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The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 04/2020, Volume 382, Issue 15, pp. 1395 - 1407
Journal Article
by Virtanen, Pauli and Gommers, Ralf and Oliphant, Travis E and Haberland, Matt and Reddy, Tyler and Cournapeau, David and Burovski, Evgeni and Peterson, Pearu and Weckesser, Warren and Bright, Jonathan and van der Walt, Stefan J and Brett, Matthew and Wilson, Joshua and Millman, K. Jarrod and Mayorov, Nikolay and Nelson, Andrew R. J and Jones, Eric and Kern, Robert and Larson, Eric and Carey, C. J and Polat, Ilhan and Feng, Yu and Moore, Eric W and VanderPlas, Jake and Laxalde, Denis and Perktold, Josef and Cimrman, Robert and Henriksen, Ian and Quintero, E. A and Harris, Charles R and Archibald, Anne M and Ribeiro, Antonio H and Pedregosa, Fabian and van Mulbregt, Paul and Vijaykumar, Aditya and Bardelli, Alessandro Pietro and Rothberg, Alex and Hilboll, Andreas and Kloeckner, Andreas and Scopatz, Anthony and Lee, Antony and Rokem, Ariel and Woods, C. Nathan and Fulton, Chad and Masson, Charles and Haggstrom, Christian and Fitzgerald, Clark and Nicholson, David A and Hagen, David R and Pasechnik, Dmitrii V and Olivetti, Emanuele and Martin, Eric and Wieser, Eric and Silva, Fabrice and Lenders, Felix and Wilhelm, Florian and Young, G and Price, Gavin A and Ingold, Gert-Ludwig and Allen, Gregory E and Lee, Gregory R and Audren, Herve and Probst, Irvin and Dietrich, Joerg P and Silterra, Jacob and Webber, James T and Slavic, Janko and Nothman, Joel and Buchner, Johannes and Kulick, Johannes and Schonberger, Johannes L and de Miranda Cardoso, Jose Vinicius and Reimer, Joscha and Harrington, Joseph and Cano Rodriguez, Juan Luis and Nunez-Iglesias, Juan and Kuczynski, Justin and Tritz, Kevin and Thoma, Martin and Newville, Matthew and Kuemmerer, Matthias and Bolingbroke, Maximilian and Tartre, Michael and Pak, Mikhail and Smith, Nathaniel J and Nowaczyk, Nikolai and Shebanov, Nikolay and Pavlyk, Oleksandr and Brodtkorb, Per A and Lee, Perry and McGibbon, Robert T and Feldbauer, Roman and Lewis, Sam and Tygier, Sam and Sievert, Scott and Vigna, Sebastiano and Peterson, Stefan and More, Surhud and Pudlik, Tadeusz and Oshima, Takuya and ... and SciPy 1 0 Contributors and SciPy 1.0 Contributors and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)
Nature methods, ISSN 1548-7091, 02/2020, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 261 - 272
Journal Article
by Barrett, J.C and Clayton, D.G and Concannon, P and Akolkar, B and Cooper, J.D and Erlich, H.A and Julier, C and Morahan, G and Nerup, J and Nierras, C and Plagnol, V and Pociot, F and Schuilenburg, H and Smyth, D.J and Stevens, H and Todd, J.A and Walker, N.M and Rich, S.S and Baskerville, T and Bautista, N and Bhatia, E and Bhatia, V and Bin Hasan, K and Bonnici, F and Brodnicki, T and Cameron, F and Chaichanwatanakul, K and Cheung, P.T and Colman, P and Cotterill, A and Couper, J and Cutfield, R and Davis, T and Dixon, P and Donaghue, K and Dowling, K and Drury, P and Dye, S and Gellert, S and Abdul Ghani, R and Greer, R and Han, X and Harrison, L and Homatopoulos, N and Ji, L and Jones, T and Yin, L.K and Kamaruddin, N.A and Kanga, U and Kanungo, A and Kaur, G and Kek, B and Knowles, S and Krebs, J and Kumar, N and Lee, Y.J and Li, X and Liktimaskul, S and Lloyd, M and Loth, A and Louey, A and Mehra, N and Merriman, T and Min, L and Morahan, G and Moses, R and Mraz, G and Murphy, R and Nicholson, I and Panelo, A and Poh, P and Price, G and Ratnam, N and Sanjeevi, C and Sedimbi, S and Shen, S and Ying, G.S and Tait, B and Tandon, N and Thomas, A and Varney, M and Weerakulwattana, P and Willis, J and Albret, L and Ampudia-Blasco, F and Argente, J and Babadjanova, G and Badenhoop, K and Battelino, T and Beilhack, G and Bergholdt, R and Bingley, P and Boehm, B and Bolidson, J and Brorsson, C and Carlson, J and Castano, L and Chandler, K and Cinek, O and Cipponeri, E and ... and Type 1 Diabet Genetics Consortium and Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium and The Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 06/2009, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp. 703 - 707
Journal Article
by Arce Vargas, Frederick and Furness, Andrew J.S and Litchfield, Kevin and Joshi, Kroopa and Rosenthal, Rachel and Ghorani, Ehsan and Solomon, Isabelle and Lesko, Marta H and Ruef, Nora and Roddie, Claire and Henry, Jake Y and Spain, Lavinia and Ben Aissa, Assma and Georgiou, Andrew and Wong, Yien Ning Sophia and Smith, Myles and Strauss, Dirk and Hayes, Andrew and Nicol, David and O'Brien, Tim and Mårtensson, Linda and Ljungars, Anne and Teige, Ingrid and Frendéus, Björn and Harrington, Kevin and Melcher, Alan and Wotherspoon, Andrew and Francis, Nicholas and Challacombe, Ben and Fernando, Archana and Hazell, Steve and Chandra, Ashish and Pickering, Lisa and Lynch, Joanna and Rudman, Sarah and Chowdhury, Simon and Harrison-Phipps, Karen and Varia, Mary and Horsfield, Catherine and Polson, Alexander and Stamp, Gordon and O'Donnell, Marie and Drake, William and Hill, Peter and Hrouda, David and Mayer, Eric and Olsburgh, Jonathan and Kooiman, Gordon and O'Connor, Kevin and Stewart, Grant and Aitchison, Michael and Tran, Maxine and Fotiadis, Nicos and Verma, Hema and Lopez, Jose and Lester, Jason and Morgan, Fiona and Kornaszewska, Malgorzata and Attanoos, Richard and Adams, Haydn and Davies, Helen and Fennell, Dean and Shaw, Jacqui and Le Quesne, John and Nakas, Apostolos and Rathinam, Sridhar and Monteiro, William and Marshall, Hilary and Nelson, Louise and Bennett, Jonathan and Riley, Joan and Primrose, Lindsay and Martinson, Luke and Anand, Girija and Khan, Sajid and Nicolson, Marianne and Kerr, Keith and Palmer, Shirley and Remmen, Hardy and Miller, Joy and Buchan, Keith and Chetty, Mahendran and Gomersall, Lesley and Lock, Sara and Naidu, Babu and Langman, Gerald and Trotter, Simon and Bellamy, Mary and Bancroft, Hollie and Kerr, Amy and Kadiri, Salma and Webb, Joanne and Middleton, Gary and Djearaman, Madava and Summers, Yvonne and Califano, Raffaele and Taylor, Paul and Shah, Rajesh and Krysiak, Piotr and Rammohan, Kendadai and ... and TRACERx Renal and TRACERx Lung consortia and TRACERx Melanoma and TRACERx Lung Consortia
Cancer cell, ISSN 1535-6108, 04/2018, Volume 33, Issue 4, pp. 649 - 663.e4
Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 11/2017, Volume 377, Issue 18, pp. 1723 - 1732
Journal Article