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by Easton, J Donald and Aunes, Maria and Albers, Gregory W and Amarenco, Pierre and Bokelund-Singh, Sara and Denison, Hans and Evans, Scott R and Held, Peter and Jahreskog, Marianne and Jonasson, Jenny and Minematsu, Kazuo and Molina, Carlos A and Wang, Yongjun and Wong, K.S Lawrence and Johnston, S Claiborne and Ameriso, Sebastiá F and Donnan, Geoffrey and Lemmens, Robin and Massaro, Ayrton and Titianova, Ekaterina and Hill, Michael D and Lavados, Pablo and Skoloudik, David and Röther, Joachim and Norbert, Szegedi and Agnelli, Giancarlo and Bornstein, Natan and Tanahashi, Norio and Góngora, Angel Arauz and Pretell, Edwin and San Jose, Maria Cristina Z and Czlonkowska, Anna and Bajenaru, Ovidiu and Stakhovskaya, Ludmila and Brozman, Miroslav and Kim, Jong-Sung and Wahlgren, Nils and Michel, Patrik and Lee, Tsong Hai and Suwanwela, Nijasri Charnnarong and Kutluk, Kursad and Moskovko, Sergii and Kasner, Scott and Laskowitz, Daniel and Clark, Wayne and Nguyen, Huy Thang and Ameriso, Sebastian and Lepera, Sandra and Romano, Marina and Paulon, David and Ioli, Pablo and Zurru, Cristina and Bruera, Guadalupe and Jure, Lorena and Klein, Francisco and Povedano, Guillermo and Levi, Christopher and Phan, Thanh and Markus, Romesh and Anderson, Craig and Sabet, Arman and Davis, Stephen and Lee, Andrew and Kleinig, Timothy and Wong, Andrew and Krause, Martin and Jannes, Jim and Wijeratne, Tissa and Hemelsoet, Dimitri and Peeters, André and Tack, Philippe and Vanacker, Peter and Laloux, Patrice and Van Landegem, William and Vanhooren, Geert and Desfontaines, Philippe and Van Orshoven, Marc and Oliveira, Fabio and Friedrich, Mauricio and Brondani, Rosane and Gagliardi, Rubens and Fabio, Soraia and Dracoulakis, Marianna and Bazan, Rodrigo and Marrone, Luiz and Pontes Neto, Octavio and Silva, Gisele and Kowacs, Pedro and Stamenova, Paraskeva and Daskalov, Marin and Staikov, Ivan and Baldaranov, Dimo and Maslarov, Dimitar and Lilovski, Hristo and Petkov, Plamen and Petrova, Neli and Mavrov, Radoslav and Markova, Veska and Petrova, Valeria and Beleva, Tanya and ... and SOCRATES Steering Comm and SOCRATES Steering Committee and Investigators and For the SOCRATES Steering Committee and Investigators
Circulation, ISSN 0009-7322, 09/2017, Volume 136, Issue 10, pp. 907 - 916
Journal Article
by Jiménez, Manuel Abeytua and Adarriaga, Maria Dolores and Luna, Antonio Agarrado and Linares, Eduardo Jesus Alias and Mugica, Fatima Almagro and Martínez, Jose Luis Alonso and García, Guillermo Alonso and Martín, Joaquin Alonso and Recalde, Nelson Maria Alvarenga and Fernández, Luis Javier Álvarez and Auñón, Amparo Álvarez and Novales, Javier Andrés and Revilla, Esther Aragón and Alvarez, Juan Andreu and Serrano, Jose Antonio Antón and Castaño, Juan Carlos Arias and Arroyo, Agustín and De Rojas, Ignacio Artigues Sánchez and Perez, Emilio Baldo and Barrios, Antonio and Prados, Joaquin G. Bautista and Gotarda, M. Nieves Bellera and López, Juan Bello and Ruiz, Oscar Beloqui and Garcia, Jose Maria Bermudez and González, Miguel Blanco and Lobo, Ana Blasco and Sierra, Juan Carlos Bohorquez and Díaz, Alfonso Bolaños and Loidi, Vicente Brossa and Cortada, Jorge Bruguera and Cazón, Antonio Cabarcos and Perez, Purificación Cacabelos and Castellote, Marc Cairols and Gómez, Carlos Calvo and Azcargorta, Ignacio Camacho and Rodriguez, Ana Belen Caminero and Femenia, Joaquin Canoves and Coll, Pere Carbonell and Álvarez, Jose A. Carmona and Hernández, Maria Cruz Carreno and Menendez, Ignacio Casado and Naranjo, Ignacio Casado and Sánchez, Jose Castillo and Sanz, Paz Catalán and Ramos, Jose Ignacio Catalán and Martínez, Aranzazu Caudevilla and Fayos, Jose Cerda and Lázaro, Pilar Raquel Chamarro and Chevannes, Alfredo B. Charles and Clausell, Berta Claramonte and Paya, Vicente Climent and Rubio, Juan Colas and Bergua, Pere Comas and Hernando, Jesus Corrochano and Lopez, Fuensanta Cuesta and Caceres, Carlos Culebras and Ramos, Meliton Francisco Davila and Fernández, María Del Pilar De Luis and Del Pilar, Marta and Pérez, Félix Díaz and Robert, Ignacio Durán and Herrero, Jose Antonio Egido and Soriano, Jose-Bernardo Escribano and Villa, Juan Manuel Escudier and Montpo, Enric Esmatges and Plaza, Antonio Carlos Espinosa and Rosso, Raul Espinosa and Morán, Camino Fernandez and Álvarez, Ovidio Fernández and De La Cigoña, Fabriciano Fernandez and Lebrato, Jose Ramon Fernandez and Ros, Marta Ferrero and Pedauye, Antonio Flores and Ruiz, Jose-Jesus Flores and De La Fuente, Rosa Maria Folgado and Pérez, Francesc Formiga and Cebrián, Joaquín Franco and Aranda, Carlos Franco and Castroseiros, Evaristo Freire and Zafra, Moisés Galan and Del Pulgar, Jesús Galiana Pérez and González, Juan Pedro García and Colodro, Jose Maria García and Corrales, Francisco García and Tays, Jose Maria García De Andoain and De Rico, Fernando García De Burgos and Redondo, Bernardo García De La Villa and Díaz, Juan De Dios García and Gutiérrez, Gonzalo García and Perez, Bartolome García and Polo, Iluminada García and Carra, Juan Carlos García-Mongo and Sclarsky, Daniel Eduardo Geffner and Castromil, Ricardo Gesto and Ubeda, Juan Miguel Giron and Gil, Rosario and Opacua, Ignacio Goicolea and Gómez, Jesus and Cerezo, Jorge Francisco Gómez and ...
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Journal Article
Brain Injury, ISSN 0269-9052, 2002, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp. 207 - 216
The objective of the study was to assess the utility of the Frenchay Activities Index (FAI) to measure instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) and... 
DISABILITY | REHABILITATION | FRENCHAY ACTIVITIES INDEX | CARERS | NEUROSCIENCES | LIFE | Activities of Daily Living | Disability Evaluation | Cross-Sectional Studies | Follow-Up Studies | Humans | Female | Male | Surveys and Questionnaires | Aged | Recovery of Function | Stroke - therapy
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by Heerspink, Hiddo J L and Parving, Hans-Henrik and Andress, Dennis L and Bakris, George and Correa-Rotter, Ricardo and Hou, Fan-Fan and Hou, Fanfan and Kitzman, Dalane W and Kohan, Donald and Makino, Shinya and Makino, Hirofumi and McMurray, John J V and Melnick, Joel Z and Miller, Michael G and Miller, Alan and Miller, Steven and Pergola, Pablo E and Pergola, Pablo and Perkovic, Vlado and Tobe, Sheldon and Yi, Joo Hark and Yi, Tingting and Wigderson, Melissa and de Zeeuw, Dick and Elbert, Alicia and Vallejos, Augusto and Alvarisqueta, Andres and Maffei, Laura and Juncos, Luis and de Arteaga, Javier and Greloni, Gustavo and Farias, Eduardo and Zucchini, Alfredo and Vogel, Daniel and Cusumano, Ana and Santos, Juan and Fraenkel, Margaret and Gallagher, Martin and Davis, Tim and Acharya, Shamasunder and Cooke, Duncan and Suranyi, Michael and Roger, Simon and Toussaint, Nigel and Pollock, Carol and Chan, Doris and Stranks, Stephen and MacIsaac, Richard and Endre, Zoltan and Schmidt, Alice and Schmidt, Rebecca and Prager, Rudolf and Mayer, Gert and Warling, Xavier and Jadoul, Michel and Hougardy, Jean and Vercammen, Chris and Van Vlem, Bruno and Gillard, Pieter and Costa e Forti, Adriana and Borges, Joao Lindolfo and Santos Canani, Luis and Eliaschewitz, Freddy and Leite, Silmara and Fraige Filho, Fadlo and Paschoalin, Raphael and Moura Neto, Jose Andrade and Deboni, Luciane and de Lourdes Noronha, Irene and Cercato, Cintia and Prompt, Carlos Alberto and Zanella, Maria and Rassi, Nelson and D'Avila, Domingos and Milagres, Rosangela and Felicio, Joao and Pecoits Filho, Roberto and Riella, Miguel Carlos and Salles, Joao and Keitel, Elizete and Draibe, Sergio and Amodeo, Celso and Youmbissi, Joseph and Roy, Louise and Cournoyer, Serge and Jolly, Shivinder and Pichette, Vincent and Nesrallah, Gihad and Bajaj, Harpreet Singh and Khandwala, Hasnain and Aronson, Ronnie and Goluch, Richard and Tam, Paul and Rabbat, Christian and Bailey, Gordon and Chow, Stephen and Castillo, Alvaro and Danin Vargas, Alfredo and Gonzalez, Fernando and Munoz, Rodrigo and ... and SONAR Comm Investigators and SONAR Committees and Investigators
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Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, ISSN 1096-7192, 02/2015, Volume 114, Issue 2, pp. 248 - 258
Journal Article