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by Heinzen, Erin L and Swoboda, Kathryn J and Hitomi, Yuki and Gurrieri, Fiorella and De Vries, Boukje and Tiziano, F. Danilo and Fontaine, Bertrand and Walley, Nicole M and Heavin, Sinéad and Panagiotakaki, Eleni and Fiori, Stefania and Abiusi, Emanuela and Di Pietro, Lorena and Sweney, Matthew T and Newcomb, Tara M and Viollet, Louis and Huff, Chad and Jorde, Lynn B and Reyna, Sandra P and Murphy, Kelley J and Shianna, Kevin V and Gumbs, Curtis E and Little, Latasha and Silver, Kenneth and Ptáček, Louis J and Haan, Joost and Ferrari, Michel D and Bye, Ann M and Herkes, Geoffrey K and Whitelaw, Charlotte M and Webb, David and Lynch, Bryan J and Uldall, Peter and King, Mary D and Scheffer, Ingrid E and Neri, Giovanni and Arzimanoglou, Alexis and Van Den Maagdenberg, Arn M.J.M and Sisodiya, Sanjay M and Mikati, Mohamad A and Goldstein, David B and Koelewijn, Stephany and Kamphorst, Jessica and Geilenkirchen, Marije and Pelzer, Nadine and Ferrari, Michel and Van Den Maagdenberg, Arn and Zucca, Claudio and Franchini, Filippo and Vavassori, Rosaria and Giannotta, Melania and Gobbi, Giuseppe and Granata, Tiziana and Nardocci, Nardo and De Grandis, Elisa and Veneselli, Edvige and Stagnaro, Michela and Vigevano, Federico and Oechsler, Claudia and Nicole, Sophie and Ninan, Miriam and Neville, Brian and Ebinger, Friedrich and Fons, Carmen and Campistol, Jaume and Kemlink, David and Nevsimalova, Sona and Laan, Laura and Peeters-Scholte, Cacha and Casaer, Paul and Casari, Giorgio and Sange, Guenter and Spiel, Georg and Boneschi, Filippo Martinelli and Bassi, Maria Teresa and Schyns, Tsveta and Crawley, Francis and Poncelin, Dominique and European Alternating Hemiplegia and European Network Res Alternating and Biobanca Registro Clinico and European Network for Research on Alternating Hemiplegia (ENRAH) for Small and Medium-sized Enterpriese (SMEs) Consortium and European Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) Genetics Consortium and Biobanca e Registro Clinico per l'Emiplegia Alternante (I.B.AHC) Consortium
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 09/2012, Volume 44, Issue 9, pp. 1030 - 1034
Journal Article
by Panagiotakaki, Eleni and De Grandis, Elisa and Stagnaro, Michela and Heinzen, Erin L and Fons, Carmen and Sisodiya, Sanjay and De Vries, Boukje and Goubau, Christophe and Weckhuysen, Sarah and Kemlink, David and Scheffer, Ingrid and Lesca, Gaëtan and Rabilloud, Muriel and Klich, Amna and Ramirez-Camacho, Alia and Ulate-Campos, Adriana and Campistol, Jaume and Giannotta, Melania and Moutard, Marie-Laure and Doummar, Diane and Hubsch-Bonneaud, Cecile and Jaffer, Fatima and Cross, Helen and Gurrieri, Fiorella and Tiziano, Danilo and Nevsimalova, Sona and Nicole, Sophie and Neville, Brian and Van Den Maagdenberg, Arn M. J. M and Mikati, Mohamad and Goldstein, David B and Vavassori, Rosaria and Arzimanoglou, Alexis and Bassi, Maria Teresa and Borgatti, Renato and Cernetti, Roberta and Di Rosa, Gabriella and Franchini, Filippo and Gambardella, Antonio and Giacanelli, Manlio and Gobbi, Giuseppe and Granata, Tiziana and Guerrini, Renzo and Incorpora, Gemma and Nardocci, Nardo and Neri, Giovanni and Ragona, Francesca and Santucci, Margherita and Sartori, Stefano and Veneselli, Edvige and Vigevano, Federico and Zucca, Claudio and Aicardi, J and An, I and Arbues, A.S and Arzimanoglou, A and Bahi-Buisson, N and Barthez, M.-A and Billette de Villemeur, T and Bourgeois, M and Bru, M and Chabrol, B and Chaigne, D and Chaunu, M.P and Chaunu, C and Cournelle, A.M and Davoine, C.-S and De St Martin, A and Deny, B and Desguerres, I and Des Portes, V and Doummar, D and Dulac, O and Dusser, A and Gerard, M and Gitiaux, C and Godet Kiesel, I and Gokben, S and Goutieres, F and Guerrin, M.-H and Heron-Longe, B and Hubsch-Bonneaud, C and Hully, M and Husson, M and Husson, Ch and Kaminska, A and Laroche, C and Lazaro, L and Lepine, A and Magy, L and Marchal, C and Michel, J and Milh, M and Motte, J and Moutard, M.L and Napuri, S and Nassogne, M.C and Neau, J.P and Nicole, S and Panagiotakaki, Eleni and ... and IBAHC Consortium and French AHC Consortium and Int AHC Consortium and International AHC Consortium and Italian IBAHC Consortium and The French AHC Consortium and The Italian IBAHC Consortium and The International AHC Consortium
Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, ISSN 1750-1172, 09/2015, Volume 10, Issue 1, p. 123
Journal Article
by Zong, J. H and Eckert, L and Zhang, L and Dai, W. S and Cohen, A. T and Lyman, G. H and Jirillo, A and Trojniak, M. P and Imbevaro, S and Rescigno, P and Pastorelli, D and Palozzo, A. C and Body, J and Pereira, J and Sleeboom, H and Maniadakis, N and Terpos, E and Finek, J and Gunther, O and Hechmati, G and Mossman, T and von Moos, R and Villalba, M. B and Pini, A and Streich, G and Molinas, E and Puyol, J. R and Bramajo, M. P and Batagelj, E. J and Alfaar, A. S and Kamal, M and Hassanain, O and Sabry, M and Ezzat, S and Abouelnaga, S and Das, P and Basak, J and Bose, C. K and Mukhopadhyay, A and Mukhopadhyay, S and Duran, I and Mahmood, A and Hoefeler, H and Ghazal, H and Lueftner, D and Fink, M and Bahl, A and Wei, R and Atchison, C and Tanase, T and Hamada, C and Fujii, H and Nakayama, N and Denda, T and Takayama, T and Yoshino, T and Ohtsu, A and Zaim, R and Redekop, W. K and van Dongen, G. A. M. S and De Bree, R and Groot, C. A. U.-D and Bariani, G. M and Ferrari, A. C. R. C and Hoff, P. M and Arai, R and Precivale, M and Riechelmann, R. P and Lee, S. J and Park, L. C and Lee, J and Kim, S and Chang, W and Park, Y. S and Tejpar, S and Teague, T and Lake, J and Tabernero, J and Vansteenkiste, J. F and Vlassak, S and Ciardiello, F and Conter, H. J and Conter, D and Wolff, R. A and Reyes, C and Byfield, S. D and Small, A and Mora, O and Marelli, L and Quadri, P and Tettamanti, M and Pedrazzani, C and Ghielmini, M and Baitar, A and van Fraeyenhove, F and Vandebroek, A and De Droogh, E and Galdermans, D and Mebis, J and Schrijvers, D and ... and on behalf of the International Collaborative Project to Evaluate the Availability and Accessibility of Opioids for the Management of Cancer Pain
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 9, pp. ix447 - ix461
Journal Article
Journal Article
Oncotarget, ISSN 1949-2553, 2017, Volume 8, Issue 15, pp. 25395 - 25417
Journal Article
Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 2014, Volume 13, Issue 5, pp. 503 - 514
Journal Article
Journal Article
Clinical Cancer Research, ISSN 1078-0432, 04/2012, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp. 1888 - 1900
Journal Article
by Chen, D. S and Feltquate, D. M and Smothers, F and Hoos, A and Langermann, S and Marshall, S and May, R and Fleming, M and Hodi, F. S and Senderowicz, A and Wiman, K. G and de Dosso, S and Fiedler, W and Gianni, L and Cresta, S and Schulze-Bergkamen, H. B and Gurrieri, L and Salzberg, M and Dietrich, B and Danielczyk, A and Baumeister, H and Goletz, S and Sessa, C and Strumberg, D and Schultheis, B and Santel, A and Gebhardt, F and Meyer-Sabellek, W and Keil, O and Giese, K and Kaufmann, J and Maio, M and Choy, G and Covre, A and Parisi, G and Nicolay, H and Fratta, E and Fonsatti, E and Sigalotti, L and Coral, S and Taverna, P and Azab, M and Deutsch, E and Lepechoux, C and Pignon, J. P and Tao, Y. T and Rivera, S and Bourgier, B. C and Angokai, M and Bahleda, R and Slimane, K and Angevin, E and Besse, B. B and Soria, J. C and Dragnev, K and Beumer, J. H and Anyang, B and Ma, T and Galimberti, F and Erkmen, C. P and Nugent, W and Rigas, J and Abraham, K and Johnstone, D and Memoli, V and Dmitrovsky, E and Voest, E. E and Siu, L and Janku, F and Tsimberidou, A and Kurzrock, R and Tabernero, J and Rodon, J and Berger, R and Onn, A and Batist, G and Bresson, C and Lazar, V and Molenaar, J. J and Koster, J and Ebus, M and Zwijnenburg, D. A and van Sluis, P and Lamers, F and Schild, L and van der Ploeg, I and Caron, H. N and Versteeg, R and Pouyssegur, J and Marchiq, I and Chiche, J and Roux, D and Le Floch, R and Critchlow, S. E and Wooster, R. F and Agresta, S and Yen, K. E and Janne, P. A and Plummer, E. R and Trinchieri, G and ...
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 03/2013, Volume 24, Issue suppl 1, pp. i7 - i17