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by Munroe, Patricia B and Rice, Kenneth M and Johnson, Anew D and Verwoert, Germaine C and Hwang, Shih-Jen and Pihur, Vasyl and Vollenweider, Peter and Teumer, Alexander and Launer, Lenore and Zhao, Jing Hua and Aulchenko, Yurii and Parsa, Afshin and Arora, Pankaj and Zhang, Feng and Lucas, Gavin and Hicks, Anew A and Jackson, Anne U and Wild, Sarah H and Rudan, Igor and Milaneschi, Yuri and Fox, Ervin R and Kumari, Meena and Go, Min Jin and Vinay, D. G and Alexander, Myriam and Tabara, Yasuharu and Whincup, Peter H and Liu, Yongmei and Kuusisto, Johanna and Tayo, Bamidele and Seielstad, Mark and Sim, Xueling and Nguyen, Khanh-Dung Hoang and Wu, Ying and Gaunt, Tom R and Onland-Moret, N. Charlotte and Org, Elin and Hardy, Rebecca and Dahgam, Santosh and Kuznetsova, Tatiana and Uiterwaal, Cuno S. P. M and Adeyemo, Adebowale and Palmas, Walter and Campbell, Harry and Tomaszewski, Maciej and Tzoulaki, Ioanna and Palmer, Nicholette D and Aspelund, Thor and Garcia, Melissa and Chang, Yen-Pei C and O'Connell, Jeffrey R and Steinle, Nanette I and Arking, Dan E and Hernandez, Dena and Najjar, Samer and McArdle, Wendy L and Hadley, David and Brown, Morris J and Day, Ian N. M and Lawlor, Debbie A and Beilby, John P and Lawrence, Robert W and Clarke, Robert and Hopewell, Jemma C and isbach, Albert W and Young, J. Hunter and Kähönen, Mika and Lee, Nanette R and Olden, Matthias and Bolton, Judith A. Hoffman and Mooser, Vincent and Chaturvedi, Nish and Frayling, Timothy M and Jafar, Tazeen H and Kulkarni, Smita R and Bornstein, Stefan R and Grässler, Jürgen and Voight, Benjamin F and Howard, Philip and Taylor, Anew and Guarrera, Simonetta and Emilsson, Valur and Plump, Anew and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Weder, Alan B and Hunt, Steven C and Sun, Yan V and Bergman, Richard N and Collins, Francis S and Bonnycastle, Lori L and Scott, Laura J and Stringham, Heather M and Perola, Markus and Staessen, Jan A and Wang, Thomas J and Burton, Paul R and Artigas, Maria Soler and Dong, Yanbin and Snieder, Harold and Wang, Xiaoling and ... and CHARGE-HF Consortium and EchoGen Consortium and KidneyGen Consortium and CARDIoGRAM Consortium and Int Consortium Blood Pressure Geno and CKDGen Consortium and The International Consortium for Blood Pressure Genome-Wide Association Studies
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2011, Volume 478, Issue 7367, pp. 103 - 109
Journal Article
by Arking, Dan and Pulit, Sara and Crotti, Lia and Harst, Pim and Munroe, Patricia and Koopmann, Tamara and Sotoodehnia, Nona and Rossin, Elizabeth and Morley, Michael and Wang, Xinchen and Johnson, Anew and Lundby, Alicia and Gudbjartsson, Daniel and Noseworthy, Peter and Eijgelsheim, Mark and Bradford, Yuki and Tarasov, Kirill and Dörr, Marcus and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Lahtinen, Annukka and Nolte, Ilja and Smith, Davey and Bis, Joshua and Isaacs, Aaron and Newhouse, Stephen and Evans, Daniel and Post, Wendy S and Waggott, Daryl and Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka and Hicks, Anew and Eisele, Lewin and Ellinghaus, David and Hayward, Caroline and Navarro, Pau and Ulivi, Shelia and Tanaka, Toshiko and Tester, David and Chatel, Stéphanie and Gustafsson, Stefan and Kumari, Meena and Morris, Richard and Naluai, Asa and Padmanabhan, Sandosh and Kluttig, Alexander and Strohmer, Bernhard and Panayiotou, Anie and Torres, Maria and Knoflach, Michael and Hubacek, Jaroslav A and Slowikowski, Kamil and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Kumar, Runjun and Harris, Tamara and Launer, Lenore and Shuldiner, Alan and Alonso, Alvaro and Bader, Joel and Ehret, Georg and Huang, Hailiang and Kao, Wen and Strait, James and Macfarlane, Peter and Brown, Morris and Caulfield, Mark and Samani, Nilesh and Kronenberg, Florian and Willeit, Johann and Smith, J. Gustav and Greiser, Karin Halina and Zu Schwabedissen, Henriette Meyer and Werdan, Karl and Carella, Cintia and Zelante, Leopoldo and Heckbert, Susan and Psaty, Bruce and Rotter, Jerome and Kolcic, Ivana and Polasek, Ozren and Wright, Alan and Griffin, Maura and Daly, Mark and Arnar, David and Hólm, Hilma and Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur and Denny, Joshua and Roden, Dan and Zuvich, Rebecca and Emilsson, Valur and Plump, Anew and Larson, Martin and O'Donnell, Christopher and Yin, Xiaoyan and Bobbo, Marco and Adamo, Pio and Iorio, Annamaria and Sinagra, Gianfranco and Carracedo, Angel and Cummings, Steven and Nalls, Michael and Jula, Antti and ... and DCCT EDIC and COGENT Consortium and eMERGE Consortium and CARe Consortium and HRGEN Consortium and DCCT/EDIC
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 01/2014, Volume 46, Issue 8, pp. 826 - 836
Journal Article
by Scott, Robert A and Lagou, Vasiliki and Welch, Ryan P and Wheeler, Eleanor and Montasser, May E and Luan, Jian'an and Mägi, Reedik and Strawbridge, Rona J and Rehnberg, Emil and Gustafsson, Stefan and Kanoni, Stavroula and Rasmussen-Torvik, Laura J and Yengo, Loïc and Lecoeur, Cecile and Shungin, Dmitry and Sanna, Serena and Sidore, Carlo and Johnson, Paul C. D and Jukema, J. Wouter and Johnson, Toby and Mahajan, Anubha and Verweij, Niek and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Shah, Sonia and Smith, Albert V and Sennblad, Bengt and Gieger, Christian and Salo, Perttu and Perola, Markus and Timpson, Nicholas J and Evans, David M and Pourcain, Beate St and Wu, Ying and Anews, Jeanette S and Hui, Jennie and Bielak, Lawrence F and Zhao, Wei and Horikoshi, Momoko and Navarro, Pau and Isaacs, Aaron and O'Connell, Jeffrey R and Stirrups, Kathleen and Vitart, Veronique and Hayward, Caroline and Esko, Tõnu and Mihailov, Evelin and Fraser, Ross M and Fall, Tove and Voight, Benjamin F and Raychaudhuri, Soumya and Chen, Han and Lindgren, Cecilia M and Morris, Anew P and Rayner, Nigel W and Robertson, Neil and Rybin, Denis and Liu, Ching-Ti and Beckmann, Jacques S and Willems, Sara M and Chines, Peter S and Jackson, Anne U and Kang, Hyun Min and Stringham, Heather M and Song, Kijoung and Tanaka, Toshiko and Peden, John F and Goel, Anuj and Hicks, Anew A and An, Ping and Müller-Nurasyid, Martina and Franco-Cereceda, Anders and Folkersen, Lasse and Marullo, Letizia and Jansen, Hanneke and Oldehinkel, Albertine J and Bruinenberg, Marcel and Pankow, James S and North, Kari E and Forouhi, Nita G and Loos, Ruth J. F and Edkins, Sarah and Varga, Tibor V and Hallmans, Göran and Oksa, Heikki and Antonella, Mulas and Nagaraja, Ramaiah and Trompet, Stella and Ford, Ian and Bakker, Stephan J. L and Kong, Augustine and Kumari, Meena and Gigante, Bruna and Herder, Christian and Munroe, Patricia B and Caulfield, Mark and Antti, Jula and Mangino, Massimo and Small, Kerrin and Miljkovic, Iva and ... and DIAbet Genetics Replication and DIAbetes Genetics Replication and Meta-analysis (DIAGRAM) Consortium
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2012, Volume 44, Issue 9, pp. 991 - +
Journal Article
by Ehret, Georg B and Ferreira, Teresa and Chasman, Daniel I and Jackson, Anne U and Schmidt, Ellen M and Johnson, Toby and Thorleifsson, Gudmar and Luan, Jian'an and Donnelly, Louise A and Kanoni, Stavroula and Petersen, Ann -Kristin and Pihurl, Vasyl and Strawbridge, Rona J and Shungin, Dmitry and Hughes, Maria F and Meirelles, Osorio and Kaakinen, Marika and Bouatia-Naji, Nabila and Kristiansson, Kati and Shah, Sonia and Kleber, Marcus E and Guo, Xiuqing and Lyytikainen, Leo-Pekka and Fava, Cristiano and Eriksson, Nidas and Nolte, Ilja M and Magnusson, Patrik K and Salfati, Elias L and Rallidis, Loukianos S and Theusch, Elizabeth and Smith, Anew J. P and Folkersen, Lasse and Witkowska, Kate and Pers, Tune H and Joehanes, Roby and Kim, Stuart K and Lataniotis, Lazaros and Jansen, Rick and Johnson, Anew D and Warren, Helen and Kim, Young Jin and Zhao, Wei and Wu, Ying and Tayo, Bamidele O and Bochud, Murielle and Absher, Devin and Adair, Linda S and Amin, Najaf and Arkingl, Dan E and Axelsson, Tomas and Baldassarre, Damian and Balkau, Beverley and Bandinelli, Stefania and Barnes, Michael R and Barroso, Ines and Bevan, Stephen and Bis, Joshua C and Bjornsdottir, Gyda and Boehnke, Michael and Boerwinkle, Eric and Bonnycastle, Lori L and Boomsma, Dorret I and Bornstein, Stefan R and Brown, Morris J and Burnier, Michel and Cabrera, Claudia P and Chambers, John C and Chang, I-Shou and Cheng, Ching-Yu and Chines, Peter S and Chung, Ren-Hua and Collins, Francis S and Connell, John M and Doring, Angela and Dallongeville, Jean and Danesh, John and de Faire, Ulf and Delgado, Graciela and Dominiczak, Anna F and Doney, Alex S. F and nos, Fotios and Edkins, Sarah and Eicher, John D and Elosua, Roberto and Enroth, Stefan and Erdmann, Jeanette and Eriksson, Per and Esko, Tonu and Evangelou, Evangelos and Evans, Alun and Fai, Tove and Farra, Martin and Felixl, Janine F and Ferrieres, Jean and Ferrucci, Luigi and Fornage, Myriam and Forrester, Terrence and Franceschinil, Nora and Franco, Oscar H and Franco-Cereceda, Anders and ...
Nature genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 10/2016, Volume 48, Issue 10, pp. 1171 - 1184
Journal Article
by Manning, Alisa and Highland, Heather M and Gasser, Jessica and Sim, Xueling and Tukiainen, Taru and Fontanillas, Pierre and Grarup, Niels and Rivas, Manuel A and Mahajan, Anubha and Locke, Adam E and Cingolani, Pablo and Pers, Tune H and Viñuela, Ana and Brown, Anew A and Wu, Ying and Flannick, Jason and Fuchsberger, Christian and Gamazon, Eric R and Gaulton, Kyle J and Im, Hae Kyung and Teslovich, Tanya M and Blackwell, Thomas W and Bork-Jensen, Jette and Burtt, Noël P and Chen, Yuhui and Green, Todd and Hartl, Christopher and Kang, Hyun Min and Kumar, Ashish and Ladenvall, Claes and Ma, Clement and Moutsianas, Loukas and Pearson, Richard D and Perry, John R. B and Rayner, N. William and Robertson, Neil R and Scott, Laura J and van de Bunt, Martijn and Eriksson, Johan G and Jula, Antti and Koskinen, Seppo and Lehtimäki, Terho and Palotie, Aarno and Raitakari, Olli T and Jacobs, Suzanne B. R and Wessel, Jennifer and Chu, Auey Y and Scott, Robert A and Goodarzi, Mark O and Blancher, Christine and Buck, Gemma and Buck, David and Chines, Peter S and Gabriel, Stacey and Gjesing, Anette P and Groves, Christopher J and Hollensted, Mette and Huyghe, Jeroen R and Jackson, Anne U and Jun, Goo and Justesen, Johanne Marie and Mangino, Massimo and Murphy, Jacquelyn and Neville, Matt and Onofrio, Robert and Small, Kerrin S and Stringham, Heather M and Trakalo, Joseph and Banks, Eric and Carey, Jason and Carneiro, Mauricio O and DePristo, Mark and Farjoun, Yossi and Fennell, Timothy and Goldstein, Jacqueline I and Grant, George and Hrabé de Angelis, Martin and Maguire, Jared and Neale, Benjamin M and Poplin, Ryan and Purcell, Shaun and Schwarzmayr, Thomas and Shakir, Khalid and Smith, Joshua D and Strom, Tim M and Wieland, Thomas and Lindstrom, Jaana and Brandslund, Ivan and Christensen, Cramer and Surdulescu, Gabriela L and Lakka, Timo A and Doney, Alex S. F and Nilsson, Peter and Wareham, Nicholas J and Langenberg, Claudia and Varga, Tibor V and Franks, Paul W and Rolandsson, Olov and Rosengren, Anders H and Farook, Vidya S and ... and et al
Diabetes (New York, N.Y.), ISSN 0012-1797, 2017, Volume 66, Issue 7, pp. 2019 - 2032
Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Endocrinology & Metabolism | Science & Technology | European Continental Ancestry Group - genetics | Genetic Predisposition to Disease | Hispanic Americans - genetics | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - genetics | Gene Frequency | Humans | Asian Continental Ancestry Group - genetics | African Americans - genetics | Genotype | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 - metabolism | Case-Control Studies | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt - genetics | Insulin - metabolism | Alleles | Finland | Insulin Resistance - genetics | Fasting - metabolism | Odds Ratio | Fasting | Diabetes mellitus | AKT2 protein | Homeostasis | Homology | Glucose | Insulin | Proteins | Genotype & phenotype | Genotyping | Gene frequency | Risk assessment | Pleckstrin | Diabetes | Mutation | Index Medicus | Abridged Index Medicus | Metabolomics | Genetics | Genomes | Proteomics | glycemic control | Medical and Health Sciences | single nucleotide polymorphism | major clinical study | Hispanic Americans | genetic association | in vitro study | protein function | odds ratio | monogenic disorder | genetic risk | genetic predisposition | Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 | genetic susceptibility | protein expression | Hispanic | Endocrinology and Diabetes | diet restriction | penetrance | Caucasian | European Continental Ancestry Group | human cell | whole exome sequencing | genotype | non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus | Clinical Medicine | protein kinase B beta | metabolism | Finn (citizen) | gene expression | insulin blood level | African American | cell function | unclassified drug | insulin | RNA sequence | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Article | African Americans | protein serine threonine kinase | pleckstrin homology domain | Klinisk medicin | glucose homeostasis | insulin sensitivity | genetics | messenger RNA | Endokrinologi och diabetes | priority journal | human | insulin resistance | protein kinase B | phenotype | AKT1 protein | glucose | gene mutation | protein phosphorylation | gene frequency | genetic variability | case control study | Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt | AKT2 protein, human | controlled study | Asian continental ancestry group | mutational analysis | allele | gene inactivation | AKT3 protein
Journal Article
by Wain, Louise V and Vaez, Ahmad and Jansen, Rick and Joehanes, Roby and van der Most, Peter J and Erzurumluoglu, A Mesut and O'Reilly, Paul F and Cabrera, Claudia P and Warren, Helen R and Rose, Lynda M and Verwoert, Germaine C and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Strawbridge, Rona J and Esko, Tonu and Arking, Dan E and Hwang, Shih-Jen and Guo, Xiuqing and Kutalik, Zoltan and Trompet, Stella and Shrine, Nick and Teumer, Alexander and Ried, Janina S and Bis, Joshua C and Smith, Albert V and Amin, Najaf and Nolte, Ilja M and Lyytikäinen, Leo-Pekka and Mahajan, Anubha and Wareham, Nicholas J and Hofer, Edith and Joshi, Peter K and Kristiansson, Kati and Traglia, Michela and Havulinna, Aki S and Goel, Anuj and Nalls, Mike A and Sõber, Siim and Vuckovic, gana and Luan, Jian'an and Del Greco M, Fabiola and Ayers, Kristin L and Marrugat, Jaume and Ruggiero, Daniela and Lopez, Lorna M and Niiranen, Teemu and Enroth, Stefan and Jackson, Anne U and Nelson, Christopher P and Huffman, Jennifer E and Zhang, Weihua and Marten, Jonathan and Gandin, Ilaria and Harris, Sarah E and Zemunik, Tatijana and Lu, Yingchang and Evangelou, Evangelos and Shah, Nabi and de Borst, Martin H and Mangino, Massimo and Prins, Bram P and Campbell, Archie and Li-Gao, Ruifang and Chauhan, Ganesh and Oldmeadow, Christopher and Abecasis, Gonçalo and Abedi, Maryam and Barbieri, Caterina M and Barnes, Michael R and Batini, Chiara and Beilby, John and Blake, Tineka and Boehnke, Michael and Bottinger, Erwin P and Braund, Peter S and Brown, Morris and Brumat, Marco and Campbell, Harry and Chambers, John C and Cocca, Massimiliano and Collins, Francis and Connell, John and Cordell, Heather J and Damman, Jeffrey J and Davies, Gail and de Geus, Eco J and de Mutsert, Renée and Deelen, Joris and Demirkale, Yusuf and Doney, Alex S F and Dörr, Marcus and Farrall, Martin and Ferreira, Teresa and Frånberg, Mattias and Gao, He and Gieaitis, Vilmantas and Gieger, Christian and Giulianini, Franco and Gow, Alan J and Hamsten, Anders and Harris, Tamara B and ... and Lifelines Cohort Study and Understanding Soc Sci Grp and BIOS Consortium and Understanding Society Scientific Group
Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. 1979), ISSN 0194-911X, 09/2017, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp. E4 - +
Journal Article