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by Wikstrand, John and Warnold, Ingrid and Olsson, Gunnar and Tuomilehto, Jaakko and Elmfeldt, Dag and Berglund, Göran and Barber, Hamish J and Eliasson, Keith and Jastrup, Birthe and Karatzas, Nicholas B and Leer, John and Marchetta, Fausto and Ragnarsson, Johann and Robitaille, Michelle and Valkova, Liba and Wesseling, Harry and Bergstrand, Robert and Wilhelmsen, Lars and Chobanian, Aram and Odén, Anders and Lindqvist, Jonny and Fodor, J. George and Handa, S. Paul and Hardacre, Gordon D and Robitaille, N. Michelle and Shearer, Robin S and Woollam, Robin C and Boudik, Frantisek and Hejl, Zdenek and Pisa, Zbynek and Valek, Jiri and Honkavaara, Matti and Kuusisto, Pasi and Mönkkönen, Martti and Mönttinen, Arto and Pohjola, Matti and Vinni, Seija and Vänskä, Olavi and ten Berge, Bart S and Bloem, Theo H. J. J. M and May, Johan Frans and Nubé, Menso J and Jansen, Jo L. J and Hardarson, Thordur and Ragnarsson, Johann R and Snorrason, Snorri and Ambrosioni, Ettori and Fogari, Roberto and Pirrelli, Anna and Bratland, Svein Z and Dahl, Åge and Haraldson, Arne and Atmer, Bernd and Brouneus, Agneta and Brouneus, Birger and Bruhn, Arne and Candefjord, Jan and Ekblad, Gunnar and Ellborg, Åke and Fagerberg, Sven-Erik and Fries, Lars and Frisell, Johan Erik and Gumaelius, Karl and Gunnarsson, Christer and Hagströmer, Raoul and Hassler, Leo and Hjalmers, Staffan and Hultsten, Kjell and Hylander, Brita and Häggmark, Anders and Johansen, Bertil and Jonsson, Jörgen and Kjellberg, Jan and Lindgren, Lars-Göran and Linné, Gösta and Luptovics, Janos and Magnusson, Per-Olof and Nilsson, Lennart and Persson, Lars-Göran and Sjöstrand, Åke and Strömvall, Ted and Tovi, Tunc and Wajntraub, Halina and Adams-Strump, Barry J and Bird, Steven and Campbell, L. Malcolm and Cuthill, Allan R and Goves, John R and Grundy, Peter F and Harding, Keith G and Davis, Robert Harvard and McLauchlan, John H and Morgan, Chris J. L and Muir, Alexander L and Pinker, Trevor G and Sudhakar, Sudhi and Taylor, Stanley H and Wathen, Chris G
JAMA : the journal of the American Medical Association, ISSN 0098-7484, 04/1988, Volume 259, Issue 13, pp. 1976 - 1982
Journal Article
Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health, ISSN 0355-3140, 1/1983, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp. 59 - 68
Journal Article
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