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cardiopulmonary resuscitation (98) 98
myocardial infarction (98) 98
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myocardial infarction - complications (65) 65
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människan i vården (62) 62
age (61) 61
hälsovetenskaper (61) 61
morbidity (61) 61
peripheral vascular disease (61) 61
resuscitation (61) 61
quality of life (58) 58
disease (57) 57
integrated caring science (56) 56
integrerad vårdutveckling (56) 56
myocardial infarction - therapy (56) 56
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metoprolol (44) 44
therapy (44) 44
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cardiovascular (43) 43
care (43) 43
ventricular-fibrillation (43) 43
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by Hjalmarson, A and Goldstein, S and Fagerberg, B and Wedel, H and Waagstein, F and Kjekshus, J and Wikstrand, J and Westergren, G and Thimell, M and El Allaf, D and Vítovec, J and Aldershvile, J and Halinen, M and Dietz, R and Neuhaus, K.-L and Jánosi, A and Thorgeirsson, G and Dunselman, P and Gullestad, L and Kuch, J and Herlitz, J and Rickenbacher, P and Ball, S and Gottlieb, S and Deedwania, P and Vandenhoven, G and Nováková, I and Danker, S and Lundström, M and Meyer-Sabellek, W and Balla, I and Sveinsdottir, M and Dorhout, B and Hildebrandt, A and Szczurko, I and Larsson, C and Bucher, E and Scott, E and Dwyer, D and Julian, D.G and DeMets, D.L and Chatterjee, K and Feyzi, J and Lehto, S and Kárpáti, P and Motz, W and Samuelsson, O and Viersma, J.W and Andersson, B and Berthe, C and Boutefeu, J.-M and Boxho, G and Decroly, P and Derbaudrenghien, J.-P and Pirlet, J and Henry, P and Heyndrickx, G and Missault, L and Nannan, M and Timmermans, P and Vachiery, J.-L and Van Mieghem, W and Vandenbossche, J.-L and Dvorák, K and Herold, M and Hradec, J and Kána, A and Petr, P and Rybka, J and Smíd, J and Svítil, P and Toman, J and Agner, E and Amtorp, O and Egstrup, K and Eliasen, P and Gotzsche, C.-O and Hildebrandt, P and Johannesen, A and Kaiser-Nielsen, P and Nielsen, H and Nielsen, P.E and Pedersen, F and Rokkedal Nielsen, J and Skagen, K and Honkanen, T and Hussi, E and Juvonen, J and Jääskeläinen, H and Rinne, J and Salonen, T and Andresen, D and Berwing, H and Bethge, Bethge and Beythien, Beythien and Bischoff, Bischoff and Bundschu, Bundschu and Daniel, Daniel and Darius, Darius and Delius, Delius and ... and MERIT-HF Study Group and MERIT-HF Study Grp
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Journal Article
by Rob, D and Špunda, R and Šmalcová, J and Bìlohlávek, J and Cianchi, G and Trapani, S and Gucci, L and Cramaro, A and Cozzolino, M and Peris, A and Kort, E and Shresta, N. Manandhar and Davidson, P and Algotsson, L and Lee, S and Dickinson, M and Wilton, P and Jovinge, S and Gelandt, E and Morgan, L and Butt, S and Whitehorne, M and Hayes, M and Hurst, T and Vercueil, A and Auzinger, G and Adibelli, B and Akovali, N and Pirat, A and Kayhan, Z and Schmidbauer, S. S and Herlitz, J and Karlsson, T and Friberg, H and Duprez, F and Bonus, T and Cuvelier, G and Mashayekhi, S and Maka, M and Reychler, G and Abbasi, S and Talaee, S and Staudacher, D. S and Wengenmayer, T. W and Nelskylä, A and Nurmi, J and Jousi, M and Schramko, A and Mervaala, E and Ristagno, G and Skrifvars, M and Ozsoy, G and Azapagasi, E and Perk, O and Gadirova, U and Ozcinar, E and Durdu, S and Dogan, M and Ramoglu, M and Tutar, E and Akar, R and Kamps, M and Leeuwerink, G and Hoiting, O and Van der Hoeven, J and Hoedemaekers, C and Kuklin, V and Konkayeva, M and Skrifvars, M. B and Bendel, S and Kaukonen, K. M and Vaahersalo, J and Romppanen, J and Pettilä, V and Reinikainen, M and Lybeck, A and Nielsen, N and Noc, M and Garrett, F and Kulstad, E and Bergström, D. J and Olsson, H. R and Mandel, I and Mikheev, S and Suhodolo, I and Podoxenov, A and Vammen, L. V and Jessen, N. J and Granfeldt, A. G and Grossestreuer, A and Perman, S and Patel, P and Ganley, S and Portmann, J and Nassar, Y and Fathy, S and Lewis-Cuthbertson, R and Mustafa, K and Bennett, P and Boer, W and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
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Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii133 - ii145
Journal Article
Journal Article