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American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 2010, Volume 160, Issue 5, pp. 785 - 794.e10
Journal Article
by Kondrashova, Olga and Topp, Monique and Nesic, Ksenija and Lieschke, Elizabeth and Ho, Gwo-Yaw and Harrell, Maria I and Zapparoli, Giada V and Hadley, Alison and Holian, Robert and Boehm, Emma and Heong, Valerie and Sanij, Elaine and Pearson, Richard B and Krais, John J and Johnson, Neil and McNally, Orla and Ananda, Sumitra and Alsop, Kathryn and Hutt, Karla J and Kaufmann, Scott H and Lin, Kevin K and Harding, Thomas C and Traficante, Nadia and Chenevix-Trench, G and Green, A and Webb, P and Gertig, D and Fereday, S and Moore, S and Hung, J and Harrap, K and Sadkowsky, T and Pandeya, N and Malt, M and Mellon, A and Robertson, R and Vanden Bergh, T and Jones, M and Mackenzie, P and Maidens, J and Nattress, K and Chiew, Y.E and Stenlake, A and Sullivan, H and Alexander, B and Ashover, P and Brown, S and Corrish, T and Green, L and Jackman, L and Ferguson, K and Martin, K and Martyn, A and Ranieri, B and White, J and Jayde, V and Mamers, P and Bowes, L and Galletta, L and Giles, D and Hendley, J and Schmidt, T and Shirley, H and Ball, C and Young, C and Viduka, S and Tran, H and Bilic, S and Glavinas, L and Brooks, J and Stuart-Harris, R and Kirsten, F and Rutovitz, J and Clingan, P and Glasgow, A and Proietto, A and Braye, S and Otton, G and Shannon, J and Bonaventura, T and Stewart, J and Begbie, S and Friedlander, M and Bell, D and Baron-Hay, S and Ferrier, A and Gard, G and Nevell, D and Pavlakis, N and Valmadre, S and Young, B and Camaris, C and Crouch, R and Edwards, L and Hacker, N and Marsden, D and Robertson, G and Beale, P and Beith, J and Carter, J and ... and Australian Ovarian Cancer Study (AOCS)
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 3970 - 16
Journal Article
by Martin, Miguel and Holmes, Frankie A and Ejlertsen, Bent and Delaloge, Suzette and Moy, Beverly and Iwata, Hiroji and von Minckwitz, Gunter and Chia, Stephen K L and Mansi, Janine and Barrios, Carlos H and Gnant, Michael and Tomašević, Zorica and Denduluri, Neelima and Šeparović, Robert and Gokmen, Erhan and Bashford, Anna and Ruiz Borrego, Manuel and Kim, Sung-Bae and Jakobsen, Erik Hugger and Ciceniene, Audrone and Inoue, Kenichi and Overkamp, Friedrich and Heijns, Joan B and Armstrong, Anne C and Link, John S and Joy, Anil Abraham and Bryce, Richard and Wong, Alvin and Moran, Susan and Yao, Bin and Xu, Feng and Auerbach, Alan and Buyse, Marc and Chan, Arlene and Harvey, Vernon and Tomek, Rudolf and Robert, Nicholas J and Gore, Ira and Smith, John W and Masuda, Norikazu and Di Sean Kendall, S and Harker, William Graydon and Petrakova, Katarina and Guerrero Zotano, Angel and Simon, Amparo Ruiz and Konstantinovic, Zora Neskovic and Iannotti, Nicholas O and Tassone, Pierfrancesco and Rodriguez, Gladys I and Jáñez Martinez, Noelia and Crespo Massieu, Carmen and Smickoska, Snezana and Somali, Isil and Yilmaz, Ugur and Alonso, Mirta Garcia and Rosales, Adolfo Murias and Cold, Soeren and Knoop, Ann Soegaard and Patt, Debra and Hellerstedt, Beth A and Morales Murillo, Serafin and Mayer, Ingrid A and Means-Powell, Julie Ann and Hui, Rina and Senecal, Francis M and De Boer, Richard Hendry and Shen, Zhenzhou and Luczak, Adam Andrzej and Chui, Joanna W.Y and Tsang, Janice Wing-hang and Lang, Istvan and Rai, Yoshiaki and Hozumi, Yasuo and Ten Tije, Albert J and Bhandari, Manish and Osborne, Cynthia R.C and Ohtani, Shoichiro and Higaki, Kenji and Watanabe, Kenichi and Taguchi, Kazunori and Takahashi, Masato and Filipovic, Sladjana and Hansen, Vincent L and Rao, Vijayarama Phooshkooru and Gupta, Manish and Petrov, Petar and Coudert, Bruno and Vojnovic, Zeljko and Polya, Zsofia and Miyaki, Toshiko and Yamamoto, Naohito and Brincat, Stephen and Lesniewski-Kmak, Krzysztof and Chmielowska, Ewa and Birhiray, Ruemu E and Citron, Marc L and Papish, Steven William and Berry, William R and Langkjer, Sven Tyge and Garcia Sáenz, José Angel and ... and ExteNET Study Group and ExteNET Study Grp
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 12/2017, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp. 1688 - 1700
Journal Article
by Block, Matthew S and Vierkant, Robert A and Rambau, Peter F and Winham, Stacey J and Wagner, Philipp and Traficante, Nadia and Tołoczko, Aleksandra and Tiezzi, Daniel G and Taran, Florin Andrei and Sinn, Peter and Sieh, Weiva and Sharma, Raghwa and Rothstein, Joseph H and Ramón y Cajal, Teresa and Paz-Ares, Luis and Oszurek, Oleg and Orsulic, Sandra and Ness, Roberta B and Nelson, Gregg and Modugno, Francesmary and Menkiszak, Janusz and McGuire, Valerie and McCauley, Bryan M and Mack, Marie and Lubiński, Jan and Longacre, Teri A and Li, Zheng and Lester, Jenny and Kennedy, Catherine J and Kalli, Kimberly R and Jung, Audrey Y and Johnatty, Sharon E and Jimenez-Linan, Mercedes and Jensen, Allan and Intermaggio, Maria P and Hung, Jillian and Herpel, Esther and Hernandez, Brenda Y and Hartkopf, Andreas D and Harnett, Paul R and Ghatage, Prafull and García-Bueno, José M and Gao, Bo and Fereday, Sian and Eilber, Ursula and Edwards, Robert P and de Sousa, Christiani B and de Andrade, Jurandyr M and Chudecka-Głaz, Anita and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Cazorla, Alicia and Brucker, Sara Y and Bowtell, D and Chenevix-Trench, G and Green, A and Webb, P and DeFazio, A and Gertig, D and Traficante, N and Fereday, S and Moore, S and Hung, J and Harrap, K and Sadkowsky, T and Pandeya, N and Malt, M and Mellon, A and Robertson, R and Vanden Bergh, T and Jones, M and Mackenzie, P and Maidens, J and Nattress, K and Chiew, Y.E and Stenlake, A and Sullivan, H and Alexander, B and Ashover, P and Brown, S and Corrish, T and Green, L and Jackman, L and Ferguson, K and Martin, K and Martyn, A and Ranieri, B and White, J and Jayde, V and Mamers, P and Bowes, L and Galletta, L and Giles, D and Hendley, J and Alsop, K and Schmidt, T and Shirley, H and Ball, C and Young, C and Viduka, S and Tran, Hoa and ... and Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group and Australian Ovarian Canc Study Grp
Mayo Clinic Proceedings, ISSN 0025-6196, 03/2018, Volume 93, Issue 3, pp. 307 - 320
Journal Article
by O'Connell, RL and Rattay, T and Dave, RV and Trickey, A and Skillman, J and Barnes, NLP and Gardiner, M and Harnett, A and Potter, S and Holcombe, C and Blazeby, J and Conroy, E and O'Brien, C and Williamson, P and Curnier, A and Tadros, A and Depasquale, I and Masannat, YA and Smyth, E and Fuller, M and Bourne, R and Heys, S and Hamo, I and Aloraifi, F and Fopp, L and Bali, R and Bache, S and Benyon, SL and Irwin, MS and Agrawal, A and Malata, CM and Murphy, C and Misky, A and Chicken, DW and Abdullah, N and Hill, ADK and Cullinane, C and Irwin, G and McIntosh, SA and Refsum, S and Sloan, S and Mallon, P and Sirianni, C and Khattak, I and Nagachandra, G and Kiruparan, P and Debanth, D and Davey, S and Curran, TA and Svenning, M and Govindarajulu, S and Rayter, Z and Ainsworth, R and Cawthorn, S and Sahu, A and Wilson, S and Prousskaia, E and Accurso, A and Rocco, N and Di Micco, R and Limite, G and Ceccarino, R and Liccardo, R and Coco, G and Nizamoglu, M and Morgan, M and Ramakrishnan, V and Catanuto, G and Wilkins, A and McManus, P and Kneeshaw, P and Grover, K and Mahapatra, T and Wooler, B and Elahi, B and Ihsan, N and Bucknor, A and Reissis, D and Hunter, J and Wood, S and Jallali, N and Henry, FP and Verjee, LS and Lee, J and Khan, SM and Azmy, I and Massey, J and Hollywood, C and Oluwajana, M and Bathla, S and Seward, J and Harding-MacKean, C and Lane, R and Murali, K and Biswas, B and Trapszo, P and Seetharam, S and Kennedy, K and Alder, L and Graja, T and ... and Breast Reconstruction Res Collab and iBRA-2 Steering Grp and iBRA-2 Steering Group and Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative and the Breast Reconstruction Research Collaborative and on behalf of the iBRA-2 Steering Group
BRITISH JOURNAL OF CANCER, ISSN 0007-0920, 04/2019, Volume 120, Issue 9, pp. 883 - 895
BACKGROUND: Immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) is routinely offered to improve quality-of-life for women requiring mastectomy, but there are concerns that... 
MASTECTOMY | SURGERY | NATIONAL TRENDS | ONCOLOGY | COMPLICATIONS | RADIOTHERAPY | OUTCOMES | DELAY | CHEMOTHERAPY | Breast Neoplasms - surgery | Prospective Studies | Humans | Middle Aged | Breast Neoplasms - therapy | Young Adult | Time Factors | Mammaplasty - methods | Aged, 80 and over | Mastectomy | Adult | Female | Aged | Chemotherapy, Adjuvant | Cohort Studies
Journal Article
by Patch, Ann-Marie and Christie, Elizabeth L and Etemadmoghadam, Dariush and Garsed, Dale W and George, Joshy and Fereday, Sian and Nones, Katia and Cowin, Prue and Alsop, Kathryn and Bailey, Peter J and Kassahn, Karin S and Newell, Felicity and Quinn, Michael C.J and Kazakoff, Stephen and Quek, Kelly and Wilhelm-Benartzi, Charlotte and Curry, Ed and Leong, Huei San and Hamilton, Anne and Mileshkin, Linda and Au-Yeung, George and Kennedy, Catherine and Hung, Jillian and Chiew, Yoke-Eng and Harnett, Paul and Friedlander, Michael and Quinn, Michael and Pyman, Jan and Cordner, Stephen and O'Brien, Patricia and Leditschke, Jodie and Young, Greg and Strachan, Kate and Waring, Paul and Azar, Walid and Mitchell, Chris and Traficante, Nadia and Hendley, Joy and Thorne, Heather and Shackleton, Mark and Miller, David K and Arnau, Gisela Mir and Tothill, Richard W and Holloway, Timothy P and Semple, Timothy and Harliwong, Ivon and Nourse, Craig and Nourbakhsh, Ehsan and Manning, Suzanne and Idrisoglu, Senel and Bruxner, Timothy J. C and Christ, Angelika N and Poudel, Barsha and Holmes, Oliver and Anderson, Matthew and Leonard, Conrad and Lonie, Andrew and Hall, Nathan and Wood, Scott and Taylor, Darrin F and Xu, Qinying and Lynn Fink, J and Waddell, Nick and Drapkin, Ronny and Stronach, Euan and Gabra, Hani and Brown, Robert and Jewell, Andrea and Nagaraj, Shivashankar H and Markham, Emma and Wilson, Peter J and Ellul, Jason and McNally, Orla and Doyle, Maria A and Vedururu, Ravikiran and Stewart, Collin and Lengyel, Ernst and Pearson, John V and Waddell, Nicola and Defazio, Anna and Grimmond, Sean M and Bowtell, David D. L and Australian Ovarian Canc Study Grp and Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group and The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 05/2015, Volume 521, Issue 7553, pp. 489 - 494
Journal Article