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Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 02/2011, Volume 106, Issue 5, p. 052301
This Letter shows quantitatively that the magnitude of the EMC effect measured in electron deep inelastic scattering at intermediate x(B), 0.35 <= x(B) <= 0.7,... 
Journal Article
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics, ISSN 0146-6410, 10/2012, Volume 67, Issue 4, pp. 898 - 938
One of the primary goals of nuclear physics is providing a complete description of the structure of atomic nuclei. While mean-field calculations provide... 
Nucleonnucleon correlations | Tensor correlations | Short-range correlations
Journal Article
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 12/2019, Volume 946, Issue C, p. 162701
Solid ammonia (NH3) is commonly used as a dynamically polarized proton target for electron and muon scattering cross-section asymmetry measurements. As spin 1+... 
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 10/2019, Volume 797, Issue C, p. 134875
Due to the lack of free neutron targets, studies of the structure of the neutron are typically made by scattering electrons from either 2H or 3He targets. In... 
3He | Single spin asymmetry | Electron scattering | Polarized | Quasi-elastic | Neutron | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 11/2011, Volume 107, Issue 19, p. 191804
We present a search at the Jefferson Laboratory for new forces mediated by sub-GeV vector bosons with weak coupling alpha' to electrons. Such a particle A' can... 
Journal Article
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 11/2019, Volume 944, Issue C, p. 162543
A method to calibrate measurement instruments through the fulfillment of physical laws is described. This method is particularly well suited to determine... 
Journal Article
by Abrahamyan, S and Ahmed, Z and Albataineh, H and Aniol, K and Armstrong, D.S and Armstrong, W and Averett, T and Babineau, B and Barbieri, A and Bellini, V and Beminiwattha, R and Benesch, J and Benmokhtar, F and Bielarski, T and Boeglin, W and Camsonne, A and Canan, M and Carter, P and Cates, G.D and Chen, C and Chen, J.-P and Hen, O and Cusanno, F and Dalton, M.M and De Leo, R and De Jager, K and Deconinck, W and Decowski, P and Deng, X and Deur, A and Dutta, D and Etile, A and Flay, D and Franklin, G.B and Friend, M and Frullani, S and Fuchey, E and Garibaldi, F and Gasser, E and Gilman, R and Giusa, A and Glamazdin, A and Gomez, J and Grames, J and Gu, C and Hansen, O and Hansknecht, J and Higinbotham, D.W and Holmes, R.S and Holmstrom, T and Horowitz, C.J and Hoskins, J and Huang, J and Hyde, C.E and Itard, F and Jen, C.-M and Jensen, E and Jin, G and Johnston, S and Kelleher, A and Kliakhandler, K and King, P.M and Kowalski, S and Kumar, K.S and Leacock, J and Leckey, J and Lee, J.H and Lerose, J.J and Lindgren, R and Liyanage, N and Lubinsky, N and Mammei, J and Mammoliti, F and Margaziotis, D.J and Markowitz, P and McCreary, A and McNulty, D and Mercado, L and Meziani, Z.-E and Michaels, R.W and Mihovilovic, M and Muangma, N and Muñoz-Camacho, C and Nanda, S and Nelyubin, V and Nuruzzaman, N and Oh, Y and Palmer, A and Parno, D and Paschke, K.D and Phillips, S.K and Poelker, B and Pomatsalyuk, R and Posik, M and Puckett, A.J.R and Quinn, B and Rakhman, A and Reimer, P.E and Riordan, S and Rogan, P and ...
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 03/2012, Volume 108, Issue 11
Journal Article
by Mihovilovič, M and Jin, G and Long, E and Zhang, Y.-W and Allada, K and Anderson, B and Annand, J.R.M and Averett, T and Bertozzi, W and Boeglin, W and Bradshaw, P and Camsonne, A and Canan, M and Cates, G.D and Chen, C and Chen, J.P and Chudakov, E and De Leo, R and Deng, X and Deltuva, A and Deur, A and Dutta, C and El Fassi, L and Flay, D and Frullani, S and Garibaldi, F and Gao, H and Gilad, S and Gilman, R and Glamazdin, O and Golak, J and Golge, S and Gomez, J and Hansen, O and Higinbotham, D.W and Holmstrom, T and Huang, J and Ibrahim, H and de Jager, C.W and Jensen, E and Jiang, X and Jones, M and Kamada, H and Kang, H and Katich, J and Khanal, H.P and Kievsky, A and King, P and Korsch, W and LeRose, J and Lindgren, R and Lu, H.-J and Luo, W and Marcucci, L.E and Markowitz, P and Meziane, M and Michaels, R and Moffit, B and Monaghan, P and Muangma, N and Nanda, S and Norum, B.E and Pan, K and Parno, D.S and Piasetzky, E and Posik, M and Punjabi, V and Puckett, A.J.R and Qian, X and Qiang, Y and Qui, X and Riordan, S and Saha, A and Sauer, P.U and Sawatzky, B and Schiavilla, R and Schoenrock, B and Shabestari, M and Shahinyan, A and Širca, S and Skibiński, R and St. John, J and Subedi, R and Sulkosky, V and Tireman, W and Tobias, W.A and Topolnicki, K and Urciuoli, G.M and Viviani, M and Wang, D and Wang, K and Wang, Y and Watson, J and Wojtsekhowski, B and Witała, H and Ye, Z and Zhan, X and Zhang, Y and Zheng, X and Zhao, B and ... and The Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration and Mississippi State Univ., Mississippi State, MS (United States) and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 01/2019, Volume 788, Issue C, pp. 117 - 121
We report on a precise measurement of double-polarization asymmetries in electron-induced breakup of He3 proceeding to pd and ppn final states, performed in... 
Proton knock-out | Helium-3 nucleus | Double-polarization asymmetry | PHYSICS OF ELEMENTARY PARTICLES AND FIELDS
Journal Article
by O. Hen and M. Sargsian and L. B. Weinstein and E. Piasetzky and H. Hakobyan and D. W. Higinbotham and M. Braverman and W. K. Brooks and S. Gilad and K. P. Adhikari and J. Arrington and G. Asryan and H. Avakian and J. Ball and N. A. Baltzell and M. Battaglieri and A. Beck and S. May-Tal Beck and I. Bedlinskiy and W. Bertozzi and A. Biselli and V. D. Burkert and T. Cao and D. S. Carman and A. Celentano and S. Chandavar and L. Colaneri and P. L. Cole and V. Crede and A. D’Angelo and R. De Vita and A. Deur and C. Djalali and D. Doughty and M. Dugger and R. Dupre and H. Egiyan and A. El Alaoui and L. El Fassi and L. Elouadrhiri and G. Fedotov and S. Fegan and T. Forest and B. Garillon and M. Garcon and N. Gevorgyan and Y. Ghandilyan and G. P. Gilfoyle and F. X. Girod and J. T. Goetz and R. W. Gothe and K. A. Griffioen and M. Guidal and L. Guo and K. Hafidi and C. Hanretty and M. Hattawy and K. Hicks and M. Holtrop and C. E. Hyde and Y. Ilieva and D. G. Ireland and B. I. Ishkanov and E. L. Isupov and H. Jiang and H. S. Jo and K. Joo and D. Keller and M. Khandaker and A. Kim and W. Kim and F. J. Klein and S. Koirala and I. Korover and S. E. Kuhn and V. Kubarovsky and P. Lenisa and W. I. Levine and K. Livingston and M. Lowry and H. Y. Lu and I. J. D. MacGregor and N. Markov and M. Mayer and B. McKinnon and T. Mineeva and V. Mokeev and A. Movsisyan and C. Munoz Camacho and B. Mustapha and P. Nadel-Turonski and S. Niccolai and G. Niculescu and I. Niculescu and M. Osipenko and L. L. Pappalardo and R. Paremuzyan and K. Park and E. Pasyuk and W. Phelps and ... and Jefferson Lab CLAS Collaboration and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (TJNAF), Newport News, VA (United States)
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2014, Volume 346, Issue 6209, pp. 614 - 617
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 6/2008, Volume 320, Issue 5882, pp. 1476 - 1478
Journal Article
by Puckett, A.J.R and Brash, E.J and Jones, M.K and Luo, W and Meziane, M and Pentchev, L and Perdrisat, C.F and Punjabi, V and Wesselmann, F.R and Ahmidouch, A and Albayrak, I and Aniol, K.A and Arrington, J and Asaturyan, A and Baghdasaryan, H and Benmokhtar, F and Bertozzi, W and Bimbot, L and Bosted, P and Boeglin, W and Butuceanu, C and Carter, P and Chernenko, S and Christy, E and Commisso, M and Cornejo, J.C and Covrig, S and Danagoulian, S and Daniel, A and Davidenko, A and Day, D and Dhamija, S and Dutta, D and Ent, R and Frullani, S and Fenker, H and Frlez, E and Garibaldi, F and Gaskell, D and Gilad, S and Gilman, R and Goncharenko, Y and Hafidi, K and Hamilton, D and Higinbotham, D.W and Hinton, W and Horn, T and Hu, B and Huang, J and Huber, G.M and Jensen, E and Keppel, C and Khandaker, M and King, P and Kirillov, D and Kohl, M and Kravtsov, V and Kumbartzki, G and Li, Y and Mamyan, V and Margaziotis, D.J and Marsh, A and Matulenko, Y and Maxwell, J and Mbianda, G and Meekins, D and Melnik, Y and Miller, J and Mkrtchyan, A and Mkrtchyan, H and Moffit, B and Moreno, O and Mulholland, J and Narayan, A and Nedev, S and Nuruzzaman, Nuruzzaman and Piasetzky, E and Pierce, W and Piskunov, N.M and Prok, Y and Ransome, R.D and Razin, D.S and Reimer, P and Reinhold, J and Rondon, O and Shabestari, M and Shahinyan, A and Shestermanov, K and Širca, S and Sitnik, I and Smykov, L and Smith, G and Solovyev, L and Solvignon, P and Subedi, R and Tomasi-Gustafsson, E and Vasiliev, A and Veilleux, M and Wojtsekhowski, B.B and Wood, S and ... and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA (United States)
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 06/2010, Volume 104, Issue 24
Among the most fundamental observables of nucleon structure, electromagnetic form factors are a crucial benchmark for modern calculations describing the strong... 
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2011, Volume 107, Issue 7
Journal Article
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 05/2015, Volume 744, pp. 309 - 314
We have performed precision measurements of the double-spin virtual-photon asymmetry A1 on the neutron in the deep inelastic scattering regime, using an... 
Nucleon structure | Polarized electron scattering | Parton distribution functions | Spin structure functions | Nuclear and High Energy Physics | Nuclear Experiment | Physics
Journal Article