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Composite Structures, ISSN 0263-8223, 10/2018, Volume 202, pp. 47 - 59
Glued-in-rods (GiR) represent a class of joints being used in timber engineering that are mostly used to transfer axial loads in structural members with Glass... 
Journal Article
by Wei Chen and Dwight Stambolian and Albert O. Edwards and Kari E. Branham and Mohammad Othman and Johanna Jakobsdottir and Nirubol Tosakulwong and Margaret A. Pericak-Vance and Peter A. Campochiaro and Michael L. Klein and Perciliz L. Tan and Yvette P. Conley and Atsuhiro Kanda and Laura Kopplin and Yanming Li and Katherine J. Augustaitis and Athanasios J. Karoukis and William K. Scott and Anita Agarwal and Jaclyn L. Kovach and Stephen G. Schwartz and Eric A. Postel and Matthew Brooks and Keith H. Baratz and William L. Brown and Complications of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Prevention Trial (CAPT) Research Group and Alexander J. Brucker and Anton Orlin and Gary Brown and Allen Ho and Carl Regillo and Larry Donoso and Lifeng Tian and Brian Kaderli and Dexter Hadley and Stephanie A. Hagstrom and Neal S. Peachey and Ronald Klein and Barbara E. K. Klein and Norimoto Gotoh and Kenji Yamashiro and Frederick Ferris and Jesen A. Fagerness and Robyn Reynolds and Lindsay A. Farrer and Ivana K. Kim and Joan W. Miller and Marta Cortón and Angel Carracedo and Manuel Sanchez-Salorio and Elizabeth W. Pugh and Kimberly F. Doheny and Maria Brion and Margaret M. DeAngelis and Daniel E. Weeks and Donald J. Zack and Emily Y. Chew and John R. Heckenlively and Nagahisa Yoshimura and Sudha K. Iyengar and Peter J. Francis and Nicholas Katsanis and Johanna M. Seddon and Jonathan L. Haines and Michael B. Gorin and Gonçalo R. Abecasis and Anand Swaroop and Mark T. Keating and Complications Age-Related Macular and Complications of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Prevention Trial Research Group and Complications of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Prevention Trial (CAPT) Research Group
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 4/2010, Volume 107, Issue 16, pp. 7401 - 7406
Journal Article
by Bavinger, JC and Ying, GS and Daniel, E and Grunwald, JE and Maguire, MG and Williams, DF and Beardsley, S and Bennett, S and Cantrill, H and Chan-Tram, C and Cheshier, H and Damato, K and Davies, J and Dev, S and Enloe, J and Follano, G and Gilbert, P and Johnson, J and Jones, T and Mayleben, L and Mittra, R and Moos, M and Neist, R and Oestreich, N and Quiram, P and Ramsay, R and Ryan, E and Schindeldecker, S and Snater, J and Steele, T and Selders, D and Tonsfeldt, J and Valardi, S and Fish, GE and Aguado, HA and Arceneaux, S and Arnwine, J and Bell, K and Bell, T and Boleman, B and Bradley, P and Callanan, D and Coors, L and Creighton, J and Crew, T and Cummings, K and Dock, C and Duignan, K and Fuller, D and Gray, K and Hendrix, B and Hesse, N and Jaramillo, D and Jost, B and Lash, S and Lonsdale, L and Mackens, M and Mutz, K and Potts, M and Sanchez, B and Snyder, W and Solley, W and Tarter, C and Wang, R and Williams, P and Perkins, SL and Anderson, N and Arnold, A and Blais, P and Googe, J and Higdon, TT and Hunt, C and Johnson, M and Miller, J and Moore, M and Morris, CK and Morris, C and Oelrich, S and Oliver, K and Seitz, V and Whetstone, J and Doft, BH and Bedel, J and Bergren, R and Borthwick, A and Conrad, P and Fec, A and Fulwylie, C and Ingram, W and Latham, S and Lester, G and Liu, J and Lobes, L and Lucko, NM and Mechling, H and Merlotti, L and McBroom, K and Olsen, K and Puskas, D and Rath, P and ... and Comparison Age-Related Macular and Comparison of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatments Trials Research Group and for the Comparison of Age-Related Macular Degeneration Treatments Trials Research Group
JAMA OPHTHALMOLOGY, ISSN 2168-6165, 11/2019, Volume 137, Issue 11, pp. 1306 - 1311
IMPORTANCE Recent reports suggest that cilioretinal arteries (CRAs) confer protection against developing advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD).... 
OPHTHALMOLOGY | Macular degeneration | Atrophy | Angiography | Fluorescein | Clinical trials | Eye diseases | Age | Arteries | Vascularization
Journal Article
Ophthalmology, ISSN 0161-6420, 2019, Volume 126, Issue 2, pp. 261 - 273
PURPOSE: To investigate the natural history and genetic associations of drusenoid pigment epithelial detachment (DPED) associated with age-related macular... 
Journal Article
by Erni, W and Keshelashvili, I and Krusche, B and Steinacher, M and Heng, Y and Liu, Z and Liu, H and Shen, X and Wang, Q and Xu, H and Aab, A and Albrecht, M and Becker, J and Csapo, A and Feldbauer, F and Fink, M and Friedel, P and Heinsius, F. H and Held, T and Klask, L and Koch, H and Kopf, B and Leiber, S and Leyhe, M and Motzko, C and Pelizaeus, M and Pychy, J and Roth, B and Schroeder, T and Schulze, J and Sowa, C and Steinke, M and Trifterer, T and Wiedner, U and Zhong, J and Beck, R and Bianco, S and Brinkmann, K. T and Hammann, C and Hinterberger, F and Kaiser, D and Kliemt, R and Kube, M and Pitka, A and Quagli, T and Schmidt, C and Schmitz, R and Schnell, R and Thoma, U and Vlasov, P and Walther, D and Wendel, C and Wuerschig, T and Zaunick, H. G and Bianconi, A and Bragadireanu, M and Caprini, M and Pantea, D and Pantelica, D and Pietreanu, D and Serbina, L and Tarta, P. D and Kaplan, D and Fiutowski, T and Idzik, M and Mindur, B and Przyborowski, D and Swientek, K and Czech, B and Kistryn, M and Kliczewski, S and Kozela, A and Kulessa, P and Lebiedowicz, P and Pysz, K and Schaefer, W and Siudak, R and Szczurek, A and Jowzaee, S and Kajetanowicz, M and Kamys, B and Kistryn, S and Korcyl, G and Korcyl, K and Krzemien, W and Magiera, A and Moskal, P and Palka, M and Rudy, Z and Salabura, P and Smyrski, J and Wronska, A and Augustin, I and Lehmann, I and Nimorus, D and Schepers, G and Al-Turany, M and Arora, R and Deppe, H and Flemming, H and ... and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik and Kärnfysik
European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 02/2013, Volume 49, Issue 2, p. 25
Journal Article
by Barucca, G and Davı, F and Lancioni, G and Mengucci, P and Montalto, L and Natali, P.P and Paone, N and Rinaldi, D and Scalise, L and Erni, W and Krusche, B and Steinacher, M and Walford, N and Cao, N and Liu, Z and Liu, C and Liu, B and Shen, X and Sun, S and Tao, J and Zhao, G and Zhao, J and Albrecht, M and Bökelmann, S and Erlen, T and Feldbauer, F and Fink, M and Frech, J and Freudenreich, V and Fritsch, M and Hagdorn, R and Heinsius, F.H and Held, T and Holtmann, T and Keshk, I and Koch, H and Kopf, B and Kuhlmann, M and Kümmel, M and Küßner, M and Leiber, S and Musiol, P and Mustafa, A and Pelizäus, M and Pitka, A and Reher, J and Reicherz, G and Richter, M and Schnier, C and Sersin, S and Sohl, L and Sowa, C and Steinke, M and Triffterer, T and Weber, T and Wiedner, U and Beck, R and Hammann, C and Hartmann, J and Ketzer, B and Müllers, J and Rossbach, M and Salisbury, B and Schmidt, C and Thoma, U and Urban, M and Bianconi, A and Bragadireanu, M and Pantea, D and Czyzycki, W and Domagala, M and Filo, G and Jaworowski, J and Krawczyk, M and Lisowski, E and Lisowski, F and Michałek, M and Płażek, J and Korcyl, K and Kozela, A and Kulessa, P and Lebiedowicz, P and Pysz, K and Schäfer, W and Szczurek, A and Fiutowski, T and Idzik, M and Swientek, K and Terlecki, P and Korcyl, G and Lalik, R and Malige, A and Moskal, P and Nowakowski, K and Przygoda, W and Rathod, N and Rudy, Z and Salabura, P and Smyrski, J and Augustin, I and ... and PANDA Collaboration and The PANDA Collaboration and Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI) and KTH and Fysik and Kärnfysik
European Physical Journal A, ISSN 1434-6001, 03/2019, Volume 55, Issue 3, p. 1
.This paper summarises a comprehensive Monte Carlo simulation study for precision resonance energy scan measurements. Apart from the proof of principle for... 
PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
by Haas, B.J and Kamoun, S and Zody, M.C and Jiang, R.H.Y and Handsaker, R.E and Cano, L.M and Grabherr, M and Kodira, C.D and Raffaele, S and Torto-Alalibo, T and Bozkurt, T.O and Ah-Fong, A.M.V and Alvarado, L and Anderson, V.L and Armstrong, M.R and Avrova, A and Baxter, L and Beynon, J and Boevink, P.C and Bollmann, S.R and Bos, J.I.B and Bulone, V and Cai, G and Cakir, C and Carrington, J.C and Chawner, M and Conti, L and Costanzo, S and Ewan, R and Fahlgren, N and Fischbach, M.A and Fugelstad, J and Gilroy, E.M and Gnerre, S and Green, P.J and Grenville-Briggs, L.J and Griffith, J and Grunwald, N.J and Horn, K and Horner, N.R and Hu, C.H and Huitema, E and Jeong, D.H and Jones, A.M.E and Jones, J.D.G and Jones, R.W and Karlsson, E.K and Kunjeti, S.G and Lamour, K and Liu, Z and Ma, L and Maclean, D and Chibucos, M.C and McDonald, H and McWalters, J and Meijer, H.J.G and Morgan, W and Morris, P.F and Munro, C.A and O'Neill, K and Ospina-Giraldo, M and Pinzon, A and Pritchard, L and Ramsahoye, B and Ren, Q and Restrepo, S and Roy, S and Sadanandom, A and Savidor, A and Schornack, S and Schwartz, D.C and Schumann, U.D and Schwessinger, B and Seyer, L and Sharpe, T and Silvar, C and Song, J and Studholme, D.J and Sykes, S and Thines, M and Vondervoort, van de, P.J.I and Phuntumart, V and Wawra, S and Weide, R and Win, J and Young, C and Zhou, S and Fry, W and Meyers, B.C and West, van, P and Ristaino, J and Govers, F and Birch, P.R.J and Whisson, S.C and Judelson, H.S and Nusbaum, C and Skolan för bioteknologi (BIO) and KTH and Glykovetenskap
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2009, Volume 461, Issue 7262, pp. 393 - 398
Journal Article
European Journal of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery, ISSN 1078-5884, 2017, Volume 53, Issue 5, pp. 617 - 625
Journal Article