsen, K and Maier, W and Marcusson, J and Mattsson, N and Mendonca, A. de and Meulenbroek, O.V and Meyer, P.T and Mintun, M.A and Mok, V and Molinuevo, J.L and Mollergard, H.M and Morris, J.C and Mroczko, B and Mussele, S. Van der and Na, D.L and Newberg, A and Nordberg, A and Nordlund, A and Novak, G.P and Paraskevas, G.P and Parnetti, L and Perera, G and Peters, O and Popp, J and Prabhakar, S and Rabinovici, G.D and Ramakers, I.H and Rami, L and Oliveira, C.R and Rinne, J.O and Roigue, K.M and Roiguez-Roiguez, E and ... and Amyloid Biomarker Study Grp and Amyloid Biomarker Study Group and Örebro universitet and Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper
Jama : Journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 2015, Volume 313, Issue 19, pp. 1924 - 1938
Journal Article
Biological Psychiatry, ISSN 0006-3223, 2017, Volume 82, Issue 9, pp. 660 - 668
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Spechler, Philip A and Allgaier, Nicholas and Chaarani, Bader and Whelan, Robert and Watts, Richard and Orr, Catherine and Albaugh, Matthew D and D'Alberto, Nicholas and Higgins, Stephen T and Hudson, Kelsey E and Mackey, Scott and Potter, Alexandra and Banaschewski, Tobias and Bokde, Arun L. W and Bromberg, Uli and Büchel, Christian and Cattrell, Anna and Conrod, Patricia J and Desrivières, Sylvane and Flor, Herta and Frouin, Vincent and Gallinat, Jürgen and Gowland, Penny and Heinz, Andreas and Ittermann, Bernd and Martinot, Jean‐Luc and Paillère Martinot, Marie‐Laure and Nees, Frauke and Papadopoulos Orfanos, Dimitri and Paus, Tomáš and Poustka, Luise and Smolka, Michael N and Walter, Henrik and Schumann, Gunter and Althoff, Robert R and Garavan, Hugh and Mann, Karl and Struve, Maren and Rietschel, Marcella and Spanagel, Rainer and Fauth‐Bühler, Mira and Millenet, Sabina and Grimmer, Yvonne and Ivanov, Nikolay and Strache, Nicole and Rapp, Michael and Ströhle, Andreas and Reuter, Jan and Barbot, Alexis and Thyreau, Benjamin and Schwartz, Yannick and Lalanne, Christophe and Bricaud, Zuleima and Briand, Fanny and Lemaitre, Hervé and Massicotte, Jessica and Vulser, Helene and Pentillä, Jani and Galinowski, André and Jia, Tianye and Werts, Helen and Topper, Lauren and Reed, Laurence and Andrew, Chris and Mallik, Catherine and Ruggeri, Barbara and Nymberg, Charlotte and Smith, Lindsay and Loth, Eva and Havatzias, Stephanie and Stueber, Kerstin and Stringaris, Argyris and Brühl, Ruediger and Ihlenfeld, Albrecht and Walaszek, Bernadeta and Hübner, Thomas and Müller, Kathrin and Ripke, Stephan and Rodehacke, Sarah and Mennigen, Eva and Schmidt, Dirk and Vetter, Nora and Ziesch, Veronika and Poline, Jean‐Baptiste and Fadai, Tahmine and Yacubian, Juliana and Lawrence, Claire and Newman, Craig and Head, Kay and Heym, Nadja and Pausova, Zdenka and Tahmasebi, Amir and IMAGEN Consortium and and the IMAGEN Consortium
European Journal of Neuroscience, ISSN 0953-816X, 08/2019, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp. 2346 - 2356
Cannabis use initiated during adolescence might precipitate negative consequences in adulthood. Thus, predicting adolescent cannabis use prior to any exposure... 
prediction | specificity | marijuana | neuroimaging | PERSONALITY | SUBSTANCE USE | RISK-FACTORS | DRUG-USE | SOCIAL ANXIETY | NEUROSCIENCES | PREFRONTAL CORTEX | MARIJUANA USE | DEPENDENCE SYMPTOMS | USE DISORDERS | COGNITIVE DEFICITS | Drug abuse | Statistical analysis | Opioid receptors | Sex | Genetic diversity | Males | Statistics | Learning algorithms | Cannabis | Child development | Marijuana | Adolescents | Age
Journal Article
by Ernst, Monique and Benson, Brenda and Artiges, Eric and Gorka, Adam X and Lemaitre, Herve and Lago, Tiffany and Miranda, Ruben and Banaschewski, Tobias and Bokde, Arun L. W and Bromberg, Uli and Brühl, Rüdiger and Büchel, Christian and Cattrell, Anna and Conrod, Patricia and Desrivières, Sylvane and Fadai, Tahmine and Flor, Herta and Grigis, Antoine and Gallinat, Juergen and Garavan, Hugh and Gowland, Penny and Grimmer, Yvonne and Heinz, Andreas and Kappel, Viola and Nees, Frauke and Papadopoulos-Orfanos, Dimitri and Penttilä, Jani and Poustka, Luise and Smolka, Michael N and Stringaris, Argyris and Struve, Maren and van Noort, Betteke M and Walter, Henrik and Whelan, Robert and Schumann, Gunter and Grillon, Christian and Martinot, Marie-Laure Paillère and Martinot, Jean-Luc and Dalley, J and Subramaniam, N and Theobald, D and Bach, C and Barker, G.J and Fauth-Bühler, M and Millenet, S and Spanagel, R and Albrecht, L and Ivanov, N and Rapp, M and Reuter, J and Strache, N and Ströhle, A and Poline, J.B and Schwartz, Y and Thyreau, B and Ireland, J and Rogers, J and Bordas, N and Bricaud, Z and Filippi, I and Galinowski, A and Gollier-Briant, F and Hall, D and Havatzias, S and Jia, T and Mallik, C and Nymberg, C and Ruggeri, B and Smith, L and Stueber, K and Topper, L and Werts, H and Brühl, R and Ihlenfeld, A and Walaszek, B and Hübner, T and Müller, K and Paus, T and Ripke, S and Mennigen, E and Schmidt, D and Vetter, N.C and Ziesch, V and Carter, D and Connolly, C and Nugent, S and Jones, J and Yacubian, J and Schneider, S and Head, K and Heym, N and Newman, C and Pausova, Z and Tahmasebi, A and Stephens, D and IMAGEN Consortium and for the IMAGEN Consortium
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Journal Article
American Journal of Psychiatry, ISSN 0002-953X, 12/2018, Volume 175, Issue 12, pp. 1255 - 1264
Journal Article