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by Dickinson, Mary E and Flenniken, Ann M and Ji, Xiao and Teboul, Lydia and Wong, Michael D and White, Jacqueline K and Meehan, Terrence F and Weninger, Wolfgang J and Westerberg, Henrik and Adissu, Hibret and Baker, Candice N and Bower, Lynette and Brown, James M and Brianna Caddle, L and Chiani, Francesco and Clary, Dave and Cleak, James and Daly, Mark J and Denegre, James M and Doe, Brendan and Dolan, Mary E and Edie, Sarah M and Fuchs, Helmut and Gailus-Durner, Valerie and Galli, Antonella and Gambadoro, Alessia and Gallegos, Juan and Guo, Shiying and Horner, Neil R and Hsu, Chih-wei and Johnson, Sara J and Kalaga, Sowmya and Keith, Lance C and Lanoue, Louise and Lawson, Thomas N and Lek, Monkol and Mark, Manuel and Marschall, Susan and Mason, Jeremy and McElwee, Melissa L and Newbigging, Susan and Nutter, Lauryl M.J and Peterson, Kevin A and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Rowland, Douglas J and Ryder, Edward and Samocha, Kaitlin E and Seavitt, John R and Selloum, Mohammed and Szoke-Kovacs, Zsombor and Tamura, Masaru and Trainor, Amanda G and Tudose, Ilinca and Wakana, Shigeharu and Warren, Jonathan and Wendling, Olivia and West, David B and Wong, Leeyean and Yoshiki, Atsushi and MacArthur, Daniel G and Tocchini-Valentini, Glauco P and Gao, Xiang and Flicek, Paul and Bradley, Allan and Skarnes, William C and Justice, Monica J and Parkinson, Helen E and Moore, Mark and Wells, Sara and Braun, Robert E and Svenson, Karen L and Hrabe de Angelis, Martin and Herault, Yann and Mohun, Tim and Mallon, Ann-Marie and Mark Henkelman, R and Brown, Steve D.M and Adams, David J and Kent Lloyd, K.C and McKerlie, Colin and Beaudet, Arthur L and Bucan, Maja and Murray, Stephen A and McKay, Matthew and Urban, Barbara and Lund, Caroline and Froeter, Erin and LaCasse, Taylor and Mehalow, Adrienne and Gordon, Emily and Donahue, Leah Rae and Taft, Robert and Kutney, Peter and Dion, Stephanie and Goodwin, Leslie and Kales, Susan and Urban, Rachel and Palmer, Kristina and Pertuy, Fabien and Bitz, Deborah and ... and Int Mouse Phenotyping Consortium and The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 09/2016, Volume 537, Issue 7621, pp. 508 - 514
Approximately one-third of all mammalian genes are essential for life. Phenotypes resulting from knockouts of these genes in mice have provided tremendous... 
MICRO-CT | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | DISEASE | GENOME-WIDE | MAMMALIAN GENE-FUNCTION | SCREENS | GLYCOGENIN-1 DEFICIENCY | IDENTIFICATION | EXPRESSION | MOUSE EMBRYO | RESOURCE | Genetic research | Phenotype | Research | High-throughput screening (Biochemical assaying) | Methods | Genotype & phenotype | Disease | Developmental biology | Genes | Genomes | Mutation | Embryos | knockout | embryonic lethal | mouse | KOMP | IMPC | EUCOMM
Journal Article
by White, Gemma and White, Jacqueline K and Gerdin, Anna-Karin and Karp, Natasha A and Ryder, Ed and Buljan, Marija and Bussell, James N and Salisbury, Jennifer and Clare, Simon and Ingham, Neil J and Podrini, Christine and Houghton, Richard and Estabel, Jeanne and Bottomley, Joanna R and Melvin, David G and Sunter, David and Adams, David J and Adams, Niels C and Baker, Lauren and Barnes, Caroline and Beveridge, Ryan and Cambridge, Emma and Carragher, Damian and Chana, Prabhjoat and Clarke, Kay and Hooks, Yvette and Igosheva, Natalia and Ismail, Ozama and Jackson, Hannah and Kane, Leanne and Lacey, Rosalind and Lafont, David Tino and Lucas, Mark and Maguire, Simon and McGill, Katherine and McIntyre, Rebecca E and Messager, Sophie and Mottram, Lynda and Mulderrig, Lee and Pearson, Laila and Pearson, Selina and Protheroe, Hayley J and Roberson, Laura-Anne and Salsbury, Grace and Sanderson, Mark and Sanger, Daniel and Shannon, Carl and Thompson, Paul C and Tuck, Elizabeth and Vancollie, Valerie E and Brackenbury, Lisa and Bushell, Wendy and Cook, Ross and Dalvi, Priya and Gleeson, Diane and Habib, Bishoy and Hardy, Matt and Liakath-Ali, Kifayathullah and Miklejewska, Evelina and Price, Stacey and Sethi, Debarati and Trenchard, Elizabeth and von Schiller, Dominique and Vyas, Sapna and West, Anthony P and Woodward, John and Wynn, Elizabeth and Evans, Arthur and Gannon, David and Griffiths, Mark and Holroyd, Simon and Iyer, Vivek and Kipp, Christian and Lewis, Morag and Li, Wei and Oakley, Darren and Richardson, David and Smedley, Damian and Agu, Chukwuma and Bryant, Jackie and Delaney, Liz and Gueorguieva, Nadia I and Tharagonnet, Helen and Townsend, Anne J and Biggs, Daniel and Brown, Terry and Brown, Ellen and Collinson, Adam and Dumeau, Charles-Etienne and Grau, Evelyn and Harrison, James and Harrison, Sarah and Ingle, Catherine E and Kundi, Helen and Madich, Alla and Mayhew, Danielle and Metcalf, Tom and Newman, Stuart and Pass, Johanna and Reynolds, Helen and ... and Sanger Inst Mouse Genetics Project and Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project
Cell, ISSN 0092-8674, 07/2013, Volume 154, Issue 2, pp. 452 - 464
Journal Article
by Tuck, Elizabeth and Estabel, Jeanne and Oellrich, Anika and Maguire, Anna Karin and Adissu, Hibret A and Souter, Luke and Siragher, Emma and Lillistone, Charlotte and Green, Angela L and Wardle-Jones, Hannah and Carragher, Damian M and Karp, Natasha A and Smedley, Damian and Adams, Niels C and Agrawal, Neha and Bagley, Lisa and Bayzetinova, Tetyana and Bottomley, Joanna and Brown, Ellen and Burvill, Jonathan and Cambridge, Emma and Clare, Simon and Colin, Amy and Dabrowska, Monika and Doe, Brendan and Evans, Arthur and Gannon, David and Gates, Amy and Gleeson, Diane and Grau, Evelyn and Griffiths, Mark and Griggs, Nicola and Habib, Bishoy and Harcourt, Katherine and Hilton, Sam and Holroyd, Simon and Hooks, Yvette and Horne, Alan and Mazzeo, Cecilia Icoresi and Imbrasas, Paulius and Ingle, Catherine and Isherwood, Christopher and Jacobsen, Julius and Jahangir, Nida and Kane, Leanne and Kipp, Christian and Kussy, Fiona and Lafont, David and Lelliott, Christopher and Lin, Liwen and Madich, Alla and Maguire, Simon and Maswood, Ryea and McCarthy, Catherine and McDonald, Jerome and McGill, Katherine and McIntyre, Zoe and Melvin, David and Newman, Stuart and Papatheodorou, Irene and Pearson, Selina and Pearson, Laila and Roberson, Laura and Ryder, Edward and Sanderson, Mark and Raj, Mary Santhana and Sethi, Debarati and Shannon, Carl and Sinclair, Caroline and Soloman, Helen and Speak, Anneliese and Strevens, Natasha and Swiatkowska, Agnieszka and Tudor, Catherine and Valentini, Sara and Vancollie, Valerie and Weavers, Lauren and Woods, Michael and Bussell, James N and Adams, David J and Ramírez-Solis, Ramiro and Steel, Karen P and Galli, Antonella and White, Jacqueline K and Sanger Inst Mouse Genetics Project and Sanger Institute Mouse Genetics Project
DMM Disease Models and Mechanisms, ISSN 1754-8403, 11/2015, Volume 8, Issue 11, pp. 1467 - 1478
Journal Article
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