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by Emery, Sean and Neuhaus, Jacqueline A and Phillips, Andrew N and Babiker, Abdel and Cohen, Calvin J and Gatell, Jose M and Girard, Pierre-Marie and Grund, Birgit and Law, Matthew and Losso, Marcelo H and Palfreeman, Adrian and Wood, Robin and Gordin, F and Finley, E and Dietz, D and Chesson, C and Vjecha, M and Standridge, B and Schmetter, B and Grue, L and Willoughby, M and Demers, A and Lundgren, J.D and Phillips, A and Dragsted, U.B and Jensen, K.B and Fau, A and Borup, L and Pearson, M and Jansson, P.O and Jensen, B.G and Benfield, T.L and Darbyshire, J.H and Babiker, A.G and Palfreeman, A.J and Fleck, S.L and Collaco-Moraes, Y and Cordwell, B and Dodds, W and van Hooff, F and Wyzydrag, L and Cooper, D.A and Drummond, F.M and Connor, S.A and Satchell, C.S and Gunn, S and Oka, S and Delfino, M.A and Merlin, K and McGinley, C and Neaton, J.D and Bartsch, G and Duchene, A and George, M and Harri-Harrison, M and Hogan, C and Krum, E and Larson, G and Miller, C and Nelson, R and Neuhaus, J and Roediger, M.P and Schultz, T and Thackeray, L and Prineas, R and Campbell, C and Perez, G and Lifson, A and Duprez, D and Hoy, J and Lahart, C and Perlman, D and Price, R and Rhame, F and Sampson, J and Worley, J and Rein, Board M and Dersimonian, R and Brody, B.A and Daar, E.S and Dubler, N.N and Fleming, T.R and Freeman, D.J and Kahn, J.P and Kim, K.M and Medoff, G and Modlin, J.F and Moellering, R and Murray, B.E and Pick, B and Robb, M.L and Scharfstein, D.O and Sugarman, J and Tsiatis, A and Tuazon, C and Zoloth, L and Klingman, K and Lehrman, S and Lazovski, J and Belloso, W.H and ... and SMART Study Grp and Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group and The Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group
The Journal of Infectious Diseases, ISSN 0022-1899, 4/2008, Volume 197, Issue 8, pp. 1133 - 1144
Journal Article
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