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by Miguel, R. Núñez and Sanders, J and Furmaniak, J and Smith, B. Rees and Li, C and Menconi, F and Osman, R and Concepcion, E and David, C and Tomer, Y and Braun, D and Schweizer, U and Nicola, J.P and Masini-Repiso, A.M and Chaker, L and Wolters, F and Bos, D and Dehghan, A and Korevaar, T.I and Korevaar, T.I and Hofman, A and Franco, O and Vernooij, M and Ikram, M and Peeters, R and Peeters, R and Kurmann, A.A and Serra, M and Hawkins, F and Rankin, S and Mori, M and Astapova, I and Ullas, S and LIn, S and Bilodeau, M and Rossant, J and Jean, J.C and Ikonomou, L and Deterding, R and Shannon, J and Zorn, A and Kotton, D.N and Hollenberg, A and Hollenberg, A and Paz-Filho, G.J and Kaminski, J and Miasaki, F.Y and de Carvalho, G.A and Rovet, J.F and McLelland, V and Wheeler, S and McAndrews, M and Landa, I and Ibrahimpasic, T and Boucai, L and Sinha, R and Knauf, J.A and Shah, R.H and Dogan, S and Ricarte-Filho, J.C and Schultz, N and Berger, M and Sander, C and Ghossein, R.A and Taylor, B.S and Ganly, I and Fagin, J.A and Vietor, N.O and Burman, K and Burman, K and Burman, K and Cooper, D and Hennessey, J and Burch, H and Shi, Y and Zou, M and Baitei, E and Al-Rijjala, R and Parhar, R and Al-Mohanna, F and Kimura, S and Pritchard, C and BinEssa, H and Alzahrani, A and Assiri, A and Meyer, B and Yoon, J and Kwon, H and Kwon, H and Kwon, H and Kim, E and Moon, H and Kwak, J and Bassett, J.H and Nordstrom, K and Butterfield, N.C and Boyde, A and Vennstrom, B and Williams, G.R and Hönes, S and ...
Thyroid, ISSN 1050-7256, 10/2015, Volume 25, Issue S1, pp. P-1 - A-337
Journal Article
by Adcox, K and Adler, S.S and Aizama, M and Ajitanand, N.N and Akiba, Y and Akikawa, H and Alexander, J and Al-Jamel, A and Allen, M and Alley, G and Amirikas, R and Aphecetche, L and Arai, Y and Archuleta, J.R and Archuleta, J.B and Armendariz, R and Armijo, V and Aronson, S.H and Autrey, D and Averbeck, R and Awes, T.C and Azmoun, B and Baldisseri, A and Banning, J and Barish, K.N and Barker, A.B and Barnes, P.D and Barrette, J and Barta, F and Bassalleck, B and Bathe, S and Batsouli, S and Baublis, V.V and Bazilevsky, A and Begay, R and Behrendt, J and Belikov, S and Belkin, R and Bellaiche, F.G and Belyaev, S.T and Bennett, M.J and Berdnikov, Y and Bhaganatula, S and Biggs, J.C and Bland, A.W and Blume, C and Bobrek, M and Boissevain, J.G and Boose, S and Borel, H and Borland, D and Bosze, E and Botelho, S and Bowers, J and Britton, C and Britton, L and Brooks, M.L and Brown, A.W and Brown, D.S and Bruner, N and Bryan, W.L and Bucher, D and Buesching, H and Bumazhnov, V and Bunce, G and Burward-Hoy, J and Butsyk, S.A and Cafferty, M.M and Carey, T.A and Chai, J.S and Chand, P and Chang, J and Chang, W.C and Chappell, R.B and Chavez, L.L and Chernichenko, S and Chi, C.Y and Chiba, J and Chiu, M and Chollet, S and Choudhury, R.K and Christ, T and Chujo, T and Chung, P and Chung, M.S and Cianciolo, V and Clark, D.J and Cobigo, Y and Cole, B.A and Constantin, P and Conway, R and Cook, K.C and Crook, D.W and Cunitz, H and Cunningham, R and Cutshaw, M and D'Enterria, D.G and Dabrowski, C.M and Danby, G and Daniels, S and ...
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 2003, Volume 499, Issue 2, pp. 469 - 479
The PHENIX detector is designed to perform a broad study of A-A, p-A, and p-p collisions to investigate nuclear matter under extreme conditions. A wide variety... 
Journal Article
by Sawhney, Jitendra Pal Singh and Sawhney, Jitendra PS and Sawhney, J.P.S and Kothiwale, V.A and Kothiwale, Veerappa A and Bisne, V and Bisne, Vikas and Durgaprasad, Rajashekhar and Durgaprasad, R and Jadhav, P and Jadhav, Praveen and Jadhav, S and Chopda, Manoj and Chopda, M and Vanajakshamma, V and Vanajakshamma, Velam and Meena, Ramdhan and Meena, R and Vijayaraghavan, Govindan and Vijayaraghavan, G and Chawla, Kamaldeep and Chawla, K and Allu, Jagan and Pieper, Karen S and John Camm, A and Kakkar, Sanjay and Kakkar, Ajay K and Kakkar, S and Bassand, Jean-Pierre and Fitzmaurice, D and Fitzmaurice, David and Fitzmaurice, David A and Goldhaber, S.Z and Goldhaber, Samuel Z and Goto, K and Goto, Shinya and Goto, T and Haas, Sylvia and Hacke, Werner and Mantovani, Lorenzo G and Misselwitz, Frank and Turpie, Alexander G.G and van Eickels, Martin and Verheugt, Freek W.A and Kayani, Gloria and Fox, B and Fox, R and Fox, Keith A.A and Gersh, Bernard J and Luciardi, Hector Lucas and Luciardi, H.L and Gibbs, J and Gibbs, Harry and Gibbs, H and Brodmann, Marianne and Brodmann, M and Cools, F and Cools, Frank and Barretto, A.C.P and Barretto, Antonio Carlos Pereira and Connolly, Stuart J and Connolly, S.J and Spyropoulos, Alex and Spyropoulos, A and Eikelboom, John and Eikelboom, J and Corbalan, R and Corbalan, Ramon and Hu, X.S and Hu, Dayi and Hu, D.Y and Jansky, Petr and Jansky, P and Nielsen, Jørn Dalsgaard and Nielsen, J and Nielsen, H and Ragy, H and Ragy, Hany and Raatikainen, Pekka and Raatikainen, P and Le Heuzey, J.-Y and Le Heuzey, Jean-Yves and Darius, H and Darius, Harald and Keltai, Matyas and Keltai, M and Agnelli, Giancarlo and Agnelli, G and Ambrosio, G and Ambrosio, Giuseppe and Koretsune, Yukihiro and Koretsune, Y and Sánchez Díaz, Carlos Jerjes and Sánchez Díaz, C.J and Ten Cate, Hugo and Atar, Dan and Atar, D and Stepinska, J and Stepinska, Janina and Panchenko, E and ... and GARFIELD-AF Investigators
Indian Heart Journal, ISSN 0019-4832, 11/2018, Volume 70, Issue 6, pp. 828 - 835
The Global Anticoagulant Registry in the FIELD–Atrial Fibrillation (GARFIELD-AF) is an ongoing prospective noninterventional registry, which is providing... 
Arrhythmia | GARFIELD-AF | Atrial fibrillation | Anticoagulant therapy | Clinical and Preventive Cardiology
Journal Article
by Chambers, John C and Zhang, Weihua and Sehmi, Joban and Li, Xinzhong and Wass, Mark N and van der Harst, Pim and Holm, Hilma and Sanna, Serena and Kavousi, Maryam and Baumeister, Sebastian E and Coin, Lachlan J and Deng, Guohong and Gieger, Christian and Heard-Costa, Nancy L and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Kühnel, Brigitte and Kumar, Vinod and Lagou, Vasiliki and Liang, Liming and Luan, Jian'an and Vidal, Peo Marques and Mateo Leach, Irene and O'Reilly, Paul F and Peden, John F and Rahmioglu, Nilufer and Soininen, Pasi and Speliotes, Elizabeth K and Yuan, Xin and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Alizadeh, Behrooz Z and Atwood, Larry D and Borecki, Ingrid B and Brown, Morris J and Charoen, Pimphen and Cucca, Francesco and Das, Debashish and de Geus, Eco J. C and Dixon, Anna L and Döring, Angela and Ehret, Georg and Eyjolfsson, Gudmundur I and Farrall, Martin and Forouhi, Nita G and Frieich, Nele and Goessling, Wolfram and Gudbjartsson, Daniel F and Harris, Tamara B and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and Heath, Simon and Hirschfield, Gideon M and Hofman, Albert and Homuth, Georg and Hyppönen, Elina and Janssen, Harry L. A and Johnson, Toby and Kangas, Antti J and Kema, Ido P and Kühn, Jens P and Lai, Sana and Lathrop, Mark and Lerch, Markus M and Li, Yun and Liang, T. Jake and Lin, Jing-Ping and Loos, Ruth J. F and Martin, Nicholas G and Moffatt, Miriam F and Montgomery, Grant W and Munroe, Patricia B and Musunuru, Kiran and Nakamura, Yusuke and O'Donnell, Christopher J and Olafsson, Isleifur and Penninx, Brenda W and Pouta, Anneli and Prins, Bram P and Prokopenko, Inga and Puls, Ralf and Ruokonen, Aimo and Savolainen, Markku J and Schlessinger, David and Schouten, Jeoffrey N. L and Seedorf, Udo and Sen-Chowdhry, Srijita and Siminovitch, Katherine A and Smit, Johannes H and Spector, Timothy D and Tan, Wenting and Teslovich, Tanya M and Tukiainen, Taru and Uitterlinden, Ane G and van der Klauw, Melanie M and Vasan, Ramachanan S and Wallace, Chris and Wallaschofski, Henri and Wichmann, H.-Erich and Willemsen, Gonneke and Würtz, Peter and Xu, Chun and Yerges-Armstrong, Laura M and ... and Meta-Anal Glucose Insulin-Related and Diabet Genetics Replication and Genetic Invest Anthropometric and Genetics Liver Dis GOLD Consortium and Global Lipids Genetics Consortium and Alcohol Genome-wide Assoc AlcGen and Int Consortium Blood Pressure ICBP and Meta-analyses of Glucose and Insulin-Related Traits Consortium (MAGIC) and Alcohol Genome-wide Association (AlcGen) Consortium and Genetic Investigation of Anthropometric Traits (GIANT) Consortium and Diabetes Genetics Replication and Meta-analyses (DIAGRAM+) Study and International Consortium for Blood Pressure (ICBP-GWAS) and Genetics of Liver Disease (GOLD) Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2011, Volume 43, Issue 11, pp. 1131 - U129
Journal Article