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by Beelen, Rob, Dr and Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole, PhD and Stafoggia, Massimo, MSc and Andersen, Zorana Jovanovic, PhD and Weinmayr, Gudrun, PhD and Hoffmann, Barbara, Prof and Wolf, Kathrin, PhD and Samoli, Evangelia, PhD and Fischer, Paul, MSc and Nieuwenhuijsen, Mark, PhD and Vineis, Paolo, Prof and Xun, Wei W, MSc and Katsouyanni, Klea, Prof and Dimakopoulou, Konstantina, MSc and Oudin, Anna, PhD and Forsberg, Bertil, Prof and Modig, Lars, PhD and Havulinna, Aki S, DSc [tech] and Lanki, Timo, PhD and Turunen, Anu, PhD and Oftedal, Bente, PhD and Nystad, Wenche, Prof and Nafstad, Per, Prof and De Faire, Ulf, Prof and Pedersen, Nancy L, Prof and Östenson, Claes-Göran, Prof and Fratiglioni, Laura, PhD and Penell, Johanna, PhD and Korek, Michal, MSc and Pershagen, Göran, Prof and Eriksen, Kirsten Thorup, PhD and Overvad, Kim, PhD and Ellermann, Thomas, PhD and Eeftens, Marloes, MSc and Peeters, Petra H, Prof and Meliefste, Kees, BSc and Wang, Meng, MSc and Bueno-de-Mesquita, Bas, Prof and Sugiri, Dorothea, MSc and Krämer, Ursula, Prof and Heinrich, Joachim, PhD and de Hoogh, Kees, PhD and Key, Timothy, Prof and Peters, Annette, Prof and Hampel, Regina, PhD and Concin, Hans, MD and Nagel, Gabriele, Prof and Ineichen, Alex, BSc and Schaffner, Emmanuel, MSc and Probst-Hensch, Nicole, Prof and Künzli, Nino, Prof and Schindler, Christian, PhD and Schikowski, Tamara, PhD and Adam, Martin, PhD and Phuleria, Harish, PhD and Vilier, Alice, MSc and Clavel-Chapelon, Françoise, PhD and Declercq, Christophe, MD and Grioni, Sara, BSc and Krogh, Vittorio, MD and Tsai, Ming-Yi, PhD and Ricceri, Fulvio, PhD and Sacerdote, Carlotta, PhD and Galassi, Claudia, MD and Migliore, Enrica, MSc and Ranzi, Andrea, PhD and Cesaroni, Giulia, MSc and Badaloni, Chiara, MSc and Forastiere, Francesco, MD and Tamayo, Ibon, MSc and Amiano, Pilar, MSc and Dorronsoro, Miren, MD and Katsoulis, Michail, MSc and Trichopoulou, Antonia, Prof and Brunekreef, Bert, Prof and Hoek, Gerard, PhD and Stockholms universitet and Centrum för forskning om äldre och åldrande (ARC), (tills m KI) and Samhällsvetenskapliga fakulteten
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 03/2014, Volume 383, Issue 9919, pp. 785 - 795
Journal Article
by Coutsoudis, Anna and Adair, Linda S and Kuhn, Louise and Matare, Cynthia R and Mbuya, Mduduzi N. N and Tavengwa, Naume V and Ntozini, Robert and Stoltzfus, Rebecca J and Humphrey, Jean H and Berbari, Linda Shaker and Ochoa, Theresa J and Ramani, Sasirekha and Hu, Liya and Laucirica, Daniel and Bode, Lars and Yu, Ying and Smith, David F and Cummings, Richard and Kang, Gagandeep and Prasad, B.V. Venkataram and Estes, Mary K and Hinde, Katie and Breakey, Alicia and Scelza, Brooke and Lebrilla, Carlito and Valeggia, Claudia and Quinn, EA and Jasienska, Grazyna and Kaplan, Hillard and Davis, Jasmine and Hinde, Katie and Klein, Laura D and Martin, Melanie and Gurven, Michael and Guiterrez, Sarah and Wren, Hilary M and Solomons, Noel W and Scott, Dr. Marilyn E and G. Koski, Dr. Kristine and Hajeebhoy, Nemat and Baker, Jean and Winnard, Kim and Tharaney, Manisha and Nguyen, Phuong and Roy, Sumitro and Sanghvi, Tina and Nguyen, Tuan and Abebe, Yewelsew and Kamau-Mbuthia, Elizabeth and Sellen, Daniel and McAuliffe, Corey and Broe-Vayda, Jessica and Hackett, Kristy and McGuire, Michelle and McGuire, Mark and MacLean, PhD, Paul S and Bode, Lars and Autran, Chloe A and Geddes, Donna Tracy and Cannon, Anna Maria and Kakulas, Foteini and Gridneva, Zoya and Hepworth, Anna Rachel and Hartmann, Peter Edwin and Pundir, Shikha and Thorstensen, EB and Linderborg, KM and Lagström, H and Fraser, K and Wall, CR and Cameron-Smith, David and Hadsell, Darryl and Hadsell, Louise A and Olea, Walter and Ellwood, Jessica and Rijnkels, Monique and Krebs, Nancy F and Prentice, Ann and Goldberg, Gail R and Billing, Georgia and Jarjou, Landing MA and Kiely, Mairead and Sherman, Zim and Wu, Jianhua and Cole, Darren and Prentice, Ann and Rasmussen, Kathleen and Hopkins, Ann and Neville, Margaret and Talhouk, Rabih S and Bazzoun, Dana and H.A, Adissu and Fustok, Sabreen S and Lelievre, Sophie S and Groer, Maureen and Ashmeade, Terri and Dishaw, Larry and Proschold, Kaitlyn and Gilbert, Jack and Koletzko, Berthold and ...
Breastfeeding Medicine, ISSN 1556-8253, 03/2016, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. A-3 - A-75
Journal Article
by Jun, Yang and Ibrahim-Verbaas, Carla and Vronskaya, M and Lambert, J.-C and Chung, J and Naj, Adam and Kunkle, Brian and Wang, L.-S and Bis, Joshua and Bellenguez, Céline and Harold, Denise and Lunetta, Kathryn and DeStefano, Anita L and Grenier-Boley, Benjamin and Sims, Rebecca and Beecham, G.W and Smith, A.V and Chouraki, Vincent and Hamilton-Nelson, Kara and Ikram, Arfan and Fiévet, Nathalie and Denning, Nicola and Martin, E.R and Schmidt, H and Kamatani, Y and Dunstan, M.L and Valladares, Otto and Laza, A.R and Zelenika, Diana and Ramirez, Alfredo and Foroud, Tatiana and Choi, Seung-Hoan and Boland, A and Becker, T and Kukull, W.A and Lee, Sven and Pasquier, Florence and Cruchaga, Carlos and Beekly, Duane and Fitzpatrick, Annette and Hanon, Olivier and Gill, M and Barber, Rachel and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Campion, D and Love, S and Bennett, David A and Amin, Najaf and Berr, Claudine and Tsolaki, Magda and Buxbaum, J.D and Lopez, O.L and Deramecourt, Vincent and Fox, N.C and Cantwell, Laura B and Tárraga, L and Dufouil, Carole and Hardy, J and Crane, L.M.A and Eiriksdottir, Gudny and Hannequin, Didier and Clarke, Robert and Evans, D and Mosley, Thomas H and Letenneur, L and Brayne, Carol and Maier, W and De Jager, P and Emilsson, Valur and Dartigues, Jean-François and Hampel, H and Kamboh, M. Ilyas and Bruijn, Renée and Tzourio, Christophe and Pastor, Pau and Larson, Eric B and Rotter, J.I and O'donovan, Michael and Montine, Thomas J and Nalls, Michael and Mead, Simon and Reiman, Eric and Jonsson, P.V and Holmes, C and St George-Hyslop, P.H and Boada, Mercè and Passmore, Peter and Wendland, Annika and Schmidt, R and Morgan, Kevin and Winslow, A.R and Powell, J.F and Carasquillo, M and Younkin, S and Jakobsdottir, Margret and Kauwe, J.S.K and Wilhelmsen, K.C and Rujescu, Dan and Nöthen, Markus M and Hofman, Albert and ... and IGAP Consortium
Molecular Psychiatry, ISSN 1359-4184, 01/2016, Volume 21, Issue 1, pp. 108 - 117
Journal Article
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