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by Lees, J. P and Poireau, V and Tisserand, V and Garra Tico, J and Grauges, E and Palano, A and Eigen, G and Stugu, B and Brown, D. N and Kerth, L. T and Kolomensky, Yu. G and Lynch, G and Koch, H and Schroeder, T and Asgeirsson, D. J and Hearty, C and Mattison, T. S and McKenna, J. A and So, R. Y and Khan, A and Blinov, V. E and Buzykaev, A. R and Druzhinin, V. P and Golubev, V. B and Kravchenko, E. A and Onuchin, A. P and Serednyakov, S. I and Skovpen, Yu. I and Solodov, E. P and Todyshev, K. Yu and Yushkov, A. N and Bondioli, M and Kirkby, D and Lankford, A. J and Mandelkern, M and Atmacan, H and Gary, J. W and Liu, F and Long, O and Vitug, G. M and Campagnari, C and Hong, T. M and Kovalskyi, D and Richman, J. D and West, C. A and Eisner, A. M and Kroseberg, J and Lockman, W. S and Martinez, A. J and Schumm, B. A and Seiden, A and Chao, D. S and Cheng, C. H and Echenard, B and Flood, K. T and Hitlin, D. G and Ongmongkolkul, P and Porter, F. C and Rakitin, A. Y and Andreassen, R and Huard, Z and Meadows, B. T and Sokoloff, M. D and Sun, L and Bloom, P. C and Ford, W. T and Gaz, A and Nauenberg, U and Smith, J. G and Wagner, S. R and Ayad, R and Toki, W. H and Spaan, B and Schubert, K. R and Schwierz, R and Bernard, D and Verderi, M and Clark, P. J and Playfer, S and Bettoni, D and Bozzi, C and Calabrese, R and Cibinetto, G and Fioravanti, E and Garzia, I and Luppi, E and Munerato, M and Piemontese, L and Santoro, V and Baldini-Ferroli, R and Calcaterra, A and de Sangro, R and Finocchiaro, G and Patteri, P and Peruzzi, I. M and Piccolo, M and Rama, M and Zallo, A and Contri, R and Guido, E and ... and BABAR Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 09/2012, Volume 109, Issue 10
Based on the full BABAR data sample, we report improved measurements of the ratios R(D-(*())) = B((B) over bar -> D-(*()) tau(-)(nu) over bar (tau))/B((B) over bar -> D-(*()) l(l)(-)(nu) over bar (l... 
Physics, Multidisciplinary | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology
Journal Article
by Lappalainen, Hanna K and Kerminen, Veli-Matti and Petäjä, Tuukka and Kurten, Theo and Baklanov, Aleksander and Shvidenko, Anatoly and Bäck, Jaana and Vihma, Timo and Alekseychik, Pavel and Andreae, Meinrat O and Arnold, Stephen R and Arshinov, Mikhail and Asmi, Eija and Belan, Boris and Bobylev, Leonid and Chalov, Sergey and Cheng, Yafang and Chubarova, Natalia and de Leeuw, Gerrit and Ding, Aijun and Dobrolyubov, Sergey and Dubtsov, Sergei and Dyukarev, Egor and Elansky, Nikolai and Eleftheriadis, Kostas and Esau, Igor and Filatov, Nikolay and Flint, Mikhail and Fu, Congbin and Glezer, Olga and Gliko, Aleksander and Heimann, Martin and Holtslag, Albert A. M and Hõrrak, Urmas and Janhunen, Juha and Juhola, Sirkku and Järvi, Leena and Järvinen, Heikki and Kanukhina, Anna and Konstantinov, Pavel and Kotlyakov, Vladimir and Kieloaho, Antti-Jussi and Komarov, Alexander S and Kujansuu, Joni and Kukkonen, Ilmo and Duplissy, Ella-Maria and Laaksonen, Ari and Laurila, Tuomas and Lihavainen, Heikki and Lisitzin, Alexander and Mahura, Alexsander and Makshtas, Alexander and Mareev, Evgeny and Mazon, Stephany and Matishov, Dmitry and Melnikov, Vladimir and Mikhailov, Eugene and Moisseev, Dmitri and Nigmatulin, Robert and Noe, Steffen M and Ojala, Anne and Pihlatie, Mari and Popovicheva, Olga and Pumpanen, Jukka and Regerand, Tatjana and Repina, Irina and Shcherbinin, Aleksei and Shevchenko, Vladimir and Sipilä, Mikko and Skorokhod, Andrey and Spracklen, Dominick V and Su, Hang and Subetto, Dmitry A and Sun, Junying and Terzhevik, Arkady Y and Timofeyev, Yuri and Troitskaya, Yuliya and Tynkkynen, Veli-Pekka and Kharuk, Viacheslav I and Zaytseva, Nina and Zhang, Jiahua and Viisanen, Yrjö and Vesala, Timo and Hari, Pertti and Hansson, Hans Christen and Matvienko, Gennady G and Kasimov, Nikolai S and Guo, Huadong and Bondur, Valery and Zilitinkevich, Sergej and Kulmala, Markku
Atmospheric chemistry and physics, ISSN 1680-7324, 11/2016, Volume 16, Issue 22, pp. 14421 - 14461
Journal Article
by Grotzinger, J. P and Sumner, D. Y and Kah, L. C and Stack, K and Gupta, S and Edgar, L and Rubin, D and Lewis, K and Schieber, J and Mangold, N and Milliken, R and Conrad, P. G and DesMarais, D and Farmer, J and Siebach, K and Calef, F and Hurowitz, J and McLennan, S. M and Ming, D and Vaniman, D and Crisp, J and Vasavada, A and Edgett, K. S and Malin, M and Blake, D and Gellert, R and Mahaffy, P and Wiens, R. C and Maurice, S and Grant, J. A and Wilson, S and Anderson, R. C and Beegle, L and Arvidson, R and Hallet, B and Sletten, R. S and Rice, M and Bell, J and Griffes, J and Ehlmann, B and Anderson, R. B and Bristow, T. F and Dietrich, W. E and Dromart, G and Eigenbrode, J and Fraeman, A and Hardgrove, C and Herkenhoff, K and Jandura, L and Kocurek, G and Lee, S and Leshin, L. A and Leveille, R and Limonadi, D and Maki, J and McCloskey, S and Meyer, M and Minitti, M and Newsom, H and Oehler, D and Okon, A and Palucis, M and Parker, T and Rowland, S and Schmidt, M and Squyres, S and Steele, A and Stolper, E and Summons, R and Treiman, A and Williams, R and Yingst, A and Team, M. S and Kemppinen, O and Bridges, N and Johnson, J. R and Cremers, D and Godber, A and Wadhwa, M and Wellington, D and McEwan, I and Newman, C and Richardson, M and Charpentier, A and Peret, L and King, P and Blank, J and Weigle, G and Li, S and Robertson, K and Sun, V and Baker, M and Edwards, C and Farley, K and Miller, H and Newcombe, M and Pilorget, C and Brunet, C and Hipkin, V and Marchand, G and ... and MSL Sci Team and MSL Science Team
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 12/2013, Volume 343, Issue 6169, pp. 1242777 - 1242777
Journal Article
by Adamczyk, L and Adkins, J.K and Agakishiev, G and Aggarwal, M.M and Ahammed, Z and Alekseev, I and Alford, J and Anson, C.D and Aparin, A and Arkhipkin, D and Aschenauer, E.C and Averichev, G.S and Balewski, J and Banerjee, A and Barnovska, Z and Beavis, D.R and Bellwied, R and Bhasin, A and Bhati, A.K and Bhattarai, P and Bichsel, H and Bielcik, J and Bielcikova, J and Bland, L.C and Bordyuzhin, I.G and Borowski, W and Bouchet, J and Brandin, A.V and Brovko, S.G and Bültmann, S and Bunzarov, I and Burton, T.P and Butterworth, J and Caines, H and Calderón De La Barca Sánchez, M and Cebra, D and Cendejas, R and Cervantes, M.C and Chaloupka, P and Chang, Z and Chattopadhyay, S and Chen, H.F and Chen, J.H and Chen, L and Cheng, J and Cherney, M and Chikanian, A and Christie, W and Chwastowski, J and Codrington, M.J.M and Corliss, R and Cramer, J.G and Crawford, H.J and Cui, X and Das, S and Davila Leyva, A and De Silva, L.C and Debbe, R.R and Dedovich, T.G and Deng, J and Derevschikov, A.A and Derradi De Souza, R and Dhamija, S and Di Ruzza, B and Didenko, L and Dilks, C and Ding, F and Djawotho, P and Dong, X and Drachenberg, J.L and Draper, J.E and Du, C.M and Dunkelberger, L.E and Dunlop, J.C and Efimov, L.G and Engelage, J and Engle, K.S and Eppley, G and Eun, L and Evdokimov, O and Fatemi, R and Fazio, S and Fedorisin, J and Filip, P and Finch, E and Fisyak, Y and Flores, C.E and Gagliardi, C.A and Gangadharan, D.R and Garand, D and Geurts, F and Gibson, A and Girard, M and Gliske, S and Grosnick, D and Guo, Y and Gupta, A and Gupta, S and Guryn, W and Haag, B and ... and STAR Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2014, Volume 113, Issue 9, pp. 092301 - 092301
We report the first measurements of the moments--mean (M), variance (σ(2)), skewness (S), and kurtosis (κ)--of the net-charge multiplicity distributions at... 
Beams (radiation) | Collisions | Charge | Tools | Mathematical models | Kurtosis | Binomials | Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider | Physics - Nuclear Experiment | Nuclear Experiment | Physics
Journal Article
by Adamczyk, L and Adkins, J. K and Agakishiev, G and Aggarwal, M. M and Ahammed, Z and Ajitanand, N. N and Alekseev, I and Anderson, D. M and Aoyama, R and Aparin, A and Arkhipkin, D and Aschenauer, E. C and Ashraf, M. U and Attri, A and Averichev, G. S and Bai, X and Bairathi, V and Behera, A and Bellwied, R and Bhasin, A and Bhati, A. K and Bhattarai, P and Bielcik, J and Bielcikova, J and Bland, L. C and Bordyuzhin, I. G and Bouchet, J and Brandenburg, J. D and Brandin, A. V and Brown, D and Bunzarov, I and Butterworth, J and Caines, H and Sanchez, M. Calderon De la Barca and Campbell, J. M and Cebra, D and Chakaberia, I and Chaloupka, P and Chang, Z and Chankova-Bunzarova, N and Chatterjee, A and Chattopadhyay, S and Chen, X and Chen, J. H and Chen, X and Cheng, J and Cherney, M and Christie, W and Contin, G and Crawford, H. J and Das, S and De Silva, L. C and Debbe, R. R and Dedovich, T. G and Deng, J and Derevschikov, A. A and Didenko, L and Dilks, C and Dong, X and Drachenberg, J. L and Draper, J. E and Dunkelberger, L. E and Dunlop, J. C and Efimov, L. G and Elsey, N and Engelage, J and Eppley, G and Esha, R and Esumi, S and Evdokimov, O and Ewigleben, J and Eyser, O and Fatemi, R and Fazio, S and Federic, P and Federicova, P and Fedorisin, J and Feng, Z and Filip, P and Finch, E and Fisyak, Y and Flores, C. E and Fulek, L and Gagliardi, C. A and Garand, D and Geurts, F and Gibson, A and Girard, M and Grosnick, D and Gunarathne, D. S and Guo, Y and Gupta, A and Gupta, S and Guryn, W and Hamad, A. I and Hamed, A and Harlenderova, A and Harris, J. W and He, L and Heppelmann, S and ... and STAR Collaboration
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 08/2017, Volume 548, Issue 7665, p. 62
The extreme energy densities generated by ultra-relativistic collisions between heavy atomic nuclei produce a state of matter that behaves surprisingly like a... 
Science & Technology - Other Topics | Multidisciplinary Sciences | Science & Technology
Journal Article