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Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2014, Volume 46, Issue 3, pp. 270 - 278
Journal Article
by Abe, K and Abe, Ke and Ahn, S.H and Aihara, H and Aimi, A and Akutsu, R and Andreopoulos, C and Anghel, I and Anthony, L.H.V and Antonova, M and Ashida, Y and Aushev, V and Barbi, M and Barker, G.J and Barr, G and Beltrame, P and Berardi, V and Bergevin, M and Berkman, S and Berns, L and Berry, T and Bhadra, S and Blaszczyk, F.D.M and Blondel, A and Bolognesi, S and Boyd, S.B and Bravar, A and Bronner, C and Buizza Avanzini, M and Cafagna, F.S and Calland, R and Cao, S and Cartwright, S.L and Catanesi, M.G and Checchia, C and Chen-Wishart, Z and Cheon, B.G and Cheoun, M.K and Cho, K and Choi, J.H and Choi, K and Choi, K.Y and Chun, E.J and Cole, A and Coleman, J and Collazuol, G and Cowan, G and Cremonesi, L and Dealtry, T and De Rosa, G and Densham, C and Dewhurst, D and Drakopoulou, E and Di Lodovico, F and Drapier, O and Dumarchez, J and Dunne, P and Dziewiecki, M and Emery, S and Esmaili, A and Evangelisti, A and Fernández-Martinez, E and Feusels, T and Finch, A and Fiorentini, G.A and Fiorillo, G and Fitton, M and Frankiewicz, K and Friend, M and Fujii, Y and Fukuda, Y and Fukuda, D and Ganezer, K and Ghosh, M and Giganti, C and Gonin, M and Grant, N and Gumplinger, P and Hadley, D.R and Hartfiel, B and Hartz, M and Hayato, Y and Hayrapetyan, K and Hill, J and Hirota, S and Horiuchi, S and Ichikawa, A.K and Iijima, T and Ikeda, M and Imber, J and Inoue, K and Insler, J and Intonti, R.A and Ioannisian, A and Ishida, T and Ishino, H and Ishitsuka, M and Itow, Y and Iwamoto, K and Izmaylov, A and ... and The Hyper-Kamiokande Proto-Collaboration
Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, ISSN 2050-3911, 06/2018, Volume 2018, Issue 6
Hyper-Kamiokande consists of two identical water-Cherenkov detectors of total 520 kt, with the first one in Japan at 295 km from the J-PARC neutrino beam with... 
Journal Article
by Kim, Dae-Kyum and Lee, Jaewook and Kim, Sae Rom and Choi, Dong-Sic and Yoon, Yae Jin and Kim, Ji Hyun and Go, Gyeongyun and Nhung, Dinh and Hong, Kahye and Jang, Su Chul and Kim, Si-Hyun and Park, Kyong-Su and Kim, Oh Youn and Park, Hyun Taek and Seo, Ji Hye and Aikawa, Elena and Baj-Krzyworzeka, Monika and van Balkom, Bas W. M and Belting, Mattias and Blanc, Lionel and Bond, Vincent and Bongiovanni, Antonella and Borràs, Francesc E and Buée, Luc and Buzás, Edit I and Cheng, Lesley and Clayton, Aled and Cocucci, Emanuele and Dela Cruz, Charles S and Desiderio, Dominic M and Di Vizio, Dolores and Ekström, Karin and Falcon-Perez, Juan M and Gardiner, Chris and Giebel, Bernd and Greening, David W and Gross, Julia Christina and Gupta, Dwijena and Henix, An and Hill, Anew F and Hill, Michelle M and Nolte-'t Hoen, Esther and Hwang, Do Won and Inal, Jameel and Jagannadham, Medicharla V and Jayachanan, Muthuvel and Jee, Young-Koo and Jørgensen, Malene and Kim, Kwang Pyo and Kim, Yoon-Keun and Kislinger, Thomas and Lässer, Cecilia and Lee, Dong Soo and Lee, Hakmo and van Leeuwen, Johannes and Lener, Thomas and Liu, Ming-Lin and Lötvall, Jan and Marcilla, Antonio and Mathivanan, Suresh and Möller, Aneas and Morhayim, Jess and Mullier, François and Nazarenko, Irina and Nieuwland, Rienk and Nunes, Diana N and Pang, Ken and Park, Jaesung and Patel, Tushar and Pocsfalvi, Gabriella and del Portillo, Hernando and Putz, Ulrich and Ramirez, Marcel I and Roigues, Marcio L and Roh, Tae-Young and Royo, Felix and Sahoo, Susmita and Schiffelers, Raymond and Sharma, Shivani and Siljander, Pia and Simpson, Richard J and Soekmadji, Carolina and Stahl, Philip and Stensballe, Allan and Stępień, Ewa and Tahara, Hidetoshi and Trummer, Arne and Valadi, Hadi and Vella, Laura J and Wai, Sun Nyunt and Witwer, Kenneth and Yáñez-Mó, María and Youn, Hyewon and Zeidler, Reinhard and Gho, Yong Song and Medicinska fakulteten and Institutionen för molekylärbiologi (Medicinska fakulteten) and Umeå universitet
Bioinformatics (Oxford, England), ISSN 1367-4803, 2015, Volume 31, Issue 6, pp. 933 - 939
Journal Article
by Adare, A and Afanasiev, S and Aidala, C and Ajitanand, NN and Akiba, Y and Akimoto, R and Al-Bataineh, H and Alexander, J and Al-Ta'ani, H and Angerami, A and Aoki, K and Aramaki, Y and Asano, H and Aschenauer, EC and Atomssa, ET and Averbeck, R and Awes, TC and Azmoun, B and Babintsev, V and Bai, M and Baksay, G and Baksay, L and Bannier, B and Barish, KN and Bassalleck, B and Basye, AT and Bathe, S and Baublis, V and Baumann, C and Baumgart, S and Bazilevsky, A and Belikov, S and Belmont, R and Bennett, R and Berdnikov, A and Berdnikov, Y and Bickley, AA and Black, D and Blau, DS and Bok, JS and Boyle, K and Brooks, ML and Bryslawskyj, J and Buesching, H and Bumazhnov, V and Bunce, G and Butsyk, S and Camacho, CM and Campbell, S and Castera, P and Chen, CH and Chi, CY and Chiu, M and Choi, IJ and Choi, JB and Choi, S and Choudhury, RK and Christiansen, P and Chujo, T and Chung, P and Chvala, O and Cianciolo, V and Citron, Z and Cole, BA and Constantin, P and Cronin, N and Crossette, N and Csanad, M and Csoergo, T and Dahms, T and Dairaku, S and Danchev, I and Das, K and Datta, A and Daugherity, MS and Dehmelt, K and Denisov, A and Deshpande, A and Desmond, EJ and Dharmawardane, KV and Dietzsch, O and Ding, L and Dion, A and Do, JH and Donadelli, M and D'Orazio, L and Drapier, O and Drees, A and Drees, KA and Durham, JM and Durum, A and Dutta, D and Efremenko, YV and Ellinghaus, F and Engelmore, T and Enokizono, A and En'yo, H and Esumi, S and Eyser, KO and Fadem, B and ... and PHENIX Collaboration
PHYSICAL REVIEW C, ISSN 0556-2813, 01/2016, Volume 93, Issue 1
We report the measurement of cumulants (C-n,n = 1, ..., 4) of the net-charge distributions measured within pseudorapidity (vertical bar eta vertical bar <... 
DENSITY | FREEZE-OUT CONDITIONS | QCD | FLUCTUATIONS | PHASE-TRANSITION | CHROMODYNAMICS | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | PROTON | MODEL | POINT | MOMENTS | Fysik | Subatomär fysik | Physical Sciences | Subatomic Physics | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Biomass and Bioenergy, ISSN 0961-9534, 2011, Volume 35, Issue 10, pp. 4485 - 4487
"Indirect land use change for biofuels: Testing predictions and improving analytical methodologies" by S. Kim and B. Dale [1], presents a principal inference... 
Agricultural markets | Global warming | Corn ethanol | Biofuels | Indirect land use change | AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING | EMISSIONS | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | ENERGY & FUELS | Usage | Biomass energy | Methods | Land use
Journal Article
by Aaltonen, T and Adelman, J and Akimoto, T and Álvarez González, B and Anastassov, A and Annovi, A and Antos, J and Apresyan, A and Arisawa, T and Artikov, A and Ashmanskas, W and Attal, A and Aurisano, A and Badgett, W and Barbaro-Galtieri, A and Barnes, V.E and Barnett, B.A and Barria, P and Bartsch, V and Bauer, G and Beauchemin, P.-H and Bedeschi, F and Behari, S and Bellettini, G and Bellinger, J and Benjamin, D and Beretvas, A and Beringer, J and Bhatti, A and Binkley, M and Isello, D and Blumenfeld, B and Bocci, A and Bodek, A and Boisvert, V and Bolla, G and Bortoletto, D and Boudreau, J and Boveia, A and Brau, B and Bridgeman, A and Brigliadori, L and Bromberg, C and Budagov, J and Burke, S and Burkett, K and Busetto, G and Cabrera, S and Calancha, C and Campanelli, M and Campbell, M and Canepa, A and Carlsmith, D and Carrillo, S and Carron, S and Casarsa, M and Castro, A and Catastini, P and Cavaliere, V and Cavalli-Sforza, M and Cerri, A and Chang, S.H and Chertok, M and Chlachidze, G and Chlebana, F and Cho, K and Chokheli, D and Chou, J.P and Choudalakis, G and Chuang, S.H and Chung, W.H and Chung, Y.S and Chwalek, T and Ciobanu, C.I and Ciocci, M.A and Clark, D and Compostella, G and Convery, M.E and Conway, J and Cordelli, M and Cortiana, G and Cox, C.A and Cox, D.J and Crescioli, F and Cuenca Almenar, C and Cuevas, J and Culbertson, R and Dagenhart, D and Datta, M and De Barbaro, P and De Cecco, S and Deisher, A and De Lorenzo, G and Dell'Orso, M and Deng, J and Derwent, P.F and Di Giovanni, G.P and Dionisi, C and Dittmann, J.R and D'Onofrio, M and ... and CDF Collaboration
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2009, Volume 103, Issue 9, p. 092002
We report the observation of single top-quark production using 3.2 fb(-1) of pp collision data with s=1.96 TeV collected by the Collider Detector at Fermilab.... 
Journal Article
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, ISSN 1550-7998, 2006, Volume 74, Issue 7
We present measurements of nu(mu) disappearance in K2K, the KEK to Kamioka long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. One-hundred and twelve... 
Journal Article
by Khachatryan, V and Ghete, V M and Krammer, M and Liko, D and Rabady, D and Rahbaran, B and Schöfbeck, R and Strauss, J and Luyckx, S and Blyweert, S and Heracleous, N and Kalogeropoulos, A and Tavernier, S and Van Doninck, W and Van Mulders, P and Van Onsem, G P and De Lentdecker, G and Wang, J and Costantini, S and Garcia, G and Klein, B and Mccartin, J and Strobbe, N and Basegmez, S and Castello, R and Delaere, C and Hollar, J and Popov, A and Quertenmont, L and Selvaggi, M and Vizan Garcia, J M and Beliy, N and Martins, T and De Oliveira Martins, C and Nogima, H and Santaolalla, J and Sznajder, A and Novaes, S F and Iaydjiev, P and Sultanov, G and Petkov, P and Chen, M and Li, Q and Li, W and Zhang, L and Polic, D and Luetic, J and Attikis, A and Nicolaou, C and Ptochos, F and Finger Jr, M and Assran, Y and Elgammal, S and Ellithi Kamel, A and Radi, A and Müntel, M and Rebane, L and Tiko, A and Fedi, G and Härkönen, J and Lehti, S and Lindén, T and Faure, J L and Hamel de Monchenault, G and Locci, E and Titov, M and Baffioni, S and Daci, N and Mironov, C and Nguyen, M and Ochando, C and Paganini, P and Salerno, R and Yilmaz, Y and Andrea, J and Brom, J.-M and Juillot, P and Boudoul, G and Brochet, S and Chasserat, J and Sgandurra, L and Viret, S and Beranek, S and Edelhoff, M and Klein, K and Raupach, F and Zhukov, V and Ata, M and Erdmann, M and Fischer, R and Kreuzer, P and Meyer, A and Weber, M and Stahl, A and Behrenhoff, W and Bell, A J and Borras, K and Calligaris, L and Costanza, F and Diez Pardos, C and ... and CMS Collaboration and The CMS collaboration and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Journal of High Energy Physics, ISSN 1126-6708, 1/2014, Volume 2014, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 86
Journal Article
Journal of Natural Products, ISSN 0163-3864, 12/2000, Volume 63, Issue 12, pp. 1702 - 1704
Journal Article