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Journal Article
by Mullane, Kathleen M and Morrison, Vicki A and Camacho, Luis H and Arvin, Ann and McNeil, Shelly A and Durrand, Jessie and Campbell, Bernadette and Su, Shu-Chih and Chan, Ivan S F and Parrino, Janie and Kaplan, Susan S and Popmihajlov, Zoran and Annunziato, Paula W and Cerana, S and Dictar, MO and Bonvehi, P and Tregnaghi, JP and Fein, L and Ashley, D and Singh, M and Hayes, T and Playford, G and Morrissey, O and Thaler, J and Kuehr, T and Greil, R and Pecherstorfer, M and Duck, L and Van Eygen, K and Aoun, M and De Prijck, B and Franke, FA and Barrios, CHE and Mendes, AVA and Serrano, SV and Garcia, RF and Moore, F and Camargo, JFC and Pires, LA and Alves, RS and Radinov, A and Oreshkov, K and Minchev, V and Hubenova, AI and Koynova, T and Ivanov, I and Rabotilova, B and Petrov, PA and Chilingirov, P and Karanikolov, S and Raynov, J and Grimard, D and McNeil, S and Kumar, D and Larratt, LM and Weiss, K and Delage, R and Diaz-Mitoma, FJ and Cano, PO and Couture, F and Carvajal, P and Yepes, A and Torres Ulloa, R and Fardella, P and Caglevic, C and Rojas, C and Orellana, E and Gonzalez, P and Acevedo, A and Galvez, KM and Gonzalez, ME and Franco, S and Restrepo, JG and Rojas, CA and Bonilla, C and Florez, LE and Ospina, AV and Manneh, R and Zorica, R and Vrdoljak, DV and Samarzija, M and Petruzelka, L and Vydra, J and Mayer, J and Cibula, D and Prausova, J and Paulson, G and Ontaneda, M and Palk, K and Vahlberg, A and Rooneem, R and Galtier, F and Postil, D and Lucht, F and Laine, F and Launay, O and Laurichesse, H and Duval, X and Cornely, OA and Camerer, B and ... and V212 Protocol 011 Trial Team
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 2010, Volume 685, Issue 4-5, pp. 239 - 246
We report a measurement of the flux of cosmic rays with unprecedented precision and Statistics using the Pierre Auger Observatory Based on fluorescence... 
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2012, Volume 109, Issue 6
We report a measurement of the proton-air cross section for particle production at the center-of-mass energy per nucleon of 57 TeV. This is derived from the... 
Journal Article
Journal Article