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by McGrath, Lauren M., PhD and Yu, Dongmei, MS and Marshall, Christian, PhD and Davis, Lea K., PhD and Thiruvahindrapuram, Bhooma, MSc and Li, Bingbin, HBSc and Cappi, Carolina, MSc and Gerber, Gloria, BA and Wolf, Aaron, BA and Schroeder, Frederick A., PhD and Osiecki, Lisa, BA and O'Dushlaine, Colm, PhD and Kirby, Andrew, BA and Illmann, Cornelia, PhD and Haddad, Stephen, MS and Gallagher, Patience, BS and Fagerness, Jesen A., JD and Barr, Cathy L., PhD and Bellodi, Laura, MD and Benarroch, Fortu, MD and Bienvenu, O. Joseph, MD, PhD and Black, Donald W., MD and Bloch, Michael H., MD, MS and Bruun, Ruth D., MD and Budman, Cathy L., MD and Camarena, Beatriz, MSc and Cath, Danielle C., MD and Cavallini, Maria C., MD and Chouinard, Sylvain, MD and Coric, Vladimir, MD and Cullen, Bernadette, MB, BCh. BAO and Delorme, Richard, MD, PhD and Denys, Damiaan, MD, PhD and Derks, Eske M., PhD and Dion, Yves, MD and Rosário, Maria C., MD, PhD and Eapen, Valsama, MD, PhD and Evans, Patrick, PhD and Falkai, Peter, MD and Fernandez, Thomas V., MD and Garrido, Helena, MA and Geller, Daniel, MD and Grabe, Hans J., MD and Grados, Marco A., MD, MPH and Greenberg, Benjamin D., MD, PhD and Gross-Tsur, Varda, MD and Grünblatt, Edna, PhD and Heiman, Gary A., PhD and Hemmings, Sian M.J., PhD and Herrera, Luis D., MD, MPH and Hounie, Ana G., MD, PhD and Jankovic, Joseph, MD and Kennedy, James L., MD and King, Robert A., MD and Kurlan, Roger, MD and Lanzagorta, Nuria, PsyD and Leboyer, Marion, MD, PhD and Leckman, James F., MD and Lennertz, Leonhard, MSc and Lochner, Christine, PhD and Lowe, Thomas L., MD and Lyon, Gholson J., MD, PhD and Macciardi, Fabio, MD, PhD and Maier, Wolfgang, MD and McCracken, James T., MD and McMahon, William, MD and Murphy, Dennis L., MD and Naarden, Allan L., MD and Neale, Benjamin M., PhD and Nurmi, Erika, MD, PhD and Pakstis, Andrew J., PhD and Pato, Michele T., MD and Pato, Carlos N., MD, PhD and Piacentini, John, PhD and Pittenger, Christopher, MD, PhD and Pollak, Yehuda, PhD and Reus, Victor I., MD and Richter, Margaret A., MD and Riddle, Mark, MD and Robertson, Mary M., MD, PhD and Rosenberg, David, MD and Rouleau, Guy A., MD and Ruhrmann, Stephan, MD and Sampaio, Aline S., MD, PhD and Samuels, Jack, PhD and Sandor, Paul, MD and Sheppard, Brooke, MSc and Singer, Harvey S., MD and Smit, Jan H., PhD and Stein, Dan J., MD, PhD and Tischfield, Jay A., PhD and Vallada, Homero, MD, PhD and Veenstra-VanderWeele, Jeremy, MD and Walitza, Susanne, MD and Wang, Ying, MSc and Wendland, Jens R., MD and Shugart, Yin Yao, PhD and Miguel, Euripedes C., MD, PhD and Nicolini, Humberto, MD, PhD and Oostra, Ben A., PhD and ...
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, ISSN 0890-8567, 2014, Volume 53, Issue 8, pp. 910 - 919
Journal Article
Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism, ISSN 0049-0172, 2015, Volume 45, Issue 6, pp. 675 - 683
Abstract Objective To examine hematological manifestations’ correlates and their impact on damage accrual and mortality in SLE patients from the multiethnic,... 
Rheumatology | Thrombocytopenia | Systemic lupus erythematosus | Lymphopenia | Autoimmune hemolytic anemia | Hematologic manifestations | ANTIBODIES | SLE PATIENTS | LONG-TERM SURVIVAL | US COHORT | AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC-ANEMIA | RHEUMATOLOGY | DISEASE-ACTIVITY | LUMINA | 3 ETHNIC-GROUPS | MANIFESTATIONS | Multivariate Analysis | Azathioprine - therapeutic use | Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic - complications | Age Factors | Antibodies, Antinuclear - immunology | Humans | Immunosuppressive Agents - therapeutic use | Antibodies, Antiphospholipid - immunology | Male | Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic - blood | Latin America | Lymphopenia - etiology | Young Adult | Ethnic Groups | Thrombocytopenia - ethnology | Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic - drug therapy | Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic - immunology | Ribonucleoproteins - immunology | Adult | Female | Indians, South American | Anemia, Hemolytic - ethnology | Anemia, Hemolytic - etiology | Insurance, Health | Thrombocytopenia - etiology | Lymphopenia - blood | Proportional Hazards Models | European Continental Ancestry Group | Logistic Models | Antimalarials - therapeutic use | Thrombocytopenia - blood | Autoantibodies - immunology | Lymphopenia - ethnology | Adolescent | African Continental Ancestry Group | Anemia, Hemolytic - blood | Longitudinal Studies | Lupus | Care and treatment | Mortality | Anemia | Analysis | Antimalarials | Antiphospholipid antibodies | Risk factors
Journal Article
Current Problems in Cardiology, ISSN 0146-2806, 2017, Volume 42, Issue 7, pp. 198 - 225
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Palma, Jack A. Di and Cleveland, Mark B and McGowan, John and Herrera, Jorge L and Vijayapal, Aravind S and James, Kiely M and Karen, Brasel J and Kulwinder, Dua S and Mann, Nirmal S and Seo, Suk and Fan, Jennifer J and McGowan, Jean Marie F and Bank, Leslie and Bortolotti, Mauro and Ugolini, Giampaolo and Grandis, Annamaria and Mazzero, Giosue and Montroni, Isacco and Koulaouzidis, Anastasios and Habib, Syed and Rehman, Saeed Ur and Honnappa, Naveen and Moschos, John and Saeed, Athar A and Pepin, J and Valiquette, L and Alary, ME and Dallal, RM and Harbrecht, BG and Boujoukas, AJ and Slavin, Joanne L and Januszweski, Ashley and Paredes-Diaz, Alberto and Savarino, Vincenzo and Stewart, Maria L and Katz, Seymour and Quigley, Eamonn and Shanahan, Fergus and Tursi, Antonio and Magowan, Simon and Accortt, Neil and Taylor, Kevin and Parks, George and Rodriguez-Torres, Maribel and Scales, Joel and Haydek, John M and Haydek, John P and Haydek, Chris M and Park, Sung Keun and Park, Dong Il and Kim, Hong Ju and Shon, Chong Il and Kim, Byung Ik and Jeon, Woo Kyu and Gatopoulou, Anthia and Said, Elmuhtady and Reddy, Anand and Singh, Jitendra N and Habashi, Samir L and Munoz, Juan C and Vega, Kenneth and Siao-Salera, Rodelei and Cabrera, Hazel and Leung, Joseph W and Prather, Dannie and Toomsen, Lee and Mann, Surinder K and Ransibrahmanakul, Kanat and Leung, Felix W and Kasturi, Krishna S and Mummadi, Rajasekhara R and Raju, Gottumukkala S and Mittal, Sahil and Trang, T and Raju, G.S and Meyer, Trinh and Golla, Vidushi and Coley, Curtis and Min, Albert and Lin, Ying and Meeh, Paul F and Farrell, Christopher and Buckhaults, Phillip and Podolsky, Robert H and Lee, Jeffrey R and Schade, Robert R and Dynan, William S and Tamboli, Cyrus P and Aker, Laura and Engle, Jamison J and Caldwell, Robert J and Zimmerman, M. Bridget and Mitros, Frank A
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 09/2007, Volume 102, Issue s2, pp. S249 - S271
364A Comparison of Polyethylene Glycol Laxative and Placebo for Relief of Constipation from Constipating Medications Jack A. Di Palma, MD * , Mark B.... 
Journal Article
Pediatric Blood & Cancer, ISSN 1545-5009, 07/2017, Volume 64, Issue 7, p. n/a
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Danaei, G and Finucane, MM and Lin, JK and Singh, GM and Paciorek, CJ and Cowan, MJ and Farzadfar, F and Stevens, GA and Lim, SS and Riley, LM and Ezzati, M and Abdeen, Z and Agyemang, C and Al Nsour, M and Ali, MM and Ambady, R and Babu, BV and Barbagallo, CM and Barcelo, A and Barreto, SM and Barros, H and Bautista, LE and Bjerregaard, P and Bjorkelund, C and Bo, S and Bobak, M and Bonora, E and Botana, MA and Bovet, P and Breckenkamp, J and Breteler, MM and Broda, G and Brown, IJ and Bursztyn, M and de Leon, AC and Casiglia, E and Castetbon, K and Chatterji, S and Chen, ZM and Chen, CJ and Chua, L and Cifkova, R and Cobiac, LJ and Cooper, RS and Dankner, RS and Dong, GH and Elliott, P and Erem, C and Esteghamati, A and Fan, JG and Ferreccio, C and Firmo, JO and Fornes, NS and Fuchs, FD and Getz, L and Giampaoli, S and Gomez, LF and Graff-Iversen, S and Carvajal, RG and Gulliford, MC and Gupta, PC and Gureje, O and Hansen, TW and He, J and Heinrich, J and Hennis, A and Herrera, VM and Ho, SC and Ibrahim, MM and Ikeda, N and Jafar, TH and Joffres, MR and Jonas, JB and Kamadjeu, RM and Karalis, I and Kastarinen, MJ and Katz, J and Kelly, P and Khalilzadeh, O and Khang, YH and Kiechl, S and Kim, KW and Kobayashi, J and Kubinova, R and Kusuma, YS and Lam, TH and Lawes, CMM and Le, C and Lee, J and Lin, X and Lin, HH and Lin, CC and Liu, XQ and Lorbeer, R and Ma, S and Ma, GS and Magliano, DJ and Makdisse, M and Mancia, G and Mbanya, JCN and ... and Global Burden Metab Risk Factors C
LANCET, ISSN 0140-6736, 02/2011, Volume 377, Issue 9765, pp. 568 - 577
Background Data for trends in blood pressure are needed to understand the effects of its dietary, lifestyle, and pharmacological determinants; set intervention... 
UNITED-STATES | POPULATION | MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | HYPERTENSION CONTROL | EUROPEAN COUNTRIES | DISEASE | PREVENTION | MONICA | PREVALENCE | AWARENESS | CARDIOVASCULAR RISK-FACTORS | Studies | Confidence intervals | Older people | Mortality | Pressure distribution | Cardiovascular disease | Statistical methods | Community
Journal Article
Journal Article
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