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by Lefevre, Michael and Molina, Henrik and Mehrle, Alexander and Jung, Peter and Muddiman, David C and Hochstrasser, Denis F and Nalli, Anuradha and Mann, Matthias and Zhou, Ming and Fenselau, Catherine and Cagney, Gerard and DeSouza, Leroi V and Sirdeshmukh, Ravi and Björling, Erik and Pepperkok, Rainer and Rice, Robert H and Zurbig, Petra and Chaerkady, Raghothama and Purvine, Samuel O and Pandey, Akhilesh and Sullivan, Matthew and Balgley, Brian M and Bantscheff, Marcus and Figeys, Daniel and Michael Siu, K W and Vidal-Taboada, José-Manuel and Gimble, Jeffrey M and Hjernø, Karin and Cantin, Greg T and Hanash, Samir M and Petricoin, Emanuel F and Crockett, David and Dunn, Michael J and Lim, Megan S and Drewes, Gerard and Gromov, Pavel and Costello, Catherine E and Deutsch, Eric W and Gnad, Florian and Takatalo, Maarit and Alexandre, Hainard and Celis, Julio E and Vihinen, Mauno and Morgan, James D and Andrews, Philip C and Ahn, Natalie G and Korf, Ulrike and Kwon, Min-Seok and James, Peter and Wiemann, Stefan and Veenstra, Timothy D and Helsens, Kenny and Menon, Rajasree and Sheng, Shi Jun and Gelfi, Cecilia and Kheterpal, Indu and Lee, Young-Jin and Zhu, Yunping and Chu, Feixia and Mathivanan, Suresh and Horn, David M and Bennett, Keiryn L and Hofmann, Oliver and Pennington, Kyla and Ramachandran, Prasanna and Jensen, Pia Hønnerup and Löbke, Christian and Zhong, Jun and Moritz, Robert and Loo, Joseph A and Ohara, Osamu and Martinez-Heredia, Juan and Seshi, Beerelli and Hancock, William S and Simpson, Richard J and Shivakumar, K and Neubert, Thomas A and Goel, Renu and Rick, Jens and Ewing, Rob M and Sayd, Thierry and Oliva, Rafael and Thongboonkerd, Visith and Bustelo, Xosé R and Sanchez, Jean-Charles and De Marzo, Angelo M and Dransfield, Eric and Paik, Young-Ki and Hruban, Ralph H and Harsha, HC and He, Fuchu and Fang, Xiangming and Amanchy, Ramars and Hermeking, Heiko and Gagné, Pierre and Kikuno, Reiko F and Smith, Jeffrey C and Xu, Tao and Oyama, Masaaki and Gevaert, Kris and ... and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States) and Skolan för bioteknologi (BIO) and KTH and Proteomik (stängd 20130101)
Nature Biotechnology, ISSN 1087-0156, 02/2008, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp. 164 - 167
Journal Article
Free Radical Biology and Medicine, ISSN 0891-5849, 2004, Volume 37, Issue 10, pp. 1578 - 1590
Garlic organosulfur compounds (OSCs) are recognized as a group of potential chemopreventive compounds. It is known that garlic OSCs can modulate drug... 
Thiol antioxidants | Diallyl disulfide | Free radicals | Nuclear factor E2-related factor | Garlic organosulfur compounds | Kelch-like ECH-associating protein 1 | Antioxidant response element | Diallyl trisulfide | Mitogen-activated protein kinases | Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase | free radicals | PROTEIN-KINASE-C | diallyl trisulfide | PLANAR AROMATIC-COMPOUNDS | ANTIOXIDANT-RESPONSE ELEMENT | BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | garlic organosulfur compounds | MEDIATED EXPRESSION | NAD(P)H-QUINONE OXIDOREDUCTASE | diallyl disulfide | DIALLYL SULFIDE | IN-VITRO | mitogen-activated protein kinases | ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM | GENE-EXPRESSION | calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase | GLUTATHIONE-S-TRANSFERASE | thiol antioxidants | nuclear factor E2-related factor | antioxidant response element | CANCER CELL-LINES | Humans | Garlic - chemistry | JNK Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases - metabolism | DNA-Binding Proteins - metabolism | Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Kinases - metabolism | Carcinoma, Hepatocellular - drug therapy | Protein Kinase C - metabolism | Heme Oxygenase-1 | p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases - metabolism | Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic - drug effects | Tumor Cells, Cultured | Heme Oxygenase (Decyclizing) - metabolism | Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic - physiology | Plants, Medicinal - chemistry | Inactivation, Metabolic - physiology | Genes, Reporter - genetics | Protein Kinase C - antagonists & inhibitors | Allyl Compounds - pharmacology | Enzyme Activation - drug effects | Membrane Proteins | Signal Transduction - drug effects | NAD(P)H Dehydrogenase (Quinone) - metabolism | NF-E2-Related Factor 2 | Signal Transduction - physiology | Trans-Activators - metabolism | Protein Kinase Inhibitors - pharmacology | Enzyme Activation - physiology
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention, ISSN 1547-7029, 4/2018, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp. 371 - 381
Journal Article
by Deshmukh, A and Sharma, S. S and Gobal, F. G and Singla, S. S and Hebbar, P. H and Paydak, H. P and Igarashi, M and Tada, H and Sekiguchi, Y and Yamasaki, H and Kuroki, K and Machino, T and Yoshida, K and Aonuma, K and Shavadia, J and Otieno, H and Yonga, G and Jinah, A and Qvist, J. F and Soerensen, P. H and Dixen, U and Ramirez-Marrero, M. A and Perez-Villardon, B and Gaitan-Roman, D and Jimenez-Navarro, M and Delgado-Prieto, J. L and De Teresa-Galvan, E and De Mora-Martin, M and Hebbar, P. B and Wei, W. X and Bardari, S and Zecchin, M and Salame', R and Vitali Serdoz, L and Di Lenarda, A and Guerrini, N and Barbati, G and Sinagra, G and Hanazawa, K and Kaitani, K and Nakagawa, Y and Lenaerts, I and Driesen, R and Hermida, N and Heidbuchel, H and Janssens, S and Balligand, J. L and Sipido, K. R and Willems, R and Sehra, R and Krummen, D and Briggs, C and Narayan, S and Tanaka, Y and Hirao, K and Nakamura, T and Inaba, O and Yagishita, A and Higuchi, K and Hachiya, H and Isobe, M and Kallergis, E and Kanoupakis, E. M and Mavrakis, H. E and Goudis, C. A and Maliaraki, N. E and Vardas, P. E and Kiuchi, K and Piorkowski, C and Kircher, S and Gaspar, T and Watanabe, N and Bollmann, A and Hindricks, G and Wauters, K and Grosse, A and Raffa, S and Brunelli, M and Geller, J. C and Maggioni, A. P and Gonzini, L and Gussoni, G and Vescovo, G and Gulizia, M and Pirelli, S and Mathieu, G and Di Pasquale, G and Salame, R and Magnani, S and Sakamoto, T and Kumagai, K and Fuke, E and Nishiuchi, S and Hayashi, T and Miki, Y and Naito, S and Oshima, S and Hof, I. E and Vonken, E and Velthuis, B. K and ...
Europace, ISSN 1099-5129, 06/2011, Volume 13, Issue Supplement 3, pp. i - NP
Journal Article
Clinical Nutrition Supplements, ISSN 1744-1161, 09/2012, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp. 265 - 265
Journal Article
Cereal Chemistry, ISSN 0009-0352, 09/2017, Volume 94, Issue 5, pp. 840 - 846
Currently, production of pasta that is either gluten‐free or having lower content of gluten, using low‐cost nonwheat cereals and legumes, is becoming... 
Journal Article
Survey of Anesthesiology, ISSN 0039-6206, 04/2015, Volume 59, Issue 2, pp. 77 - 78
Journal Article
by Theodoridis, G and Shaner, D and Townson, J and Kemp, J and Cory, P and Bartlett, D and Sutton, P and Collins, D and Wiehert, R and Duke, S O and Dayan, F E and Romagni, J G and Abbas, H K and Ujváry, I and Mishael, Y and Polubesova, T and Rytwo, G and Nir, S and Rubin, B and Undabeytia, T and Yaron-Marcovich, D and El-Nahhal, Y and Serban, C and Lagaly, G and Dolzhenko, V I and Makhankova, T A and Kirilenko, E I and Anuchin, V A and Redyuk, S I and Singh, H P and Batish, D R and Kohli, R K and Knezevic, M and Durkic, M and Gerhards, R and Kühbauch, W and Christensen, S and Walter, A M and Heisel, T and Hall, J C and Ferguson, G M and Friesen, L J. S and Barrett, M and Ciarka, D and Osuna, M D and Cortez, M G and De Prado, R and Hussien, B W and Barakat, R and Tal, A and Itoh, K and Wang, G X and Shibaike, H and Matsuo, K and Lior, E and Sibony, M and Kigel, J and Yaacoby, T and Bronshtein, A and Aharonson, N and Avnir, D and Altstein, M and Goodrow, M H and Krämer, P M and Barsi, E and Kettrup, A A and Hammock, B D and Mersie, W and McNamee, C and Seybold, C and Rola, H and Sadowski, J and Kucharski, M and Rola, J and Roque, M R. A and Monteiro, R T. R and Melo, I S and Joel, D M and Zamski, E and Plakhine, D and Hershenhorn, J and Goldwasser, Y and Eizenberg, H and Kleifeld, Y and Antonova, T S and Ransom, J K and Oswald, A and Agunda, J and Kroschel, J and Odhiambo, G D and Abayo, C O and Ariga, E S and Kanampiu, F K and Gressel, J and Bedi, J S and Sauerborn, J and Hebbar, P and Weinberg, T S and Lalazar, A and Nof, E and ...
Phytoparasitica, ISSN 0334-2123, 6/2000, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp. 157 - 188
Journal Article
REVUE DE MEDECINE INTERNE, ISSN 0248-8663, 1997, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 191 - 192
Journal Article
Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology, ISSN 0344-5704, 10/2015, Volume 76, Issue 4, pp. 865 - 871
Journal Article
by El-Sharkawy, A.M and Tewari, N and Vohra, R.S and Vohra, R.S and Pasquali, S and Kirkham, A.J and Marriott, P and Johnstone, M and Spreadborough, P and Alderson, D and Griffiths, E.A and Fenwick, S and Elmasry, M and Nunes, Q and Kennedy, D and Basit Khan, R and Khan, M.A and Magee, C.J and Jones, S.M and Mason, D and Parappally, C.P and Mathur, P and Saunders, M and Jamel, S and Ul Haque, S and Zafar, S and Shiwani, M.H and Samuel, N and Dar, F and Jackson, A and Lovett, B and Dindyal, S and Winter, H and Fletcher, T and Rahman, S and Wheatley, K and Nieto, T and Ayaani, S and Youssef, H and Nijjar, R.S and Watkin, H and Naumann, D and Emeshi, S and Sarmah, P.B and Lee, K and Joji, N and Heath, J and Teasdale, R.L and Weerasinghe, C and Needham, P.J and Welbourn, H and Forster, L and Finch, D and Blazeby, J.M and Robb, W and McNair, A.G and Hrycaiczuk, A and Charalabopoulos, A and Kadirkamanathan, S and Tang, C.B and Jayanthi, N.V and Noor, N and Dobbins, B and Cockbain, A.J and Nilsen-Nunn, A and de Siqueira, J and Pellen, M and Cowley, J.B and Ho, W.M and Miu, V and White, T.J and Hodgkins, K.A and Kinghorn, A and Tutton, M.G and Al-Abed, Y.A and Menzies, D and Ahmad, A and Reed, J and Khan, S and Monk, D and Vitone, L.J and Murtaza, G and Joel, A and Brennan, S and Shier, D and Zhang, C and Yoganathan, T and Robinson, S.J and McCallum, I.J and Jones, M.J and Elsayed, M and Tuck, L and Wayman, J and Carney, K and Aroori, S and Hosie, K.B and Kimble, A and Bunting, D.M and Fawole, A.S and Basheer, M and ... and CholeS Study Grp and West Midlands Res Collaborative and CholeS Study Group, West Midlands Research Collaborative
World Journal of Surgery, ISSN 0364-2313, 2019, Volume 43, Issue 8, pp. 1928 - 1934
BackgroundDay-case surgery is associated with significant patient and cost benefits. However, only 43% of cholecystectomy patients are discharged home the same... 
SURGERY | CONVERSION | LAPAROSCOPIC CHOLECYSTECTOMY | STAY | Gallstones | Surgery | Analysis | Datasets | Cholecystectomy | Endoscopes | Calculi | Regression analysis | Patients | Discharge | Subgroups
Journal Article