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by Díaz-Redondo, Alicia and Giráldez-García, Carolina and Carrillo, Lourdes and Serrano, Rosario and García-Soidán, Francisco Javier and Artola, Sara and Franch, Josep and Díez, Javier and Ezkurra, Patxi and Millaruelo, José Manuel and Seguí, Mateu and Sangrós, Javier and Martínez-Candela, Juan and Muñoz, Pedro and Goday, Albert and Regidor, Enrique and Alonso, M and Álvarez, B and Álvarez, F and Álvarez, J.C and Antón, J.J and Armengol, O and Ávila, L and Babace, C and Barutell, L and Bedoya, M.J and Benito, B and Bilbeny, B and Birules, M and Blanco, C and Bobé, M.I and Boente, C and Borras, A and Bosch, R and Brito, M.J and Buil, P and Cabré, J.J and Carbonell, F and Carramiñana, F and Casorrán, A and Colas, R and Cordero, B and Cos, X and Cuatrecasas, G and De Castro, C and De La Flor, M and De La Sen, C and De Miguel, R.M and De Santiago, A.M and Del Castillo, M and Domínguez, D and Durán, C and Ferreiro, M and Gamarra, J and García, F and García-Giralda, L and Gijón, M.T and Gómez, Á and Gómez, M.C and González, J.C and González, M and Granero, E and Gutiérrez, A. Trinidad and Gutiérrez, F and Gutiérrez, L and Gutiérrez, M.A and Hernández, A.M and Ibáñez, M and Iglesias, R and Igual, D and Jurado, A and Llanes, R and López, F and López, R and Lorenzo, A and Losada, C and Macía, R and Magallón, R and Malo, F and Mancera, J and Mansilla, M.J and Marín, M.T and Martínez, F.J and Martín, J.L and Martínez, M.C and Martínez, R and Massana, A and Mata, M and Mayayo, M.S and Mediavilla, J.J and Mendo, L and Monzón, A and Moreno, A and Mundet, X and Mur, T and Navarro, E and Navarro, J and Nogales, P and Obaya, J.C and Oria, C and ...
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Journal Article
Arthritis & Rheumatology, ISSN 2326-5191, 03/2019, Volume 71, Issue 3, pp. 351 - 360
Journal Article
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Journal Article
Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, ISSN 0003-4967, 07/2013, Volume 72, Issue 7, pp. 1233 - 1238
Journal Article
by Sangrós, F. Javier and Torrecilla, Jesús and Giráldez-García, Carolina and Carrillo, Lourdes and Mancera, José and Mur, Teresa and Franch, Josep and Díez, Javier and Goday, Albert and Serrano, Rosario and García-Soidán, F. Javier and Cuatrecasas, Gabriel and Igual, Dimas and Moreno, Ana and Millaruelo, J. Manuel and Carramiñana, Francisco and Ruiz, Manuel Antonio and Pérez, Francisco Carlos and Iriarte, Yon and Lorenzo, Ángela and González, María and Álvarez, Beatriz and Barutell, Lourdes and Mayayo, M. Soledad and del Castillo, Mercedes and Navarro, Emma and Malo, Fernando and Cambra, Ainhoa and López, Riánsares and Gutiérrez, M. Ángel and Gutiérrez, Luisa and Boente, Carmen and Mediavilla, J. Javier and Prieto, Luis and Mendo, Luis and Mansilla, M. José and Ortega, Francisco Javier and Borras, Antonia and Sánchez, L. Gabriel and Obaya, J. Carlos and Alonso, Margarita and García, Francisco and Gutiérrez, Ángela Trinidad and Hernández, Ana M and Suárez, Dulce and Álvarez, J. Carlos and Sáenz, Isabel and Martínez, F. Javier and Casorrán, Ana and Ripoll, Jazmín and Salanova, Alejandro and Marín, M. Teresa and Gutiérrez, Félix and Innerárity, Jaime and Álvarez, M. del Mar and Artola, Sara and Bedoya, M. Jesús and Poveda, Santiago and Álvarez, Fernando and Brito, M. Jesús and Iglesias, Rosario and Paniagua, Francisca and Nogales, Pedro and Gómez, Ángel and Rubio, José Félix and Durán, M. Carmen and Sagredo, Julio and Gijón, M. Teresa and Rollán, M. Ángeles and Pérez, Pedro P and Gamarra, Javier and Carbonell, Francisco and García-Giralda, Luis and Antón, J. Joaquín and de la Flor, Manuel and Martínez, Rosario and Pardo, José Luis and Ruiz, Antonio and Plana, Raquel and Macía, Ramón and Villaró, Mercè and Babace, Carmen and Torres, José Luis and Blanco, Concepción and Jurado, Ángeles and Martín, José Luis and Navarro, Jorge and Sanz, Gloria and Colas, Rafael and Cordero, Blanca and de Castro, Cristina and Ibáñez, Mercedes and Monzón, Alicia and Porta, Nuria and Gómez, María del Carmen and Llanes, Rafael and Rodríguez, J. José and Granero, Esteban and Sánchez, Manuel and Martínez, Juan and ...
Spanish Journal of Cardiology (Revista Española de Cardiología, English Edition), ISSN 1885-5857, 2017, Volume 71, Issue 3, pp. 170 - 177
Journal Article
by Becerra-Tomás, Nerea and Díaz-López, Andrés and Rosique-Esteban, Núria and Ros, Emilio and Buil-Cosiales, Pilar and Corella, Dolores and Estruch, Ramon and Fitó, Montserrat and Serra-Majem, Lluís and Arós, Fernando and Lamuela-Raventós, Rosa Maria and Fiol, Miquel and Santos-Lozano, José Manuel and Díez-Espino, Javier and Portoles, Olga and Salas-Salvadó, Jordi and Serra-Mir, M and Pérez-Heras, A and Viñas, C and Casas, R and Medina-Renom, A and Baena, J.M and García, M and Oller, M and Amat, J and Duaso, I and García, Y and Iglesias, C and Simón, C and Quinzavos, L and Parra, L and Liroz, M and Benavent, J and Clos, J and Pla, I and Amorós, M and Bonet, M.T and Martín, M.T and Sánchez, M.S and Altirriba, J and Manzano, E and Altés, A and Cofán, M and Valls-Pedret, C and Sala-Vila, A and Doménech, M and Bulló, M and Babio, N and Basora, J and González, R and Molina, C and Márquez, F and Martínez, P and Ibarrola, N and Sorlí, M and García Roselló, J and Castro, A and Martin, F and Tort, N and Isach, A and Guasch-Ferre, M and Cabré, J.J and Mestres, G and Paris, F and Llauradó, M and Pedret, R and Basells, J and Vizcaino, J and Segarra, R and Frigola, J and Costa-Vizcaino, J and Salas-Huetos, A and Boj, J and Montañes, D and Papandreou, Christopher and Fernández-Ballart, J and Carrasco, P and Ortega-Azorín, C and Asensio, E.M and Osma, R and Barragán, R and Francés, F and Guillén, M and González, J.I and Sáiz, C and Portolés, O and Giménez, F.J and Coltell, O and Fernández-Carrión, R and Guillem-Sáiz, P and González-Monje, I and Quiles, L and Pascual, V and Riera, C and Pages, M.A and Godoy, D and Carratalá-Calvo, A and Sánchez-Navarro, S and Valero-Barceló, C and Tello, S and ... and PREDIMED Study Investigators
Clinical Nutrition, ISSN 0261-5614, 2018, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 906 - 913
Summary Background & aims Legumes, a low-energy, nutrient-dense and low glycemic index food, have shown beneficial effects on glycemic control and adiposity.... 
Journal Article
by Carmona, F. David and Mackie, Sarah L and Martín, Jose-Ezequiel and Taylor, John C and Vaglio, Augusto and Eyre, Stephen and Bossini-Castillo, Lara and Castañeda, Santos and Cid, Maria C and Hernández-Rodríguez, José and Prieto-González, Sergio and Solans, Roser and Ramentol-Sintas, Marc and González-Escribano, M. Francisca and Ortiz-Fernández, Lourdes and Morado, Inmaculada C and Narváez, Javier and Miranda-Filloy, José A and Beretta, Lorenzo and Lunardi, Claudio and Cimmino, Marco A and Gianfreda, Davide and Santilli, Daniele and Ramirez, Giuseppe A and Soriano, Alessandra and Muratore, Francesco and Pazzola, Giulia and Addimanda, Olga and Wijmenga, Cisca and Witte, Torsten and Schirmer, Jan H and Moosig, Frank and Schönau, Verena and Franke, Andre and Palm, Øyvind and Molberg, Øyvind and Diamantopoulos, Andreas P and Carette, Simon and Cuthbertson, David and Forbess, Lindsy J and Hoffman, Gary S and Khalidi, Nader A and Koening, Curry L and Langford, Carol A and McAlear, Carol A and Moreland, Larry and Monach, Paul A and Pagnoux, Christian and Seo, Philip and Spiera, Robert and Sreih, Antoine G and Warrington, Kenneth J and Ytterberg, Steven R and Gregersen, Peter K and Pease, Colin T and Gough, Andrew and Green, Michael and Hordon, Lesley and Jarrett, Stephen and Watts, Richard and Levy, Sarah and Patel, Yusuf and Kamath, Sanjeet and Dasgupta, Bhaskar and Worthington, Jane and Koeleman, Bobby P.C and de Bakker, Paul I.W and Barrett, Jennifer H and Salvarani, Carlo and Merkel, Peter A and González-Gay, Miguel A and Morgan, Ann W and Martín, Javier and Martínez-Berriochoa, Agustín and Unzurrunzaga, Ainhoa and Hidalgo-Conde, Ana and Madroñero-Vuelta, Ana B and Fernández-Nebro, Antonio and Ordóñez-Cañizares, M. Carmen and Escalante, Begoña and Marí-Alfonso, Begoña and Sopeña, Bernardo and Magro, César and Raya, Enrique and Grau, Elena and Román, José A and de Miguel, Eugenio and López-Longo, F. Javier and Martínez, Lina and Gómez-Vaquero, Carmen and Fernández-Gutiérrez, Benjamín and Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Luis and Díaz-López, J. Bernardino and Caminal-Montero, Luis and Martínez-Zapico, Aleida and Monfort, Jordi and Tío, Laura and Sánchez-Martín, Julio and Alegre-Sancho, Juan J and Sáez-Comet, Luis and ... and Spanish GCA Group and Spanish GCA Grp
American journal of human genetics, ISSN 0002-9297, 04/2015, Volume 96, Issue 4, pp. 565 - 580
Journal Article