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by Streng, Andrea and Prifert, Christiane and Weissbrich, Benedikt and Liese, Johannes G and Bösel, Nadja and Gašpirová, Petra and Henrich, Katharina and Hösl, Angela and Klein, Maximilian and Schnelke, Alexander and Wieg, Christian and Steinherr, Harry and Schreiner, Hans-Georg and Horsinka, Sibylle and Wolf, Alfons and Engelke, Engelke and Pohl, Wolfgang and Bohlein, Barbara and Egler, Kerstin and Glas, Katharina and Iven, Annegret and Leistner, Christiane and Lippert, Lena and Kothari, Radhika and Panagiota, Chaitidou and Rettner, Daniela and Thomaschewski, S and Weigelt, Annika and Wenzel, Beatrix and Zapf, Florian and Stuber, Gerlinde and Schroth, Michael and Topf, Hans-Georg and Steigenberger, Herbert and Maksutova, Maksutova and Ponader, Rolf and Götz, Oliver and Eberhardt, Heinrich and Quitterer, Andrea and Aleo, Angelo and Bischof, A and Brenner, B and Brunnhölzl, Wolfgang and Doll, Ulrike and Hagemann, Sonja and Pauker, S and Pfadler, Eva and Schmidt, Ann-Kathrin and Schuler, Rahel and Stange, T and Steidl, Michael and Hoffmann, Florian and Behrends, Uta and Berndt, J and Damke, Lilian and Demir, Iffet and Dreßel, Petra and Gallitz, Stephanie and Heck, Bambul and Jünger, Hendrik and Mahmoud, Mahmoud and Sassen, Uwe and Wagner, Claudia and Hammersen, Gerhard and Göhl, Nathalie and Jansen, Verena and Schmidtlein, Christoph and Munser, Stefan and Schmidt, D and Adolphs, Christian and Keinath, Susanne and Ritz, Christina and Röding, Stefanie and Schweiß, Isabel and Trips, Tobias and Adam, Klaus and Baumann, Anja and Moser, Andrea and Sperber, K and Thomas, Wolfgang and Wirbelauer, Johannes and Kunzmann, Steffen and Doerck, Manfred and Kitz, Christa and Borgmann, Kristina and Grombach, Jens and Bavarian PICU Study Grp Influenza and Bavarian PICU Study Group on Influenza and Other Viral ARI and for the Bavarian PICU Study Group on Influenza and Other Viral ARI
BMC Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1471-2334, 12/2015, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 573 - 573
Journal Article
by Franz, Axel R and Maier, Rolf F and Thome, Ulrich H and Rüdiger, Mario and Kron, Martina and Bassler, Dirk and Poets, Christian F and Krägeloh-Mann, Ingeborg and Schoberer, Mark and Trepels-Kottek, Sonja and Buheitel, Gernot and Schenk, Wilfried and Bührer, Christoph and Guthmann, Florian and Garten, Lars and Hüseman, Dieter and Czernik, Christoph and Rossi, Rainer and Kühn, Thomas and Eilers, Elisabeth and Teig, Norbert and Weitkämper, Almut and Reinholdt, Jes and Veiergang, Gitte and Roll, Claudia and Pielemeier, Wolfgang and Ojinaga, Violeta and Braun, Nicole and Bittrich, Hans-Jörg and Roefke, Kathrin and Schroth, Michael and Topf, Hans-Georg and Stein, Anja and Keller, Matthias and Hüning, Britta-Maria and Fischer, Doris and Buxmann, Horst and Heckmann, Matthias and Faas, Dirk and Von Der Wense, Axel and Gudowius, Peter and Kabisch, Sarah and Hillebrand, Georg and Bohnhorst, Bettina and Peter, Corinna and Urlichs, Florian and Hoppenz, Marc and Pabst, Thomas and Kribs, Angela and Klein, Ruth Maria and Hünseler, Christoph and Roth, Bernhard and Vierzig, Anne and Eifinger, Frank and Oberthür, André and Mehler, Kathrin and Gebauer, Corinna and Knüpfer, Matthias and Zemlin, Michael and Mähnhardt, Larissa and Nußbaum, Claudia Franziska and Schwepcke, Alexandra and Rellensmann, Georg and Rieger-Fackeldey, Esther and Schiffmann, Jan-Holger and Grombach, Jens and Schäfer, Stefan and Segerer, Hugo and Keller-Wackerbauer, Annette and Burghard, Rainer and Hubert, Mechthild and Vochem, Matthias and Pohlmann, Ulrich and Neuberger, Patrick and Wagner, Martin and Fuchs, Hans and Schmid, Manuel and Hopfner, Reinhard and Bucher, Hans Ulrich and Rabe, Heike and Högel, Josef and Engel, Corinna and Riethmüller, Joachim and ETTNO Investigators
Neonatology, ISSN 1661-7800, 06/2012, Volume 101, Issue 4, pp. 301 - 305
Background: Infants with extremely low birth weight uniformly develop anemia of prematurity and frequently require red blood cell transfusions (RBCTs).... 
Journal Article
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