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Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 03/2011, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp. 243 - 243
In an interview, human genome pioneer David Haussler, talks about the evolving role of annodated data respositories. 
DNA - genetics | Animals | Information Storage and Retrieval - methods | Chromosome Mapping - methods | Database Management Systems | Humans | Genome - genetics | Databases, Genetic | Biotechnology | Genomics | Genomes | Index Medicus
Journal Article
PLoS genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 2013, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. e1003282 - e1003282
Journal Article
by Altshuler, David L and Durbin, Richard M and Abecasis, Gonçalo R and Bentley, David R and Chakravarti, Aravinda and Clark, Andrew G and Collins, Francis S and De La Vega, Francisco M and Donnelly, Peter and Egholm, Michael and Flicek, Paul and Gabriel, Stacey B and Gibbs, Richard A and Knoppers, Bartha M and Lander, Eric S and Lehrach, Hans and Mardis, Elaine R and McVean, Gil A and Nickerson, Debbie A and Peltonen, Leena and Schafer, Alan J and Sherry, Stephen T and Wang, Jun and Wilson, Richard K and Deiros, David and Metzker, Mike and Muzny, Donna and Reid, Jeff and Wheeler, David and Wang, Shenzhen Jun and Li, Jingxiang and Jian, Min and Li, Guoqing and Li, Ruiqiang and Liang, Huiqing and Tian, Geng and Wang, Bo and Wang, Jian and Wang, Wei and Yang, Huanming and Zhang, Xiuqing and Zheng, Huisong and Ambrogio, Lauren and Bloom, Toby and Cibulskis, Kristian and Fennell, Tim J and Jaffe, David B and Shefler, Erica and Sougnez, Carrie L and Bentley, Illumina David R and Gormley, Niall and Humphray, Sean and Kingsbury, Zoya and Koko-Gonzales, Paula and Stone, Jennifer and Mc Kernan, Kevin J and Costa, Gina L and Ichikawa, Jeffry K and Lee, Clarence C and Sudbrak, Ralf and Borodina, Tatiana A and Dahl, Andreas and Davydov, Alexey N and Marquardt, Peter and Mertes, Florian and Nietfeld, Wilfiried and Rosenstiel, Philip and Schreiber, Stefan and Soldatov, Aleksey V and Timmermann, Bernd and Tolzmann, Marius and Affourtit, Jason and Ashworth, Dana and Attiya, Said and Bachorski, Melissa and Buglione, Eli and Burke, Adam and Caprio, Amanda and Celone, Christopher and Clark, Shauna and Conners, David and Desany, Brian and Gu, Lisa and Guccione, Lorri and Kao, Kalvin and Kebbel, Andrew and Knowlton, Jennifer and Labrecque, Matthew and McDade, Louise and Mealmaker, Craig and Minderman, Melissa and Nawrocki, Anne and Niazi, Faheem and Pareja, Kristen and Ramenani, Ravi and Riches, David and Song, Wanmin and Turcotte, Cynthia and Wang, Shally and Dooling, David and ... and The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and 1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 10/2010, Volume 467, Issue 7319, pp. 1061 - 1073
Journal Article
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 12/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1311 - 1320
Journal Article
by Gravel, S and Henn, B. M and Gutenkunst, R. N and Indap, A. R and Marth, G. T and Clark, A. G and Yu, F and Gibbs, R. A and Bustamante, C. D and Altshuler, D. L and Durbin, R. M and Abecasis, G. R and Bentley, D. R and Chakravarti, A and Collins, F. S and De La Vega, F. M and Donnelly, P and Egholm, M and Flicek, P and Gabriel, S. B and Knoppers, B. M and Lander, E. S and Lehrach, H and Mardis, E. R and McVean, G. A and Nickerson, D. A and Peltonen, L and Schafer, A. J and Sherry, S. T and Wang, J and Wilson, R. K and Deiros, D and Metzker, M and Muzny, D and Reid, J and Wheeler, D and Li, J and Jian, M and Li, G and Li, R and Liang, H and Tian, G and Wang, B and Wang, W and Yang, H and Zhang, X and Zheng, H and Ambrogio, L and Bloom, T and Cibulskis, K and Fennell, T. J and Jaffe, D. B and Shefler, E and Sougnez, C. L and Gormley, N and Humphray, S and Kingsbury, Z and Koko-Gonzales, P and Stone, J and McKernan, K. J and Costa, G. L and Ichikawa, J. K and Lee, C. C and Sudbrak, R and Borodina, T. A and Dahl, A and Davydov, A. N and Marquardt, P and Mertes, F and Nietfeld, W and Rosenstiel, P and Schreiber, S and Soldatov, A. V and Timmermann, B and Tolzmann, M and Affourtit, J and Ashworth, D and Attiya, S and Bachorski, M and Buglione, E and Burke, A and Caprio, A and Celone, C and Clark, S and Conners, D and Desany, B and Gu, L and Guccione, L and Kao, K and Kebbel, A and Knowlton, J and Labrecque, M and McDade, L and Mealmaker, C and Minderman, M and Nawrocki, A and Niazi, F and Pareja, K and Ramenani, R and Riches, D and ... and The 1000 Genomes Project and 1000 Genomes Project
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 07/2011, Volume 108, Issue 29, pp. 11983 - 11988
Journal Article
by Jarvis, E. D and Mirarab, S and Aberer, A. J and Li, B and Houde, P and Li, C and Ho, S. Y. W and Faircloth, B. C and Nabholz, B and Howard, J. T and Suh, A and Weber, C. C and da Fonseca, R. R and Li, J and Zhang, F and Li, H and Zhou, L and Narula, N and Liu, L and Ganapathy, G and Boussau, B and Bayzid, M. S and Zavidovych, V and Subramanian, S and Gabaldon, T and Capella-Gutierrez, S and Huerta-Cepas, J and Rekepalli, B and Munch, K and Schierup, M and Lindow, B and Warren, W. C and Ray, D and Green, R. E and Bruford, M. W and Zhan, X and Dixon, A and Li, S and Li, N and Huang, Y and Derryberry, E. P and Bertelsen, M. F and Sheldon, F. H and Brumfield, R. T and Mello, C. V and Lovell, P. V and Wirthlin, M and Schneider, M. P. C and Prosdocimi, F and Samaniego, J. A and Velazquez, A. M. V and Alfaro-Nunez, A and Campos, P. F and Petersen, B and Sicheritz-Ponten, T and Pas, A and Bailey, T and Scofield, P and Bunce, M and Lambert, D. M and Zhou, Q and Perelman, P and Driskell, A. C and Shapiro, B and Xiong, Z and Zeng, Y and Liu, S and Li, Z and Liu, B and Wu, K and Xiao, J and Yinqi, X and Zheng, Q and Zhang, Y and Yang, H and Wang, J and Smeds, L and Rheindt, F. E and Braun, M and Fjeldsa, J and Orlando, L and Barker, F. K and Jonsson, K. A and Johnson, W and Koepfli, K.-P and O'Brien, S and Haussler, D and Ryder, O. A and Rahbek, C and Willerslev, E and Graves, G. R and Glenn, T. C and McCormack, J and Burt, D and Ellegren, H and Alstrom, P and Edwards, S. V and Stamatakis, A and Mindell, D. P and Cracraft, J and ...
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 12/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6215, pp. 1320 - 1331
Journal Article