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by Drake, T. M and Nepogodiev, D and Chapman, S. J and Glasbey, J. C and Khatri, C and Kong, C. Y and Claireaux, H. A and Bath, M. F and Mohan, M and McNamee, L and Kelly, M and Mitchell, H and Fitzgerald, J. E and Harrison, E. M and Bhangu, A and Claireaux, H. A and Antoniou, I and Dean, R and Davies, N and Trecarten, S and Henderson, I and Holmes, C and Wylie, J and Shuttleworth, R. H and Jindal, A and Hughes, F and Gouda, P and McNamee, L and Fleck, R and Hanrahan, M and Karunakaran, P and Chen, J. H and Sykes, M. C and Sethi, R. K and Suresh, S and Patel, P and Patel, M and Varma, R. K and Mushtaq, J and Gundogan, B and Bolton, W and Mohan, M and Khan, T and Burke, J and Morley, R and Favero, N and Adams, R and Thirumal, V and Kennedy, E. D and Ong, K. K and Tan, Y. H and Gabriel, J and Bakhsh, A and Low, J. Y. L and Yener, A and Paraoan, V and Preece, R and Tilston, T. W and Cumber, E and Dean, S and Ross, T and McCance, E and Amin, H and Satterthwaite, L and Clement, K. D and Gratton, R and Mills, E. D and Chiu, S. M and Hung, G and Rafiq, N. M and Hayes, J. D. B and Robertson, K. L and Dynes, K and Huang, H. C and Assadullah, S and Duncumb, J. W and Moon, R. D. C and Poo, S. X and Mehta, J. K and Joshi, K. R and Callan, R and Norris, J. M and Chilvers, N. J and Keevil, H and Jull, P and Mallick, S and Elf, D and Carr, L and Player, C and Barton, E. C and Martin, A. L and Ratu, S. G and Roberts, E. J and Phan, P. N and Dyal, A. R and Rogers, J. E and Henson, A. D and Reid, N. B and Burke, D and Culleton, G and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 08/2016, Volume 103, Issue 9, pp. 1157 - 1172
Journal Article
Tetrahedron, ISSN 0040-4020, 2012, Volume 68, Issue 4, pp. 1216 - 1222
Selective syntheses of 3,4-vinylenedithiathiophenes (VDTTs) and dithieno[2,3- ;2′,3′- ]thiophenes (DTTs), having Ph, 4-CH OC H , 4-BrC H , 4-NO C H and 4-(CH )... 
Phosphorus decasulfide (P 4S 10) | Dithienothiophene | Ethylenedioxythiophene | Vinylenedithiathiophene | Phosphorus decasulfide (P
Journal Article
Turkish Journal of Haematology, ISSN 1300-7777, 09/2016, Volume 33, Issue 3, p. 254
Journal Article
by Drake, Thomas M and Cheung, Lok Ka and Gaba, Fortis and Glasbey, James and Griffiths, Nathan and Helliwell, Rebecca J and Huq, Tausif and Khaw, Rachel and Mayes, Jonathan and Khan, Saif and Rafiq, Nasir and Woin, Evelina and Fitzgerald, J Edward and Harrison, Ewen M and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Drake, TM and Drake, Thomas M and Glasbey, James and Bath, Mike and Borakati, Aditya and Burke, Joshua and Claireaux, Henry and Deekonda, Praveena and Gundogan, Buket and Joyce, Holly and Kamarajah, Sivesh and Khatri, Chetan and Kong, Chia and McLean, Kenneth A and Mcnamee, Lisa and Mohan, Midhun and Woin, Evelina and Fitzgerald, J Edward and Bhangu, Aneel and Harrison, Ewen M and Nepogodiev, Dmitri and Arulkumaran, Nishkantha and Bell, Samira and Duthie, Fiona and Hughes, Jeremy and Prowle, John and Richards, Toby and Dynes, K and Patel, P and Wigley, C and Suresh, R and Shaw, A and Klimach, S and Jull, P and Evans, D and Preece, R and Ibrahim, I and Manikavasagar, V and Brown, F S and Deekonda, P and Teo, R and Sim, D P Y and Borakati, A and Logan, A E and Barai, I and Amin, H and Suresh, S and Sethi, R and Bolton, W and Corbridge, O and Horne, L and Attalla, M and Morley, R and Hoskins, T and McAllister, R and Lee, S and Dennis, Y and Nixon, G and Heywood, E and Wilson, H and Ng, L and Samaraweera, S and Mills, A and Doherty, C and Woin, E and Belchos, J and Phan, V and Chouari, T and Gardner, T and Goergen, N and Hayes, J D B and MacLeod, C S and McCormack, R and McKinley, A and McKinstry, S and Milligan, W and Ooi, L and Rafiq, N M and Sammut, T and Sinclair, E and Smith, M and Baker, C and Boulton, A P R and Collins, J and Copley, H C and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
Anaesthesia, ISSN 0003-2409, 10/2018, Volume 73, Issue 10, pp. 1214 - 1222
Journal Article
by Abbas, Z and Abburu, S and Abd Ghaffar, M.K and Abdelhadi, M and Abdikadir, H.R and Abdulmajid, A and Abid, H and Abid, A and Abuhussein, N and Abul, M.H and Acquaah, F and Acres, M and Adams, R and Adams, R.D and Adebayo, A.A and Adeleja, I and Adjei, H and Afzal, Z and Agarwal, V and Ahern, N and Ahmad, K and Ahmad, S and Ahmed, M and Ahmed, H and Ahmed, N and Ahmed, S and Ahmed, F and Ahn, J.S and Aidoo-Micah, G.E and Aildasani, L and Aithie, J.M and Akhtar, S and Ali, S and Ali, A and Ali, B and Ali, M and Ali, H and Alizadeh, M and Allan, C and Allen, J.L.Y and Allot, R and Al-Mousawi, A and Al-Obaedi, O and Al-Robeye, A and Amajuoyi, A and Amin, H and Amin, O and Amphlett, A.H and Anandarajah, C and Anderson, L and Anderson, L.B and Anderson, S.M and Ang, A and Angelov, S and Anilkumar, A and Anim-Addo, N and Ansari, N and Antoniou, I and Archer, C.H and Arif, T and Asbjoernsen, C.A and Ashfaq, U and Ashken, L and Ashraf, S.F and Ashraf, S and Ashton, A.J and Ashwood, J and Aslanyan, A and Asmadi, A and Assadullah, S and Atayi, A and Atraszkiewicz, B.A and Attalla, M and Austreng, L and Auyoung, E and Avery, P and Axelson, T and Aziz, H and Aziz, N and Baker, A.N and Bakewell, Z.R and Bakhsh, A and Balaji, S and Balian, V and Bamgbose, F.A and Barai, I and Barnes, J and Barrow, T.R and Barthorpe, A.E and Bartlett, J and Bartlett, R.D and Barton, E.C and Bassam, N and Bassett, J and Bassiony, S and Bath, M.F and Batho, A and Batt, E and Bazeer, H.Z and Beckett, J and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
World Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, 1/2017, Volume 41, Issue 1, pp. 47 - 55
Significant safety concerns remain surrounding the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) following gastrointestinal surgery, leading to wide... 
Medicine & Public Health | Cardiac Surgery | Surgery | Abdominal Surgery |