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risk factors (30) 30
coronary heart disease (29) 29
adult (27) 27
genome-wide association study (23) 23
genetic aspects (22) 22
genetics & heredity (22) 22
case-control studies (20) 20
coronary artery disease (20) 20
genetic predisposition to disease (20) 20
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myocardial infarction (18) 18
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hypertension (11) 11
myocardial infarction - genetics (11) 11
phenotype (11) 11
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echocardiography (10) 10
gene expression (10) 10
gene frequency (10) 10
klinisk medicin (10) 10
medical genetics (10) 10
multidisciplinary sciences (10) 10
physiological aspects (10) 10
polymorphism, single nucleotide - genetics (10) 10
science & technology - other topics (10) 10
aged, 80 and over (9) 9
body mass index (9) 9
cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (9) 9
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coronary vessels (9) 9
epidemiology (9) 9
genes (9) 9
polymorphism (9) 9
science (9) 9
biomedical research (8) 8
cardiovascular diseases (8) 8
cholesterol (8) 8
fundamental and applied biological sciences. psychology (8) 8
genomics (8) 8
health aspects (8) 8
heart attacks (8) 8
heart diseases (8) 8
heart failure (8) 8
hospitals (8) 8
meta-analysis (8) 8
prognosis (8) 8
single nucleotide polymorphisms (8) 8
treatment outcome (8) 8
alleles (7) 7
arterial hypertension. arterial hypotension (7) 7
biomarkers - blood (7) 7
electrocardiography (7) 7
endocrinology and diabetes (7) 7
endokrinologi och diabetes (7) 7
general aspects (7) 7
mortality (7) 7
population genetics (7) 7
research article (7) 7
single-nucleotide polymorphism (7) 7
usage (7) 7
analysis (6) 6
biology (6) 6
clinical manifestations. epidemiology. investigative techniques. etiology (6) 6
coronary artery disease - epidemiology (6) 6
diseases of the peripheral vessels. diseases of the vena cava. miscellaneous (6) 6
european continental ancestry group (6) 6
european continental ancestry group - genetics (6) 6
general & internal medicine (6) 6
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Heart rhythm, ISSN 1547-5271, 2012, Volume 9, Issue 10, pp. 1627 - 1634
Journal Article
JACC. Cardiovascular interventions, ISSN 1936-8798, 2013, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp. 487 - 496
Journal Article
by Webb, Thomas R and Erdmann, Jeanette and Stirrups, Kathleen E and Jansen, Henning and Nelson, Christopher P and Ferrario, Paola G and König, Inke R and Eicher, John D and Johnson, Andrew D and Betsholtz, Christer and Ruusalepp, Arno and Franzén, Oscar and Schadt, Eric E and Weeke, Peter E and Auer, Paul L and Lu, Yingchang and Zhang, He and Goel, Anuj and Farrall, Martin and Peloso, Gina M and Won, Hong-Hee and Do, Ron and van Iperen, Erik and Kruppa, Jochen and Scott, Robert A and Braund, Peter S and Donnelly, Louise A and Asselta, Rosanna and Merlini, Pier A and Duga, Stefano and Marziliano, Nicola and Denny, Josh C and Shaffer, Christian and El-Mokhtari, Nour Eddine and Franke, Andre and Hoffmann, Per and Jansson, Jan-Håkan and Kessler, Thorsten and Kriebel, Jennifer and Laugwitz, Karl L and Marouli, Eirini and Martinelli, Nicola and McCarthy, Mark I and Van Zuydam, Natalie R and Meisinger, Christa and Mihailov, Evelin and Escher, Stefan A and Moebus, Susanne and Nikpay, Majid and Olivieri, Oliviero and Provost, Sylvie and Robertson, Neil R and Akinsansya, Karen O and Reilly, Dermot F and Vogt, Thomas F and Yin, Wu and Kooperberg, Charles and Stahl, Eli and Strauch, Konstantin and Varga, Tibor V and Waldenberger, Melanie and Chowdhury, Rajiv and Salomaa, Veikko and Ford, Ian and Jukema, J. Wouter and Amouyel, Philippe and Kontto, Jukka and Nordestgaard, Børge G and Ferrières, Jean and Saleheen, Danish and Sattar, Naveed and Surendran, Praveen and Wagner, Aline and Young, Robin and Howson, Joanna M.M and Butterworth, Adam S and Danesh, John and Ardissino, Diego and Erbel, Raimund and Franks, Paul W and Hall, Alistair S and Kastrati, Adnan and Lieb, Wolfgang and Meitinger, Thomas and Kraus, William E and Shah, Svati H and Orho-Melander, Marju and Melander, Olle and Metspalu, Andres and Palmer, Colin N.A and Rader, Daniel J and Reilly, Muredach P and Loos, Ruth J.F and Roden, Dan M and Thompson, John R and Wareham, Nicholas J and Willer, Cristen J and Schunkert, Heribert and Deloukas, Panos and Kathiresan, Sekar and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium and Myocardial Infarction Genetics and CARDIoGRAM Exome Consortia Investigators and MORGAM Investigators and Wellcome Trust Case Control and Myocardial Infarction Genetics
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 02/2017, Volume 69, Issue 7, pp. 823 - 836
Journal Article
by Assimes, Themistocles L and Hólm, Hilma and Reilly, Muredach P and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Voight, Benjamin F and Erdmann, Jeanette and Willenborg, Christina and Vaidya, Dhananjay and Patterson, Chris C and Morgan, Thomas M and Burnett, Mary Susan and Li, Mingyao and Knowles, Joshua W and Thompson, John R and Iribarren, Carlos and Go, Alan and Sidney, Stephen and Tang, Hua and Stoll, Monika and Shah, Svati H and Herrera, J. Enrique and Kim, Yoonhee and Kral, Brian G and Mathias, Rasika A and Ruczinski, Ingo and Suktitipat, Bhoom and Wilson, Alexander F and Yanek, Lisa R and Becker, Lewis C and Linsel-Nitschke, Patrick and König, Inke R and Hengstenberg, Christian and Fischer, Marcus and Grassl, Martina and Grosshennig, Anika and Preuss, Michael and Schreiber, Stefan and Wichmann, H.-Erich and Meisinger, Christa and Do, Ron and Meigs, James B and Nathan, David M and MacRae, Calum A and Qu, Liming and Wilensky, Robert L and Matthai, William H and Qasim, Atif N and Hakonarson, Hakon and Pichard, Augusto D and Kent, Kenneth M and Satler, Lowell and Lindsay, Joseph M and Knouff, Christopher W and Waterworth, Dawn M and Mooser, Vincent E and Marrugat, Jaume and Lucas, Gavin and Subirana, Isaac and Ramos, Rafael and Martinelli, Nicola and Olivieri, Oliviero and Trabetti, Elisabetta and Malerba, Giovanni and Pignatti, Pier Franco and Guiducci, Candace and Mirel, Daniel and Parkin, Melissa and Hirschhorn, Joel N and Asselta, Rosanna and Duga, Stefano and Purcell, Shaun and Eifert, Sandra and Wright, Benjamin J and Balmforth, Anthony J and Ball, Stephen G and Ouwehand, Willem H and Deloukas, Panos and Cambien, Francois and Scheffold, Thomas and Salomaa, Veikko and Girelli, Domenico and Granger, Christopher B and Peltonen, Leena and McKeown, Pascal P and Altshuler, David and Devaney, Joseph M and Epstein, Stephen E and Engert, James C and Anand, Sonia S and Hall, Alistair S and Ziegler, Andreas and O'Donnell, Christopher J and Spertus, John A and Siscovick, David and Schwartz, Stephen M and Becker, Diane and Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur and Stefansson, Kari and Schunkert, Heribert and Quertermous, Thomas and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium, Cardiogenics and Myocardial Infarction Genetics Consortium and Cardiogenics and Wellcome Trust Case Control and Myocardial Infarction Genet and Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ISSN 0735-1097, 11/2010, Volume 56, Issue 19, pp. 1552 - 1563
Journal Article
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2012, Volume 379, Issue 9819, pp. 915 - 922
Journal Article