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Canadian Medical Association Journal, ISSN 0820-3946, 2018, Volume 190, Issue 15, pp. E455 - E462
Journal Article
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 2017, Volume 389, Issue 10079, pp. 1630 - 1638
Summary Background Bullous pemphigoid is a blistering skin disorder with increased mortality. We tested whether a strategy of starting treatment with... 
Internal Medicine | MORTALITY | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | TOPICAL CORTICOSTEROIDS | MANAGEMENT | DISEASES | TETRACYCLINES | STEROIDS | DERMATOLOGISTS | ASSOCIATION | Glucocorticoids - therapeutic use | Administration, Oral | Doxycycline - therapeutic use | Humans | Middle Aged | Pemphigoid, Bullous - drug therapy | Male | Treatment Outcome | United Kingdom | Clinical Trials as Topic | Anti-Bacterial Agents - therapeutic use | Aged, 80 and over | Adult | Female | Aged | Prednisolone - therapeutic use | Equivalence Trials as Topic | Germany | Clinical trials | Corticosteroids | Bullous pemphigoid | Prednisolone | Doxycycline | Steroids | Analysis | Corticoids | Parkinson's disease | Mobility | Antiinfectives and antibacterials | Information dissemination | Incidence | Proteins | Toxicology | Skin diseases | Libraries | Diagnosis | Movement disorders | Autoantibodies | Neurodegenerative diseases | Dermatology | Decision making | Mortality | Contraception | Patients | Side effects | Thinning | Tetracyclines | Documents | Adults | Added value | Intervention | Drugs | Arches | Immunoglobulin G | Medical services | Viruses | Reduction | Safety engineering | Constrictions | Diuretics | Dementia disorders | Safety | Age | Medical personnel | Hum | Stroke | Hematology | Hypersensitivity | Pharmacology | Inflammation | Adhesion | Consultants | Surveys | Pregnancy | Antibiotics | Autoimmune diseases | Elderly | Inhabitants
Journal Article
by Hammerman, Peter S and Voet, Doug and Lawrence, Michael S and Voet, Doug and Jing, Rui and Cibulskis, Kristian and Sivachenko, Andrey and Stojanov, Petar and McKenna, Aaron and Lander, Eric S and Gabriel, Stacey and Getz, Gad and Imielinski, Marcin and Helman, Elena and Hernandez, Bryan and Pho, Nam H and Meyerson, Matthew and Chu, Andy and Hye-Chun, Jung E and Mungall, Andrew J and Pleasance, Erin and Robertson, A. Gordon and Sipahimalani, Payal and Stoll, Dominik and Balasundaram, Miruna and Birol, Inanc and Butterfield, Yaron S.N and Chuah, Eric and Coope, Robin J.N and Corbett, Richard and Dhalla, Noreen and Guin, Ranabir and He, An and Hirst, Carrie and Hirst, Martin and Holt, Robert A and Lee, Darlene and Li, Haiyan I and Mayo, Michael and Moore, Richard A and Mungall, Karen and Nip, Ka Ming and Olshen, Adam and Schein, Jacqueline E and Slobodan, Jared R and Tam, Angela and Thiessen, Nina and Varhol, Richard and Zeng, Thomas and Zhao, Yongjun and Jones, Steven J.M and Marra, Marco A and Saksena, Gordon and Cherniack, Andrew D and Schumacher, Stephen E and Tabak, Barbara and Carter, Scott L and Nguyen, Huy and Onofrio, Robert C and Crenshaw, Andrew and Ardlie, Kristin and Beroukhim, Rameen and Winckler, Wendy and Protopopov, Alexei and Zhang, Jianhua and Hadjipanayis, Angela and Lee, Semin and Xi, Ruibin and Yang, Lixing and Ren, Xiaojia and Zhang, Hailei and Shukla, Sachet and Chen, Peng-Chieh and Haseley, Psalm and Lee, Eunjung and Chin, Lynda and Park, Peter J and Kucherlapati, Raju and Socci, Nicholas D and Liang, Yupu and Schultz, Nikolaus and Borsu, Laetitia and Lash, Alex E and Viale, Agnes and Sander, Chris and Ladanyi, Marc and Auman, J. Todd and Hoadley, Katherine A and Wilkerson, Matthew D and Shi, Yan and Liquori, Christina and Meng, Shaowu and Li, Ling and Turman, Yidi J and Topal, Michael D and Tan, Donghui and Waring, Scot and Buda, Elizabeth and Walsh, Jesse and Jones, Corbin D and ... and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network and The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network
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by Huang, Kuan-lin and Mashl, R. Jay and Wu, Yige and Wu, Ye and Ritter, Deborah I and Wang, Jiayin and Wang, Timothy and Wang, Liang-Bo and Wang, Jing and Wang, Zhining and Wang, Jioajiao and Wang, Chen and Wang, Linghua and Wang, Min and Oh, Clara and Paczkowska, Marta and Reynolds, Sheila and Wyczalkowski, Matthew A and Oak, Ninad and Scott, Adam D and Krassowski, Michal and Cherniack, Andrew D and Houlahan, Kathleen E and Jayasinghe, Reyka and Zhou, Wanding and Zhou, Daniel Cui and Liu, Xiuping and Liu, Jia and Liu, Wenbin and Liu, Yuexin and Liu, Di and Cao, Song and Kim, Jaegil and Kim, Tae-Beom and Kim, Young Won and Koire, Amanda and McMichael, Joshua F and Hucthagowder, Vishwanathan and Hahn, Abigail and McLellan, Michael D and Al-Mulla, Fahd and Johnson, Kimberly J and Caesar-Johnson, Samantha J and Demchok, John A and Felau, Ina and Kasapi, Melpomeni and Ferguson, Martin L and Hutter, Carolyn M and Sofia, Heidi J and Tarnuzzer, Roy and Yang, Ian and Yang, Ju Dong and Yang, Hannah and Yang, Liming and Zenklusen, Jean C and Zhang, Jiashan (Julia) and Zhang, Hailei and Zhang, Lizhi and Zhang, Hongzheng and Zhang, Wei and Zhang, Jiexin and Zhang, Hongxin and Chudamani, Sudha and Lolla, Laxmi and Naresh, Rashi and Pihl, Todd and Sun, Yichao and Sun, Qiang and Wan, Yunhu and Cho, Juok and DeFreitas, Timothy and Frazer, Scott and Gehlenborg, Nils and Getz, Gad and Heiman, David I and Lawrence, Michael S and Lin, Pei and Meier, Sam and Noble, Michael S and Saksena, Gordon and Voet, Doug and Bernard, Brady and Chambwe, Nyasha and Dhankani, Varsha and Knijnenburg, Theo and Kramer, Roger and Leinonen, Kalle and Miller, Michael and Miller, Judy and Miller, Christopher A and Shmulevich, Ilya and Thorsson, Vesteinn and Akbani, Rehan and Broom, Bradley M and Hegde, Apurva M and Ju, Zhenlin and Kanchi, Rupa S and Korkut, Anil and Li, Wei and Li, Jun and ... and Canc Genome Atlas Res Network and Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network
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Journal Article