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Studia Prawnoustrojowe, ISSN 1644-0412, 2017, Issue 38, pp. 5 - 28
Direct democracy is mentioned in several articles of the Polish Constitution. The authors pay special attention to this form of direct democracy, which is a... 
Sociology of Law | Constitutional Law
Journal Article
Wroclawskie Studia Politologiczne, ISSN 1643-0328, 01/2012, Issue 13, pp. 5 - 22
Leadership is a very special social relation not only of power hut of mutual needs, aspirations, values, etc. Leadership strengthens managers and politicians... 
Journal Article
Wroclawskie Studia Politologiczne, ISSN 1643-0328, 01/2014, Issue 16, pp. 24 - 41
In this article we take on the issue of territorial division of the state. Under consideration are practical rather than theoretical aspects of such division.... 
Journal Article
Wroclawskie Studia Politologiczne, ISSN 1643-0328, 01/2010, Issue 11, pp. 161 - 183
In every democratic political system the fundamental power belongs to citizens. Full access to information is the base of democracy. Mass media should fulfill... 
Journal Article
Humanizacja Pracy, 01/1982, Volume 4, pp. 76 - 88
Journal Article
Problemy Organizacji, 01/1981, Volume 2, pp. 22 - 47
Journal Article
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