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physics, particles & fields (15) 15
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frequencies (3) 3
high energy astrophysical phenomena (3) 3
physics - general relativity and quantum cosmology (3) 3
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confidence intervals (2) 2
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ellipticity (2) 2
false alarms (2) 2
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humans (2) 2
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acetylcysteine - pharmacology (1) 1
activation energy (1) 1
aldose-ketose isomerases - metabolism (1) 1
algorithms (1) 1
ambulante versorgung (1) 1
ambulatory care (1) 1
animals (1) 1
annealing (1) 1
antioxidants (1) 1
antioxidants - pharmacology (1) 1
astronomi, astrofysik och kosmologi (1) 1
astronomical black holes (1) 1
astrophysics, cosmology and astronomy (1) 1
austenitic ods steel (1) 1
austenitic stainless steels (1) 1
autophagosomes - drug effects (1) 1
autophagosomes - metabolism (1) 1
autophagy (1) 1
autophagy - drug effects (1) 1
autophagy, crispr, cas9, pentose phosphate pathway, rpia, shrna (1) 1
autophagy-related proteins - metabolism (1) 1
base sequence (1) 1
behaviour change (1) 1
big bang cosmology (1) 1
big bang theory (1) 1
biological & chemical weapons (1) 1
biological phenomena, cell phenomena, and immunity (1) 1
black-holes (1) 1
broadband (1) 1
calibration (1) 1
california (1) 1
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cells (1) 1
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child care (1) 1
child care services (1) 1
child day care centers - economics (1) 1
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circular orbits (1) 1
coalescing (1) 1
coarsening (1) 1
comparative evaluations (1) 1
consistency (1) 1
constraint modelling (1) 1
core-collapse supernovae (1) 1
cosmic microwave background (1) 1
cosmology (1) 1
cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics (1) 1
crispr (1) 1
crispr-cas systems - genetics (1) 1
cross-cultural (1) 1
cusps (1) 1
cysteine (1) 1
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by Abbott, B.P and Abbott, R and Affeldt, C and Altin, P.A and Anderson, W.G and Aulbert, C and Bacon, P and Bae, S and Barker, D and Blair, D.G and Boer, M and Braginsky, V.B and Brillet, A and Brisson, V and Brown, D.A and Buonanno, A and Canizares, P and Capocasa, E and Cavalier, F and Christensen, N and Cuoco, E and Dasgupta, A and Da Silva Costa, C.F and Davis, D and De, S and De Rosa, R and Driggers, J.C and Factourovich, M and Fiorucci, D and Frey, R and Fyffe, M and Gammaitoni, L and Gehrels, N and Gorodetsky, M.L and Gray, C and Hammond, G and Hanna, C and Hannuksela, O.A and Harry, I.W and Hemming, G and Heng, I.S and Huet, D and Husa, S and Kandhasamy, S and Kasprzack, M and Khan, Z and Kissel, J.S and Kowalska, I and Lai, K.H and Lange, J and Laxen, M and Lundgren, A.P and Ma, Y and Magaña-Sandoval, F and Matichard, F and McCormick, S and McCuller, L and Merilh, E.L and Miller, B.B and Miller, J and Moore, C.J and Moraru, D and Naticchioni, L and Nichols, D and Normandin, M.E.N and Oliver, M and Pace, A.E and Pal-Singh, A and Pekowsky, L and Perri, L.M and Porter, E.K and Qin, J and Raab, F.J and Raffai, P and Rajan, C and Rakhmanov, M and Reyes, S.D and Riles, K and Sachdev, S and Schmidt, E and Schutz, B.F and Siellez, K and Sigg, D and Singh, R and Singhal, A and Smith, J.R and Sonnenberg, J.A and Souradeep, T and Sutton, P.J and Taracchini, A and Taylor, J.A and Thomas, E.G and Unnikrishnan, C.S and Usman, S.A and Venkateswara, K and Vitale, S and Vousden, W.D and Watchi, J and Wen, L and Willis, J.L and LIGO Sci Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 07/2017, Volume 96, Issue 2
Journal Article
by Abbott, B.P and Abbott, R and Ashton, G and Bell, A.S and Bergman, J and Billingsley, G and Blair, C.D and Blair, R.M and Brau, J.E and Brown, D.D and Brown, N.M and Camp, J.B and Cannon, K.C and Chakraborty, R and Chen, H.Y and Chung, S and Constancio, M and Coward, D.M and Cunningham, L and Darman, N.S and Dave, I and Debra, D and Dergachev, V and Dhurandhar, S and Doravari, S and Engels, W and Fritschel, P and Gaonkar, S.G and Goetz, E and Gossan, S.E and Gray, C and Gupta, M.K and Gustafson, R and Hall, B.R and Haney, M and Hanks, J and Hanna, C and Iyer, B.R and Jang, H and Jani, K and Jawahar, S and Kawazoe, F and Keitel, D and Kennedy, R and Khalaidovski, A and Khalili, F.Y and Khazanov, E.A and Kondrashov, V and Kontos, A and Korobko, M and Kuo, L and Lundgren, A.P and Mandel, I and Mangano, V and McCarthy, R and Mercer, R.A and Merilh, E and Meshkov, S and Mukund, K.N and Mishra, C and Mitselmakher, G and Moore, B.C and Morriss, S.R and Mueller, C.L and Muir, A.W and Murray, P.G and Nedkova, K and Ochsner, E and O'Dell, J and O'Shaughnessy, R and Pannarale, F and Pearlstone, B.L and Pereira, R and Perreca, A and Pinto, I.M and Raffai, P and Reed, C.M and Reid, S and Sachdev, S and Schuette, D and Shahriar, M.S and Steinke, M and Strauss, N.A and Szczepańczyk, M.J and Thorne, K.A and Traylor, G and Trifirò, D and Usman, S.A and Vecchio, A and Vinciguerra, S and Vo, T and Wade, L.E and Weaver, B and Wen, L and Willis, J.L and Worden, J and Yu, H and Zhang, L and Zucker, M.E and Zweizig, J and LIGO Sci Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 03/2017, Volume 95, Issue 6
Journal Article
by Abbott, B.P and Abbott, R and Addesso, P and Appert, S and Arai, K and Ascenzi, S and Ast, M and Ballardin, G and Barone, F and Batch, J.C and Beer, C and Bersanetti, D and Bitossi, M and Bizouard, M.A and Callister, T.A and Cao, J and Cepeda, C.B and Chua, A.J.K and De Laurentis, M and Desalvo, R and Di Fiore, L and Drago, M and Ducrot, M and Etienne, Z and Evans, T.M and Fairhurst, S and Fernández Galiana, A and Fidecaro, F and Fournier, J.-D and Frey, R and Gadre, B.U and Gayathri, V and Gray, C and Gupta, A and Hall, B.R and Haney, M and Hardwick, T and Hart, M.J and Heurs, M and Hofman, D and Huet, D and Ingram, D.R and Jacqmin, T and Jaranowski, P and Johnson, W.W and Klimenko, S and Kutynia, A and Lanza, R.K and Lasky, P.D and Magaña-Sandoval, F and Man, N and Mantovani, M and Masserot, A and Mavalvala, N and McManus, D.J and Melatos, A and Merilh, E.L and Miao, H and Miller, A and Minenkov, Y and Mirshekari, S and Mitra, S and Moggi, A and Nardecchia, I and Nery, M and Neunzert, A and Page, J and Pal-Singh, A and Pascucci, D and Passuello, D and Pedraza, M and Puppo, P and Radkins, H and Robie, R and Rollins, J.G and Rüdiger, A and Ruggi, P and Saleem, M and Samajdar, A and Sauter, O and Sawadsky, A and Schnabel, R and Singer, L.P and Smith, R.J.E and Stephens, B.C and Stuver, A.L and Sunil, S and Swinkels, B.L and Tippens, T and Turconi, M and Usman, S.A and Vajente, G and Varma, V and Voss, D.V and Vousden, W.D and Wallace, L and Wen, L and Wimmer, M.H and Yvert, M and Zhou, Z and VIRGO Collaboration and LIGO Sci Collaboration
Physical review. D, ISSN 2470-0010, 02/2017, Volume 95, Issue 4, p. 042003
Journal Article