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by Blanco‐Colino, R and Lee, S and Kamarajah, S. K and Vasko, P and Kuiper, S. Z and Farina, V and Chapman, S. J and Drake, T. M and Gavagna, L and Pasquali, S and Pata, F and Pellino, G and de la Rosa‐Estadella, M and Stellingwerf, M. E and Stijns, R. C. H and Borrellas, A and Golding, D and Ngaage, M and Van Tol, R. R and de Groof, J and de Wilt, H and Bemelman, W. A and McNamee, L and Espin‐Basany, E and Emre Baki, B and Gecim, I. E and Can Tatar, O and Bach, S and Bhangu, A and Bresges, K and Burke, J and Claireaux, H. A and Fearnhead, N and Fitzgerald, J. E and Gallagher, S and Glasbey, J. C and Gundogan, B and Harrison, E. M and Hernon, J and Khatri, C and Kong, C. Y and Lyons, A and Mohan, M and Morton, D and Pinkney, T. D and Arezzo, A and Foppa, C and Morino, M and Rubbini, M and Selvaggi, F and Sensi, B and Sica, G and Orhalmi, J and Naccari, P and Sgrò, A and Burger, B. H. C. M and Fares, D. A and Spijkerman, R and van Elst, T. R and Wiersema, R and Stassen, L. P. S and Rodriguez Garcia, R and Özkan, B. B and Tavuz, A. I and Demirci, Z. S and Baki, B. E and Choi, P. J and O'Sullivan, H and Salman, M and Simioni, A and Colombo, F and Turati, L and Cazzola, F. E and Gallo, G and Perrotta, G and Papandrea, M and Naccari, P. M and Menduni, N and Rossi, E and Chetta, N and Romeo, F and Giordano, F and Randisi, B and Curletti, G and Kuiper, J and Costa, A and Marcos Rodrigo, A and Sanchez, A and Varo Muñoz, A and Martinez Rios, C. E and Aliseda‐Jover, D and Fernandez Nieto, D and Alvarez Reyes, I and Dominguez Rodriguez, L. M and Hernandez Ros, M. I and Esteban Sinovas, O and Bartrina Soler, P and Villarejo Campos, P and Laguna Román, S and Fontanet‐Soler, S and ... and EuroSurg Collaborative
Colorectal Disease, ISSN 1462-8910, 08/2018, Volume 20, Issue 8, pp. O215 - O225
Aim Previous studies reported conflicting evidence on the effects of obesity on outcomes after gastrointestinal surgery. The aims of this study were to explore... 
body weight | gastrointestinal tract | digestive tract | body mass index | Postoperative complications | obesity | Body mass index | Obesity | Gastrointestinal tract | Digestive tract | Body weight | MORTALITY | SURGERY | CANCER-SURGERY | IMPACT | OBESITY PARADOX | OUTCOMES | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Complications | Benign | Malignancy | Multivariate analysis | Patients | Ostomy | Body mass | Surgery | Body size | Adults | Gastrointestinal surgery
Journal Article
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2018, Volume 32, Issue S2, pp. P1 - A573
Journal Article
Journal of Endourology, ISSN 0892-7790, 09/2017, Volume 31, Issue S2, pp. P1 - A474
Journal Article
by Nazzaro, A and Salerno, A and Di Iorio, L and Landino, G and Marino, S and Pastore, E and Fabregues, F and Iraola, A and Casals, G and Creus, M and Peralta, S and Penarrubia, J and Manau, D and Civico, S and Balasch, J and Lindgren, I and Giwercman, Y. L and Celik, E and Turkcuoglu, I and Ata, B and Karaer, A and Kirici, P and Berker, B and Park, J and Kim, J and Rhee, J and Krishnan, M and Rustamov, O and Russel, R and Fitzgerald, C and Roberts, S and Hapuarachi, S and Tan, B. K and Mathur, R. S and van de Vijver, A and Blockeel, C and Camus, M and Polyzos, N and Van Landuyt, L and Tournaye, H and Turhan, N. O and Hizli, D and Kamalak, Z and Kosus, A and Kosus, N and Kafali, H and Lukaszuk, A and Kunicki, M and Liss, J and Bednarowska, A and Jakiel, G and Lukaszuk, K and Lukaszuk, M and Olszak-Sokolowska, B and Wasniewski, T and Neuberg, M and Cavalcanti, V and Peluso, C and Lechado, B. L and Cordts, E. B and Christofolini, D. M and Barbosa, C. P and Bianco, B and Venetis, C. A and Kolibianakis, E. M and Bosdou, J and Tarlatzis, B. C and Onal, M and Gungor, D. N and Acet, M and Kahraman, S and Kuijper, E and Twisk, J and Caanen, M and Korsen, T and Hompes, P and Kushnir, M and Rockwood, A and Meikle, W and Lambalk, C. B and Yan, X and Dai, X and Wang, J and Zhao, N and Cui, Y and Liu, J and Yarde, F and Maas, A. H. E. M and Franx, A and Eijkemans, M. J. C and Drost, J. T and van Rijn, B. B and van Eyck, J and van der Schouw, Y. T and Broekmans, F. J. M and Martyn, F and Anglim, B and Wingfield, M and Fang, T and Yan, G. J and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 06/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl_1, pp. i311 - i356
Journal Article
by Nesbitt-Hawes, E and Campbell, N and Won, H and Maley, P and Henry, A and Abbott, J and Potdar, N and Mason-Birks, S and Elson, C. J and Gelbaya, T. A and Nardo, L. G and Stavroulis, A and Nnoaham, K and Hummelshoj, L and Zondervan, K and Saridogan, E and GSWH Consortium, W. E. R. F and Chamie, L. P and Soares, A. C. P and Kimati, C. T and Gomes, C and Fettback, P and Riboldi, M and Serafini, P and Lalitkumar, S and Menezes, J and Evdokia, D and Gemzell-Danielsson, K and Lalitkumar, P. G. L and Bailey, J and Newman, T. A and Johnston, A and Zisimopoulou, K and White, M and Sadek, K and Shreeve, N and Macklon, N and Cheong, Y and Al-Akoum, M and Akoum, A and Giles, J and Garrido, N and Vidal, C and Mondion, M and Gallo, C and Ramirez, J and Pellicer, A and Remohi, J and Ghosh, S and Chattopadhyay, R and Jana, S and Goswami, S. K and Bose, G and Chakravarty, M and Chowdhuri, K and Chakravarty, B. N and Kendirci Ceviren, A and Ozcelik Tanriverdi, N and Urfan, A and Donmez, L and Isikoglu, M and Romano, A and Schreinemacher, M. H and Backes, W. H and Slenter, J. M and Xanthoulea, S. A and Delvoux, B and van Winden, L and Beets-Tan, R. G and Evers, J. L. H and Dunselman, G. A. J and Jana, S. K and Chaudhury, K and Maruyama, T and Yamasaki, A and Miyazaki, K and Arase, T and Uchida, H and Yoshimura, Y and Kaser, D and Ginsburg, E and Missmer, S and Correia, K and Racowsky, C and Streuli, I and Chouzenoux, S and de Ziegler, D and Chereau, C and Weill, B and Chapron, C and Batteux, F and Arianmanesh, M and Fowler, P. A and Al-Gubory, K. H and Urata, Y and Osuga, Y and Izumi, G and Nagai, M and Takamura, M and Yamamoto, N and ...
Human Reproduction, ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl_2, pp. ii205 - ii223
Journal Article
Gene, ISSN 0378-1119, 06/2013, Volume 521, Issue 2, pp. 293 - 295
Lysinuric protein intolerance is an autosomal recessive metabolic disorder caused by defective transport of the cationic amino acids lysine, arginine and... 
Lysinuric protein intolerance | y+LAT-1 | SLC7A7 | Cationic amino acids | Hyperammonemia | LAT-1 | y(+)LAT-1 | GENE | DISEASE | GENETICS & HEREDITY | Young Adult | Asian Continental Ancestry Group | Turkey | Amino Acid Metabolism, Inborn Errors - genetics | Humans | Adolescent | Adult | Female | Male | Fusion Regulatory Protein 1, Light Chains - genetics | Mutation | Child
Journal Article
Journal Article