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1964, Osteuropastudien der Hochschulen des Landes Hessen. Reihe I, Giessener Abhandlungen zur Agrar- und Wirtschaftsforschung des europäischen Ostens, Volume Bd. 30, 137
by Ries, Stefan and Elias, W.G and Japp, G and Lang, M and Bergmann, Arnfin and Bischoff, Christian and Hofmann, Werner and Kausch, Ulrich and Lang, Michael and Reifschneider, Gerd and Mager, Mager and Weber, Weber and Albrecht, Albrecht and Butz, Butz and Bittkau, Foroogh and Bode, Bode and Pfeffer, Pfeffer and Bodenschatz, Bodenschatz and Tröger, Jens and Bohr, Bohr and Lange, Lange and Braune, Stefan and Bühler, Buhler and Fleischer, Fleischer and Thilmann, Thilmann and Helm, Helm and Braun, Jürgen and Schubert, Schubert and Wortmann-Fleischer, Wortmann-Fleischer and Carl, Carl and Gunreben, Gerhard and Krichenbauer, Krichenbauer and Betz, Betz and Dieterle, Dieterle and Kunz, Kunz and Maier-Janson, Maier-Janson and Drews, Drews and Rothfelder, Rothfelder and Ullrich, Axel and Eckhardt, Ulrich and Schellhorn, Axel and Fischer, Fischer and Fleischer, Eberhard and Freidel, Freidel and Friedrich, Friedrich and Knorn, Knorn and Landefeld, Landefeld and Gebauer, Gebauer and Kavuk, Kavuk and Von Rhein, Rhein and Gehring, Gehring and Hofmann, Hofmann and Käfferlein, Wolfgang and Kallman, Kallman and Kausch, Kausch and Kirchmeier, Kirchmeier and Krause, Krause and Lang, Lang and Krauß, Krauss and Schreiber, Schreiber and Mattern, Wolfgang and Meier, Meier and Wendtland, Wendtland and Körwer, Korwer and Dress, Dress and Neudecker, Neudecker and Schmidt, Stephan and Neulinger-Wittmann, Neulinger-Wittmann and Wittmann, Brigitte and Unsorg, Unsorg and Ries, Ries and Schumann, Schumann and Niedermaier, Niedermaier and Peikert, Peikert and Piatkowski, Piatkowski and Roth, Gerhard and Safavi, Safavi and Saur, Saur and Pfister, Pfister and Rieth, Rieth and Schenk, Christoph and Schlemilch-Paschen, Schlemilch-Paschen and Schreiber, Klaus and Sievers, Carsten and Sigel, Karl-Otto and Scarel, Serena and Prokop, Prokop and Kubalek, Kubalek and Stadt, Stadt and Steinle, Steinle and Steinwachs, Steinwachs and Teschner, Teschner and Teubner, Teubner and Tinschert, Tinschert and Tiel-Wilck, Klaus and Becker, Elke and Osterhage, Osterhage and Puzich, Puzich and Wiborg, Andreas and Zellner, Zellner and ...
Nervenheilkunde, ISSN 0722-1541, 2008, Volume 27, Issue 9, pp. 818 - 822
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